You leave town tonight, right now.

And when you’re gone; you stay gone, or you be gone.

If you arc lucky enough to own a weekend pied-a-terre, you can give free rein to your interior design fantasies. At least, this was the way one young couple saw it when they bought their apartment in Poznan, a city in western Poland. The pair is from Poznan originally, but for years they have lived and worked in the capital, Warsaw. Their Warsaw-flat — their home during the week — is rather more conventional.

Frequent travel back and forth between the two cities led the couple to the decision

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The most unlikely addition to the transport infrastructure of London is nearing completion in the East End. More about the Emirates Air Line, a cable car to link the Royal Albert Dock with Greenwich

The London skyline is becoming increasingly eclectic. The bulbous Gherkin (Foster + Partners), the towering Shard (RPBW) and the wind-turbine-topped, elongated-barcode that is the Strata tower (BFLS) will soon be joined by the Cheese Grater (RSHP), the Boomerang (Ian Simpson and Partners) and the Walkie-Talkie (RVA).

Aside from high-rise towers, there have been more eccentric and, in some cases, more loved additions that peek above the rooftops. The London Eye, at first implemented as a temporary attraction, has become one of the most recognisable modern additions to the capital’s silhouette. The Arcelor Mittal tower in the Olympic Park wriggles skywards

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Sugamo Shinkin Bank – Ekoda Branch

Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design

Playfulness, transparency, colour. a vague definition of inside and outside, blurred boundary between private and public… these are all the standard qualities one associates with a bank, yes?

In tins startling little branch of the Sugamu Shinkin Bank, in Ekoda, Tokyo. Emmanuelle Moureaux turns expectations and traditions on their head, making a facade Zone’ of 48 vertical poles in the colours of the rainbow [29 outside,. 19 inside] that scatter across a two-metre setback on the property line and simply but effectively eliminate the conventional boundary line of the building How are we to interpret

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Stylised owl

This simple little project of a stylised owl is a gentle introduction to the art of woodcarving aimed at the beginner, with minimum outlay on tools as it only requires the use of two gouges. It is also a very good initial exercise in gaining practical experience of how to approach the different grain directions — as marked with the red arrows.

The scale designs supplied can easily be altered or adapted to incorporate your own ideas if you wish to, which is very much encouraged.

The wood used in the example is a piece of American black walnut which

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Rubi Basic Line


ЦЕНА: 190 руб.

Название серии Basic Line говорит само за себя — это самый простой вариант из ассортимента Rubi. Упаковку информативной не назовешь, из полезной информации есть только рисунки, иллюстрирующие, как пользоваться устройством для подачи воды, совмещённым с центрирующим кондуктором.

Само сверло с узким (6 мм) цилиндрическим хвостовиком, для удаления керна предусмотрена прорезь в боковой поверхности сверла. Можно также выталкивать его через осевое отверстие.

Судя по результатам испытаний, свёрла этой серии не отличаются высокой износостойкостью. Но при их стоимости цена одного отверстия получается вполне приемлемой.

«Зубр Эксперт»


ЦЕНА: 150 руб

Информативность упаковки не очень велика —

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Master quick cut-outs

Conquer quick selections with one of Photoshop’s most innovative tools.

Editing selections has been described as one of the original core functions of Photoshop, and over 20 years later this still holds true.

One of the primary purposes of the program is to enable the editing of specific regions of an image. So instead of applying adjustments or filters or effects to the entire image, only certain areas should be affected. Whether this area is a person, a background or a sky, you need to be able to communicate to the program which pixels you want changed, and which ones

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Make every 4-footer.

These tips will help you sink all the shorts ones.

First, I have a confession. I didn’t make every short putt I attempted on the PGA Tour in 2011. From five feet and in, I made 1 006 out of 1 024 (98.24 percent). So if you don’t want my advice, I understand. Joking aside, the reason I make most short putts is that I stick with some sensible fundamentals and never deviate from them. If you routinely miss the ones you should be making, my advice should help you, too.


The biggest thing I work on is

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I rarely have down time as I am usually working or playing with my two boys, so when I do sneak off for a little «me time,» my secret indulgence is Erewhon on Beverly Boulevard. While rushing around town, I slip in for a quick 100-percent organic cold-pressed juice, and for those few moments of pure bliss, I feel completely rejuvenated. Choose this over coffee in the

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Simon Osborne-Walker: Unlike some of my fellows, I hadn’t been hooked by the F-Type’s styling. Too tasteful, not aggressive enough for me. But it only took one symphonic roar from the F-Type’s engine to regress me to teenage wide-eyedness, as if I’d spied a Countach for the first time. And on the road, when the deployable rear wing servos into view as you hit 60, it really shows its colour. The drive is rapid and taut, but it’s also surprisingly comfortable on rougher surfaces and over speed bumps, even in its sportier Dynamic Mode. The base V6’s handling is almost


Station of Metro Line «Terreiro do Paco» Lisbon

Opening the station subway line Terreiro do Paco was vital to improve transportation between the capital of Portugal, Lisbon and its suburbs, as this line serves about 20 million passengers a year. The line connects the Terreiro do Paco Lisbon to Barreiro, a city on the southern bank of the River Tagus. The project was completed in December 2007.

The designers of the new subway station in Lisbon considers the expected passenger traffic and set the task of improving the availability, safety and comfort, based on the best standards. To meet these requirements, vertical transportation equipment has been crucial in

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