Power to Lift

Large-scale powered-lift demonstrations underline the value of flow control for aircraft efficiency

During the past year, two large powered-lift models have been tested in the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC) at NASA Ames Research Center in California, evaluating the low-speed benefits of blowing air over high-lift flaps for short takeoff and landing (STOL).

High-speed tests in the National Transonic Facility (NTF) at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia have investigated the benefits of blowing to reduce drag in the cruise. And while a STOL transport, civil or military, looks unlikely in the next decade or so, the wind-tunnel tests conducted

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Telwin Advance TIG 227 MV / PFC DC — LIFT VRD

Инверторный сварочный аппарат для сварки штучными электродами методом ММА и аргонно-дуговой сварки методом TIG — DC LIFT

Новый профессиональный сварочный аппарат производства итальянской компании Telwin (изготовлен, кстати, тоже в Италии). Сварку можно проводить с использованием электродов различного типа (рутиловых, щелочных, из нержавеющей стали и чугуна), обеспечивая профессиональный результат при сварке стали, нержавеющей стали и чугуна. Также аппарат можно применять для аргонно-дуговой сварки TIG-DC с простым возбуждением дуги подъёмом (Lift).

Модель разработана для эксплуатации в критических ситуациях, когда обычные сварочные аппараты просто «не потянут». На самом деле такую ситуацию можно встретить буквально «где угодно»: качество электричества, особенно напряжение, у нас далеко

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Exposure Scherbinsky Elevator Plant at the IV International Exhibition of elevators and hoists «Lift Expo Russia 2009»

Exhibit participants of the international exhibition «Lift Expo Russia 2009» because of the financial turmoil appeared more modest than the previous 2007 years.

Scherbinsky Elevator Plant presented a number of exhibits — as has already been developed in the workplace, and at the stage of pre-production.

New lifts «business class» series «wellmaks» SCHLZ production represented cabin, made by the technical documentation of the company «Wittur», with the following components produced by foreign companies: catcher double-acting, the weighing device on the basis of strain gauges, photocell, frequency- adjustable drive doors with mobile layering, landing door.

Passengerlifts series «wellmaks capacity of up

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Scherbinsky Elevator Plant sacred traditions stores

Continuity of generations — one of the fundamental properties of human society. Without it, civilization is impossible in principle. Social progress depends on how much each generation would be able to perceive, preserve, develop and pass on to their successors the accumulated material and spiritual values. Among these values ​​-Memory, respect for elders, knowledge of the history of their country.

Scherbinsk lift and hold sacred tradition, especially the celebration of the Victory Day.

4 May 2011 in the conference hall of the enterprise were honored veterans of the factory, past the Great Patriotic War, and young workers who have served

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Shunt lift off

Historical results of

1. Shunt trip provided A17.1 standard for lifts, it is designed to prevent movement of the elevator in any circumstances in which the action of fire sprinklers could adversely affect its movement.

2. Protection of the elevator control system via a shunt trip is not related to fire protection elevator, building height or type of lift.

3. To lift the control system does not include such support systems as cabin lighting systems, emergency communications, or other electrical equipment that is not directly related to the operation of the elevator and is located in the shaft, machine room

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Ural-Siberian Department of «Scherbinsky Lift Plant»: experience in managing trading houses

Journalist Alexander Solomonovich, please tell us about the history of the Ural-Siberian Department. How it all began?

A. scalars: Our company was founded in 1998, at the time it was called «Russian elevators.» But in 2002, after conjunction with Scherbinsk lift the plant has been found more effective scheme of product sales, the company reorganized to OOO «Ural office of» Scherbinsky Elevator Plant. » However, since the founding of the company, when it was not yet the official representative Scherbinsky plant, we have always been focused on the sale of elevators is Scherbinsky plant. Somewhat later, in 2005, in the

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USA: Requirements for the elevators on the stretcher, «ambulance»

Company The National Elevator Industry Inc. (NEII) sent a letter of recommendation, drawn up by the International Council for Standardization on recent developments in the international construction standard (IBC). Full text of the letter can be found on the company’s website NEII (www.neii.org), in the pop-up menu Section Codes Codes & Standards.

3002.4 (Optional.) A cage should contain a stretcher ambulance. When the elevators installed in buildings with more than three floors above ground level shall be provided for at least one elevator that provides access to all floors of the fire. The cabin of this elevator should be of

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Russian lift division should be at a height

Max Waxman,

President of the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations,

President of the Russian association of elevator, CEO Scherbinsky Elevator Plant.

It is no accident the tradition of joint celebration continues for many years. Lift division as one of the sub-sectors of heavy industry is very closely connected with mechanical engineering. Elevator — this is also the machine; rather complicated, modern facility that is constantly transporting people. It’s a product that is always in demand, without it is impossible to live in high-rise modern city. Lift — the most popular type of transport. According to statistics, ordinary elevators carry

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The regenerative drive elevators: what, how and why

For several hundred years, we are dealing with different types of elevators. First it was the type of mechanical lifts crane and winch drum, which is driven manually, beasts of burden, water wheels or steam. Traveling system ropes allowed to lift even the heaviest loads.

For repeated use, the inventors learned rapidly equilibrated with the load lifting platform or cab stand to reduce the force required to move the payload up and down the shaft. By the end of the XIX century invented many improvements in terms of safety of lifts and the practical use of electric motors. In spite

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Getting the right and applying for discounts on energy-saving system

Place for incision about saving energy by Medvedev

To pay for the modernization of elevators in many states in the US helps third party. This payment comes in the form of return of overpayment for energy savings. In areas where attention is paid to ecology, the administration of state or local governments to create a fund (often funded by the overpayment for the use of public services) to material incentives for energy efficiency initiatives. Part of the funding goes to the search for alternative sources of power (including wind, solar heat, biological fuels, fuel cells), the majority of local

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