MSI GeForce GTX N770 Lightning

A bit too extreme, as it turns out last month, we reviewed two GeForce GTX 770 cards from Asus and Gigabyte that were well-cooled and only slightly overclocked. That’s too boring for MSI, which de­cided to take its flagship GeForce GTX N770 Lightning to an extreme not previously seen.

This bad mutha costs $50 more than a stock card, and with its massive cooler, is designed for hardcore overclocking straight out of the box. This ain’t no 20MHz overclock neither, but 104MHz on the base clock, and 117MHz on the Boost clock. You could theoretically take it even further, given

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ONE OF THE BALL Molniya wrenching problems of modern physics. Hypothesis candidate of technical sciences OI MITROFANOVA EXPLAINS ALL SET PROPERTIES mysterious phenomena, but to pay for it accounts for very expensive price; Shall revise established notions about e. SPECIALISTS, read this article, is unlikely to agree with the ideas of the author. While there may be many, they give pleasure conundrum and shine fantasy.

Many explanations of the nature of ball lightning is a disappointment, as the abundance of funds for baldness. For half a century of scientific study of ball lightning have tried, it seems every conceivable hypothesis,


F-35 FIGHTER WAS susceptible to lightning

  Copa promising fighter F-35 Ligtning II is not able to withstand lightning strikes. This conclusion came Manage Operational Test and Evaluation (OT & E) of the Pentagon. Currently, aircraft are prohibited from making flights in areas where thunderstorms are more frequent. Aircraft is also prohibited to approach less than 40 km to such zones.   Also neobmyslennoy protection of avionics from lightning, fighter also received feeble generation system of inert gases (OBIGGS), responsible for filling vacated volume fuel tanks with inert gases and maintaining their small oxygen levels. In grozoopasnyh areas with constantly changing atmospheric pressure system may malfunction.

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Accounting Chamber of the United States reported on the costs of the F-35

Accounting Chamber of the United States to estimate the average yearly cost of funding the development of the F-35 Lightning II to 2035 at 13 billion dollars. This was reported in the press release agency. Since 2007, the cost of development program from the F-35 increased by 119 billion dollars. According to authorities, this is partly due to the fact that the U.S. plans to reduce the purchase of new fighter aircraft to 2017 from 1591 to 365 units. In addition, the development of the F-35 is significantly delayed. Thus, in 2011 the F-35 developers in the process of

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In the United States tested newest fighter F-35

U.S. Air Force began testing a promising fighter F-35A with a gun on the outside of the suspension. As reported on the website of the company Lockheed Martin, are test flights at Edwards AFB in California. During the test, F-35A flew with 2 guided missiles AIM-9X Sidewinder, attached to the outer suspension, also with 2 bombs caliber 2,000 pounds and 2 guided missiles AIM-120 in the inner compartment. During the flight by plane was further elaborated four empty suspension for weapons. In the purchase of F-35 Lightning II interested States, England, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Canada and Australia.

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Ukraine adopted a new sound-intelligence complex

Ukrainian military adopted a new set of sound-automated reconnaissance (Razka) "Regulation 2".

The corresponding order of Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev signed at the end of February.

"Position 2". Photo SKB "Lightning"


The complex is designed in Odessa SKB 'Lightning'. It is planned that mass production of this technology will be engaged in Odessa, too. However, when the first "Regulation 2" will go to the army, is still unknown.

"Unfortunately, in the defense budget for this year funds for the purchase of our systems there — complained in an interview

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In the U.S. state of Oregon frequent occurrence of lightning

May 17, 2013. TV KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill shared with the readers of his column on the Web site of the channel information that lightning strikes, lock-in the state of Oregon, for the period from 1990 to 2012 increased.

In 1990, the average number of lightning strikes in Oregon was 29,000. Since then, the rate has been steadily growing. Peak values — 70,000 Lightning — were recorded in 2003-2004. In 2012, the state was noted about 48,000 bits.

According to meteorologists, the biggest danger is the so-called storm centers that can both "generate" tens of fires. This prevents rapid response

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In the south-east of Spain fires burning

July 11, 2013. The cause of fires in Spain were numerous lightning hundreds of times to hit the Spanish land during a thunderstorm. By electrical discharges burned grass and shrubs Spanish province of Almeria. Firefighting plane leaving the scene was calculated to put out the fire quickly, but the strong wind that rose after the storm, destroyed their plans.

So, the hot weather dried vegetation of the southeastern province continues to burn in three locations in Turre, Mojacar and Uerkal-over. The local Spanish flora and fauna, it will destroy you, but for people of almost without risk, as

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Waves from lightning fall into space

Waves from lightning fall into space Scientists prove

At any time, about 2,000 thunderstorms rolled across the earth, giving rise to 50 lightning. When lightning flashes, it produces low-frequency waves, which circulate around the Earth at an altitude of 96 kilometers. This phenomenon is called the Schumann Resonance.

Until recently it was thought that energy is "trapped" between the ground and the ionosphere, without going beyond it. But the electric field vector of instrument Goddard (VEFI) found that some low-frequency waves penetrate from the lower atmosphere into space.

NASA scientist Fernardo Simos first published his research on the Internet November

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In the Midwest United States managed to capture a rare lightning-sprite

June 5, 2013. A rare atmospheric phenomenon, lightning-sprite or special lightning occurring in the mesosphere and the thermosphere at an altitude of 50-90 km, the camera managed to shoot one of the photographers of the U.S. state of Iowa.

As it turned out, the photographer decided to spend the night from May 31 to June 1, 2013 in nature and try to take pictures of the rising sun. But he was much more fortunate, as he managed to take a picture of not only the Auror, but also for the history of mankind to leave the image of

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