At -25 lilac buds released in Chepetsk


This anomaly is the risk that the bush does not bloom in spring

14.12.12.Zhitelnitsa Kirov-Chepetsk Kirov region noticed unusual. In the courtyard of a small lilac bush in the week there were buds and green leaves.

I walked by and happened to notice the green buds on the lilac. I'm sure it's very unusual for December, with its zero temperatures — explained Lyudmila Terentiev. — I think the reason for this behavior was the adjacent boiler plants, of which there is a vapor.

As we explained in the Environmental Fund of Kirov, a reaction to thaw occurs among

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In Astrakhan, Novorossiysk flowered lilac!



23.10.12.V Astrakhan watches rare anomaly: in the city and parts of the area in droves lilacs bloom. Lilac blooms usually in the spring, but not in the 20 days of October. "A pleasant surprise in the form of blooming lilacs greeted me yesterday in the country. Maybe after the summer, in October again? "- Wrote in his blog on LiveJournal Astrakhanka Dean Izmailov (dn-izmailova). "In Astrakhan anomaly! Søren blossom! Why would it? O_O "- asks Xenia Fomin tweeted," said the father came)) and grandmother))) shorter end of the world is coming)) beguiled our Seren), "- says she's

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In Khabarovsk flowered lilac. Video


For the second time, this time in September, in Khabarovsk flowered lilac.

Posted on 19/09/2012 by user GuberniaTV

In the Rostov region of the fall bloomed lilac bush

White Lilac pleases localsPhoto: Svetlana Kamashina

18.09.12.V Constantinian city of Rostov region on Lenin Street, near house number 60, a white lilac bush bloomed. Passers-by stop and admire the smell is — in the spring! And then shake their heads:

— This is a bad sign, a bush to die, do not wake up in the spring.

Biologists folk omens deny.

— With sirens did not happen, — said

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In Chuvash village again bloomed lilac


Lilac blossom again

8.7.12. "Once a year, the gardens are blooming" — these words of the famous song may well be challenged. October residents of rural settlement area Poretsky wonder: what to do — to meet spring or autumn to wait? Directly under a window at home Galyamin Nicholas Street in Traktornaya Antipinke flowered lilac. True, the plant forth her flowers on the very top of a bush. And it should be noted that they are not as lush and luxurious, what are the spring, but they are many.

The house, where there is an unusual phenomenon, a

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At the height of the fall in Volgograd bloomed lilac. Photo


Marina put a bunch of lilacs at home and at work.

10/26/11. — I could not believe my eyes, when she came to work that morning, See, lilac bush at the entrance to bloom! — Laughing resident Soviet district of Volgograd Marina chrome.

— Home, almost dropped leaves and bloomed! Bush planted 4 years ago. Blossomed, as it should be — every spring, in May. And then there are white flowers appear at the end of October! 28 years working in horticulture, never with such a miracle not encountered.

Marina did not believe at first that it was

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Lipetsk region in Usman flowered lilac


24.09.11.Nepodaleku the village Borovoye Lipetsk region at the end of September flowered lilac. Inflorescences, in contrast to the spring, much more modest, but still …

First to see the flowering shrubs of Kulikovo Forestry foresters working on a new nursery. Astonished, pleased, but break off branches for bouquets did not — not every year it happens.

Simple explanation for the phenomenon. Fertile weather in September — rain and warm summer-like days — would boost the kidneys. A scent of blooming lilacs is the same as in the spring.

Source: Lipetsk newspaper

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In Tomsk, lilac blossom


21.09.11.Na Tomsk kindergarten No 63 at the end of September … flowered lilac. On the site where the kids are walking, is a tall shrub with purple and white spring flowers and fragrance exudes giddy.

Belousova, Nadezhda Ivanovna, teacher: "Such a miracle! It blooms for two weeks, this is what's left, the tree was all in bloom now pooborvany twigs. "

We are asked to comment on this unusual phenomenon chief specialist of environment and natural complex administration of Tomsk Natalia Tsvetkov.

— Spring is Here? In general, flowering perennial trees and shrubs in late fall — an abnormal

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In September, the Troitsk flowered lilac.


13.09.11.Troichanin Vladimir Karamyshev not believe his eyes. The resort "Sunny", where retired recently vacationing with his family on a hillside near the river bloomed lilac.

— Miracle, and only. Autumn in the yard, and the lilacs are in full bloom. Grapes of course small, with May not compare to the mesmerizing aroma, this spring. And the smell is much stronger than in the May lilac — says observant man. — The wife also was surprised to see an unexpected phenomenon. We unanimously decided that this is some anomaly.

An employee of the department of technology and food processing plant

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In Stavropol flowered lilac


Lilacs bloomed in October Photo: Hope BABENKO

19.10.11.Oktyabr already passed for the middle, on the green of the trees was painted in gold and crimson farewell, why my heart is not entirely comfortable — winter is still ahead.

But here's miracles in the center of the Brave, in my own front garden, like a messenger of spring, the lilacs bloomed — easily and violently, against the autumn depression.

In the garden, so no berries, no fruit on the branches remained, except grapes destined to wait for the first frost, and suddenly he had an unusual companion — fragrant,

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Lilacs bloomed six months later in Mariupol. Video


12.10.11.Priroda continues to throw us surprises. That's one of the twenty-third district courts recently flowered white lilacs. It should have done it for almost six months ago. Why plants are confused at times, and how much might be worth now twig white lilac?

It bloomed just under nine-story balcony. Those with windows overlooking the courtyard, immediately found a mistake of nature. And some do not care. Mol — already seen enough to lilac.

— I lived for 70 years in a village near the lilacs. I know …

Others simply did not notice the white lilac.

— If

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