Finally! First video footage of UFO on Mars!

Mars rover Curiosity finally started filming what was expected of him the whole world: signs of extraterrestrial life! The network has several videos with this unit, which found the unidentified flying objects, that is UFO. Discussions among users are not interrupted. Some say that it is dust or particles of rocks of Mars, and others — it's a sign of intelligent life on the planet. Well, look and decide for yourself.

Watch Curiosity rover 4 UFOs filmed on Mars!

Watch Moving objects on the surface of Mars

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Finding life on Mars! We look forward to a speedy application NASA

The large number of artifacts discovered on Mars by satellite in orbit and Mars rovers (Curiosity and the Spirit), can not simply be ignored. NASA will soon announce the opening on the "Red Planet" of life. Let it be only microorganisms, but it will give the opportunity to continue his secret research on a planet where there are clearly living organisms. So say the creators of the movie, providing a selection of famous and not so strange buildings and facilities.

Watch Selection of artifacts discovered on Mars


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Venus is the life! Analysis of the images 80s

Back in the 80's to the planet Venus were sent to the spacecraft, "Venus", "Vega" and "Pioneer-Venus." They transferred to Earth frames that are now considered conventional teaching aids. While they are not particularly interested in anyone. But there are people, who in January 2013 stunned the world just a statement: Venus is the life! His name is Leonid Ksanfomaliti .

The Soviet probe into the 70s and 80s filmed on Venus something that could be called signs of living organisms. Senior Researcher, Institute of Space Research Leonid Ksanfomaliti believes

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Facts show that omusulmanivanie — this is a common policy of all European countries, including the Russian Federation

Since the liberal ideas injected into the Russian West, can not … not that undermine, and indeed much-or excite Russian society, Bid must be made on at provoking domestic controversies in the public grounds. In this sense, the mind-bogglingly watch how the power in the hands of the Russian Federation lays mines with which her head and demolished in the not to distant future.

A sober outlook on this issue expressed scientist Eugene Guilbaud:

"In the Russian Union of naturally pursued the policy of the Russian cultural hegemony. "Naturally" means that just does not interfere with the development of natural

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Lost a stately Russian writer — Peasant defender

He still had time — rare for the fullness of life. Became the father of a daughter. Honestly lived his entire life with one wife — Olga. Returned to the temple near his village Timonikha and tidied the cemetery where his mother is. Do not put demolish ancestral home-jack. Well, reddish corner of his hut was always as it should be, given to God. Before these icons prayed his precious mother Anfisa Ivanovna, which invested in the son all his love of good soldier's widow who lost her spouse to the mighty Big War for the Fatherland. And later,

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Eternal life. Spare parts for man 2012

December 14, 2012 22:12

Who would not want to live forever? While this is not possible, but who knows, how science comes sooner or later? In the meantime, we can only try to extend his life. Health, youth and beauty for years to come — a dream? No, it is possible now!

A documentary on the "One Day" at the beginning of each program provokes heated debate among scholars! In the studio, serious passions boil, and no wonder — because science is faced with anti-science! Doctors, athletes, priests, ecologists, biologists and many other professionals of different areas try to figure

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Numerological horoscope for 2005




The next year, year of the Magnificent Seven. After all, if you add up all the numbers of the year, just a seven. Seven — the number that carries good luck. For example, according to the system of Pythagoras believed that the seven symbolizes God's

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Immortality. And we need this?

October 28, 2012 2:10

How to become immortal, eternal life? This question certainly cares deep down all of us. After all, who does not want to spend a bony old woman with a scythe and to live forever?

The Scripture says that man was originally created for eternal life, but because of the sins of his immortality decision was reversed. Apparently, because of mankind and begin the search of the elixir of eternal life. However, unfortunately, we humans are mortal.

But here at the end of the twentieth century dawned on the horizon, though small, but the chance of

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Oriental horoscope for 2012

January 5, 2012 4:34

Dragon in almost all the world's mythologies. He was especially revered in the East. In this animal intertwined good and evil, life and death, eternal and fleeting. The dragon symbolizes the unity of the four elements, so it combines the features of different animals. For example: in the neck of the snake dragon, horns — from deer, tiger paws and wings of a bird. He lives, or in deep water or in the ground, but it flies in the air and is a carrier of the flame.

In Eastern nations will be born in the Year

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What was I in the past?

November 13, 2012 0:05

The theory of reincarnation — one of the tenets of Hinduism and Buddhist teachings basis

Life and death are in front of each person. While you're young, you think you'll live forever. After forty years, gradually becoming sad thought of the impermanence of life. Old age puts the question squarely: who would want my life? What happens to me then, after death? Is my soul reincarnated into another person or is it a fairy tale? Optimists believe in the immortality of the soul, reincarnation, pessimists in the fact that after death there will be

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