Lighting Up the AR-15

When it conies to an AR-15 that I plan to use exclusively for defensive reasons, there are really only two items I like to add to the gun: some sort of white light and a sighting device other than iron sights. I don’t have anything against iron sights, but in low light situations, they can come up short. There are a many other extras that can be added to a tactical rifle, and special operators may even need others for a particular mission, but the simple AR with these two necessities is not only all a guy needs, but may

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Electrical Switches

LET’S LOOK AT ELECTRICAL WIRING in your plane. The basic layout is for power to come from either the battery or alternator to a main distribution bus, and from there through an appropriately sized fuse or circuit breaker to—in most cases—a switch that turns on or activates the circuit. There are a few circuits that do not have a switch in them, such as the cockpit gauges, but most do. In some cases, such as avionics, the unit may have its own switch, but for many systems, such as lights, pitot heat, and boost pump, each item has a switch.

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Bright gift to veterans

May 5, the House Veterans number 2, an action "Bright gift to veterans", supported by the Committee on Social Policy of St. Petersburg. As a gift to the Victory Day students of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region painted stained glass colors LED lights that are installed in the department of charity, home to bed patients — veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Bright gift in the form of LED lights is symbolic. Development of LED radiation was carried out in the besieged Leningrad Soviet scientist Oleg Vladimirovich Losev, who died in 1942.

The Chairman of

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Earth Hour: The most ambitious campaign in the history of mankind

[B] In 2009, March 28, at 20:30, people around the world switch off lights for one hour — Earth Hour. [/ B] The aim — to bring to the campaign one billion people in more than 1,000 cities. By joining together in a worldwide appeal, we will demonstrate the reality of the fight against global warming. Earth Hour was launched in Sydney (Australia) in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and organizations turn off their lights for one hour. One year later, this event has become an international environmental initiative, which partake more than 100 million people in 35 countries. The

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Lantern love will set in Sumy


Lantern for Valentine will be the height of more than three and a half meters.

Plan to install it on the Day of ul.Voskresenskaya at the entrance to the hotel "Ukraine".

Sumy Lantern would love to have forged the basis of the heart made of colored glass and the words "I'm waiting because I love." 

Metal parts, and there will be about 80, are hand made and Sumy blacksmiths. Glass filling "Heart" will make the studio master "Tiffany Style".

It was originally planned to install decorative clock, but

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Osa town streets lights illuminate the intellectual

The implementation of the lighting system is more like astronomical experiments. Only instead of the luminaries of the textbooks are LED lights. For six weeks in 1037 appeared Ose modern fixtures.

Vasily Dvoeglazov, Osa town resident: "It is much better to become. It gets dark early — the important thing is that they work now! "

The company "Permenergosbyt" replaced the old, energy-consuming lamps, and the contractor developed software. This small control room can monitor the voltage, to see the counters and even disable the entire street. However, the economic effect in 66% yield

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Grodno: traffic lights with the Belarusian language

They have electric board on which pedestrians behold the — how many seconds are left to greenish light, or, conversely, how long must finish crossing the street to catch up to reddish signal.

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The track in Chuvashia lit lanterns solar-powered

The plot of the M-7 between the Nizhny Novgorod region and Chuvashia lit by solar-powered lights. As reported on Friday, July 6, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", 22 such light installed at bus stops and pedestrian crossings.

According to the source publication, solar-powered lights can illuminate the most difficult stretches of road with limited visibility, and areas with large concentrations of people, regardless of the availability of reliable sources of electricity. As noted, sunlight, accumulated during daylight hours, with the stock enough to keep working flashlight in the dark, even in winter.

Last year, the

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Georgias economic miracle

We looked to where the presidential finger, and very surprised … Before us, like a frame from a promotional film, shining lights embankment, consisting of an endless avenue of palm trees entwined with lights and hotels. Landscape resembled a promenade on the wealth of the Arab town of Batumi resort … we were struck. Such a number of buildings under construction the last time I personally witnessed in Shanghai. On the waterfront hotels were represented virtually all the world's major networks. Rapidly erected Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental — and attention! — Bvlgari! In Sleepless, bathed in lights, and filling

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NASA has announced a unique video from the Earths orbit



Perhaps many have already seen this movie, but this beauty of our planet can be watched many times! Deep blue color of the oceans and seas, contrasting with the white clouds, occasionally lights up with bright flashes of lightning storm fronts, the golden lights of the night city, a dense web of covering the continents, and fantastically colorful dancing aurora — all of these fascinating species seem almost unreal.


NASA has announced a unique video from the Earths orbit

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