Stylish, Sustainable LED Illumination

Today, lighting does more than just illuminate: a well-planned LED lighting layout can create a warm and welcoming ambience that transforms your space into an ECO-home.

The luxury residence pictured — in a prime waterfront location — is the perfect example of what can be achieved with high-quality LED lighting technology from MEGAMAN.

As the social epicentre of the home, the apartment’s living room has been fitted with MEGAMAN 7W LED PAR 16 Reflectors to make the space highly inviting. The Reflectors are evenly installed within the ceiling, helping to create soft ambient lighting that eliminates the harsh shadows a

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1. Greenhouses are great places to photograph flowers because the lighting is usually diffused and there is no wind. Wind is the enemy of macro photography. Most public greenhouses allow tripods, too, so you can have as much depth of field as you want.

2. Landscape photography requires complete depth of field virtually without exception. I recommend using f/22 or f/32 if foreground elements are close to the camera. If everything in the composition is far away, then you should use f/8 for maximum sharpness.

3. When traveling to another city, stay in a hotel with a great view. You

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Lighting Up the AR-15

When it conies to an AR-15 that I plan to use exclusively for defensive reasons, there are really only two items I like to add to the gun: some sort of white light and a sighting device other than iron sights. I don’t have anything against iron sights, but in low light situations, they can come up short. There are a many other extras that can be added to a tactical rifle, and special operators may even need others for a particular mission, but the simple AR with these two necessities is not only all a guy needs, but may

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Lighting for Video

I enjoy shooting video on my DSLR, but often feel the need for extra lighting. Is there an effective fill light option for video, the way one would use a flashgun for stills?

If you are a Canon or Sony user, these companies manufacture flashguns that have an inbuilt video light as well. Third party manufacturers provide LED light options too that can be mounted onto a camera’s hot shoe.

If you are on a budget and feel ingenious, try this out. There are several mounts available that let you attach a smartphone onto a hot shoe. The dedicated ones

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Review of the Russian market for LED lamps

Currently in the world there is a shift of emphasis in favor of using innovative energy-efficient technologies. LED technology are the among the most promising sources of light, so the market LED lighting systems in the world in general and Russia in particular is developing more rapidly than the industry lighting equipment.

East of the Russian market of lighting in the period up to 2006 was far superior to similar dynamics of the world market, which is generally characterized by stagnation of performance (growth was about 3-5% per year). This was largely due to higher rates of construction of industrial

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The company «Philips and Optogan» introduced new energy-efficient lighting solutions for highways and city streets

The joint venture «Philips and Optogan», developer and manufacturer of innovative solutions in the field of street LED lighting, announced the launch of a new product line and a series of lamps equipped with intelligent autonomous control.

One product — LED street lamp JWC Highway 372/373. Advanced technology, it allows you to save energy without sacrificing light quality. Among the main technical characteristics can be isolated lamp light output, which, depending on the specification up to 28,200 lumens and energy efficiency of at least 90 lm / W. Because of the optical system, specifically designed for road lighting, the

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Tasks of Soviet linguistics works in the light of Stalin and the magazine «Questions of Linguistics»


Soviet linguistics, hardly revived Stalin’s «Marxism on the subject of linguistics» to the ebullient and active life directed the genius of the great scientist on a new path, it is currently experiencing a time of its renewal, of its major restructuring in all its parts and links. Slender and clear the Marxist theory of the science of language, combining and deepen all the statements of Marx, Engels and Lenin on the language, so concise and yet so comprehensive, with such broad generalizations set out by Stalin, demanded a radical revision of linguistic concepts. For Soviet linguists work Stalin’s

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Active protection or optical-electronic suppression?

Recently, in various media and online publications received increased attention active protection systems (KAZ). The surge of such interest is not accidental. We can assume that it is linked largely to advertising Israel, establishing the supposedly invulnerable to ATGM and RPG system of active protection of the tank «Trophy». And our high chiefs, forgetting that it was in the Soviet Union created the first KAZ «Drozd» began to shout in unison, that here it is — a panacea for all ills. But no one wondered why the same «Drozd» did not become a mass?

The obvious is the fact

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1. It took us about 15 minutes to set up and 45 minutes to shoot. We typically don’t storyboard any of the Vines we shoot. Instead we decide on a visual effect we would like to achieve and then figure out the rest of the stuff — dialogue, sound effects or camera techniques -during the shoot.

2. I have an Olloclip, which has been the staple of almost every single Vine we do, and I just recently bought a telephoto lens. I do have an assortment of lighting equipment, but haven’t dug too deep into lighting Vines yet. As Vine


Reporters without Borders criticized election coverage

"We regret that we did not work improvements in lighting campaign, even more so it was a chance Belarus restore business with international society, "the statement said international organization" Reporters without Borders "."Funds mass disk imaging — both local and state level — focused on procedural quality of the electoral process. Much of the media, largely financed from the budget, pay more attention to the President and other representatives of state power … than the role of Parliament or candidates "- quoted statement," Reporters Without Borders’ press service BAJ.These conclusions are based on the results of monitoring the Belarusian Association

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