Russian Stonehenge




MOSCOW, Nov. 10 / RIA "Novosti" Observer RIA "Novosti" Olga Sobolevskaya /.

Russia had its own Stonehenge. This summer, during excavations at the Spasskaya Luka in the Ryazan region in central Russia, on the hill above the confluence of two rivers — Oka and Prony, archaeologists have found

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Terminal states: Milestones in a better world

Life the human body is subject to certain rhythms, all processes in it are subject to certain physiological laws. According to this unwritten code we are born, live and die. Death is any physiological process has certain stages varying degrees of reversibility. But there is a certain "point of no return" after which the motion is only one-sided. Terminal (from the Latin. terminalis — end, the last one) are called border state between life and death, when gradually and consistently violated and lost the function of various organs and systems. It is one of the possible outcomes of different

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Dolores Cannon talks about what will happen after the Quantum Shift

December 5, 2012 22:21

Dolores Cannon — regressionist past life and hypnotherapist who specializes in the restoration of the "lost knowledge." She started practicing hypnosis in 1960. Dolores specializes in hypnotherapy past life since 1979.

In this video, she talks about what will happen to mankind after the planetary changes, and what happens to us and nature, and gives simple advice for people who chose their change of life, and not stuck in the old dogmas.

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Good thing not be called marriage

RITA laws or Telegonia

"Do not let your daughters to Strangers … mixing of blood leads to destruction … and this genus, degenerating, dies, …" (Santee Vedas Perun, Round 1, Santa 8 Slokas 11,12).

RITA laws — is Heavenly Purity Law of Rod and Blood. On the law of Rita, which lived in ancient times, all of Slavic and Aryan peoples in the modern world have learned in the middle of XIX century. Now to refer to Rita Laws used the Greek name — Telegonia. In medicine, the phenomenon is called "the first male." Telegonia is imaginative, and the only

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The youth of today

Someone once commented on the behavior of today's youth — we have produced a generation b … Of course, the author of this phrase is not to say that absolutely all the young men and women — prostitutes, just now the youth was quite normal behavior a la the girl out of the house under red lights.

Dancing them quite frank, with the elements of striptease, wagging all parts of the body, eyes closed, and so on. They dress decently at least, as though now will have to approach the client and external data to evaluate

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Mithras cult of the Sun

February 16, 2013 19:24

Mysteries — Spiritual Synthesis.

In studying this topic, we will treat you as to the historical and esoteric sources. All the streams and sources horonyaschim essence of this ancient worship of the sun.

Mitra is the god of the sun. True God of creation and rebirth "Apokatostazis" which can be translated as the posthumous rehabilitation.

Legend of Mitra says that he was born out of the mountain on December 25, like the ancient Titans of ancient Greece. Cult it was extended from Syria to Britain, almost all over the ancient Roman Empire. Ancient

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Vatican believe in aliens

November 23, 2012 5:21


The Catholic Church has made a number of very sensational statements concerning extraterrestrial life. Director of the Vatican Observatory — Jesuit priest José Funes — admitted the existence of other civilizations beyond Earth, RIA "Novosti". "Until today, we have found no evidence that extraterrestrial life exists. But in the universe of billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars, you can not knowingly exclude the existence of life, "- he said during a conference held in Rome on the initiative of the Catholic Church. Funes called attention to the fact that the

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Want to change the world — start with yourself!

Welcome, Friends! I want to tell to you important information … I have to say that my opinion may differ from yours and there is nothing "bad", just that you perceive the world differently, and I — in their own way … In short, each of us lives in his own reality that is different from how the world sees every other man and it is wonderful!

So, I think "society" conditionally! divided into two types of people:

1) There are those who are dissatisfied with their lives, those who are dissatisfied with government, politicians, the

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Former Libyan rebels on the verge of mass suicide

Former Libyan rebels on the verge of mass suicide rebels found themselves after the overthrow Gaddafi without means, the authorities are threatening mass suicide …

Libyan city of Misrata, known as an arena of bloody battles during the revolution that overthrew the last year Gaddafi is facing an acute crisis of veterans' mental health, conflict-scarred, broken and devastated by the consequences. The reports from the BBC Libyan city of Misrata told about large groups of young people in distress, suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Local mental health clinics can not cope with the influx of patients who are in a

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The essence of the talisman. What is a guardian?

The essence of the charms are exactly what their names imply: their vocation — to protect people, especially during hard times, in times of conflict, terrorism, and other ills. In other words, to protect the owner from any intentional negative influence, whatever it may be and wherever may come. Negative impacts can be purely physical effects — such as disease (caused by the way, are often not only by natural causes, but we overcame the evil eye or due to damage).   Amulets can protect its owner and of any impact on his psyche, the soul, the emotional sphere.

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