A person can compress and stretch the time

June 3, 2012 7:05

Psychological studies have shown that the best way to slow down your biological clock — is to go on a long journey.

Stop, instant!

Almost every one of us suffers from "the syndrome of constant rush" — that psychologists call the phenomenon when a person thinks that he will not have time. Do many things simultaneously and always in a hurry. But it does not leave us obsessive feeling that the time runs away and slowly steals our lives, moment by moment. However, almost everyone notices one amazing paradox: time slows down whenever

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Is the U.S. owner of his own destiny?

Survival majestic civilization is dependent on its ability to remain the owner of your own destiny. For the United States the ability to swing at the moment. Country, President Obama at the helm, makes a voyage, which certainly end in catastrophe if people do not recognize the evidence of this fact and do not take appropriate counteractions.

Lofty civilization is not just remain on the sidelines of history, not as a result of the impact of external enemies but because of the mechanism of degradation of society and the economy, which will inevitably lead to the inability to successfully resist,

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Resentment and forgiveness

April 30, 2012 13:29

Recently, more and more physicians are inclined to believe that the source of the most dreaded diseases, including cancer, are our grievances which we Holim and cherish for years. Some are offended by the fate-villain for what life had not, as we would like. Others — to friends, betrayed them. Third — sweet, departed to the other. Fourth — the children, were disappointing. Many people save up for years to hurt his neighbor, who declined to give money to the debt, and on boss is unfair to dismiss them from work … When a person is

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Life and death

Life and Death — two elders, who were traveling together. And once they met along the way stream. They asked the spirit who lives in it, you can drink the water. Spirit of allowed and said that the custom must drink the first one who is older.

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Stepping forward, the old man bearing the name of Life, said

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Humor in slings

— Marine's life hangs in the sling 28.— Who would not jump with a parachute is called — Mabuchi.— Point Marine's in-flight snacks can Stitching wire.— A lady can have a baby, give birth ALL paratrooper.— Not so spooky death as 800 meters to her.— If the parachute does not open, then you have a whole 20 seconds to learn fly.— Nobody obymet paratrooper parachute system stronger hinged D-6.— Trooper: 3 seconds — the angel, 3 Minutka — the eagle, and the rest of the dray horse.— Each paratrooper — scout, but not every scout — paratrooper.— The stomach digests

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What can tell eye color

April 12, 2012 13:13

Photo: nnm.ru

Eyes were evaluated in human history, as something magical, because through them one can know the beauty of the world. It is because in ancient times it was believed that all of man's soul can be reflected in the eyes, but some people are able to hide it. Our ancestors also noticed that people with a certain eye color different from other behaviors, preferences and personality. In the future, depending on assumptions about the nature of the bill and eye color science confirmed physiognomy. It explains the origin of these differences of

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Musician and healer John Richardson: Do not tell me that you die …

April 7, 2012 8:09

Drummer British pop group "Rubetts", sold more than twenty million albums, John Richardson spoke of the best scenes of Europe and not just sitting in a pub with the musicians of "The Beatles."

Today he travels the world, telling people about what the true meaning of life. Author's seminar "Never say that you die …" Richardson held in Kazan, using music to his audience to answer the question of the true values in life.

In my seminars, Richardson uses music, hypnotherapy, regression to immerse people in their past lives, and convinced that to be happy

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Princess, to tame the spirits of fire and light

April 15, 2012 10:05

Our heroine — a representative of an ancient noble family Ax Haskha, which in Russian means "white bone". From generation to generation, there were born shamans.

Ludmila ancestors communicated with spirits and doing healing. Today it — the successor of this gift. In Khakassia People come from all over Siberia, shamans to ask advice or get help.

Sun, Moon and FILIN

Ludmila head adorns the long gray braid, and only her costume — it's all a work of art. But it's not the beauty. Ludmila has created the dress exactly as she commanded spirits.

On his

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Karmic relationship between man and woman

March 19, 2012 19:30

Karma is the effect of past lives in connection with real life. The related term of the Western tradition, used to describe a similar effect — fate. Now, not all belong to the karma too seriously, but are interested in very many. To believe or not to believe in all these "astrological things" of karma, past and future lives — the case of each of you. But suddenly the knowledge can be helpful?

"Six months ago, I divorced her husband … I had a pretty deep feelings, but after some time we have left

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New Zealand. Fiordland

In New Zealand you can find truly amazing and quite extraordinary places. One of them is the magnificent park Fiordland, which invariably attracts thousands of tourists. It is located on a vast territory in 1200000ga, where there are ancient forests on the planet.

Back in the prehistoric period covered the whole of Fiordland incredible size glacier. It was unusual, he formed the gorge in the mountains of this area, and picturesque bays that are found here in abundance. It seems that no one came to the ground of the reserve.

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