Retailers talk about what went into the decisions behind bringing on their latest designer latest and what lines they have their eyes on.

The inventory experts have traditional jewelry merchandising down to a science: Fill the right categories with the right price points, and reorder fast turners. But when it comes to designer jewelry, it’s not so simple. There is no “right answer” for any given store. A new purchase could depend on the marketplace, customer preferences, the current designer mix, price points, styles, trends, and the list goes on. With that in mind, there may be nothing more valuable to a retailer than hearing “word of mouth” from other retailers about which lines are selling in their stores — and what they

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The majority of photographs are taken with the camera at eye level, but by shooting from higher or lower viewpoints you can add a sense of surprise and drama to your compositions because they give us a view of the world we’re not used to.

Shooting from a low viewpoint with a wideangle lens will introduce more distortion, with features close to the camera dominating the composition and verticals converging dramatically. Because you’re forced to look upwards you can also make the sky a more integral part of the composition — it effectively becomes the background.

Try shooting with the

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How do we know the composition of distant stars?

What stars are made of is determined through the help of spectroscopy.

This involves the study of a star’s spectrum which is created by the electromagnetic radiation that it emits. Spectroscopy can not only derive the chemical composition of distant stars and galaxies, but can also determine their temperature, density, mass, luminosity and relative motion.

Stars emit at all wavelengths across the electromagnetic spectrum, along with many discrete absorption lines at certain wavelengths. These lines, which appear black on a colourful emission spectrum, result from a deficiency of observed photons at those particular wavelengths since its light is absorbed. It

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Color it tough

Pentax’s latest rugged DSLR gives new meaning to “color gamut”.

The Pentax way for a long time now, has been to offer up rugged, weather-sealed DSLRs priced well below comparably built competitors. It’s latest DSLR, the K-50 ($697, street, body only), continues this trend, while also showcasing a new Pentax Way: offering a vast array of color combinations for the camera’s shell and grip. In this case, you can choose from 120 (!) color combinations.

Inside that colorful shell, you’ll find a 16.3MP APS-C-sized CMOS sensor that can be ramped up to a sensitivity of ISO 51,200, a shutter that

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Jamal: go to support the convergence of


High-voltage line of 220 kV soon Salehard connect to the centralized power grid and provide reliable electricity Yamal capital. In addition, through the mast will support and fiber optic cable connection. This is in relation to other development projects fiber optic lines, promises a long-awaited Internet Salekhard abundance.

A few kilometers south of the highway Salekhard Aksarka on clearing, covered with snow in the forest-tundra are hard at work, and until recently hosted a snowstorm yes deer. The main purpose of building — to ensure energonadezhnost. Pipeline that fuel comes from Longyugana in the western

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Ukraine has begun construction of the largest overhead lines in Europe

In Ukraine, began construction on its unique technical characteristics of high-voltage power lines.

High-voltage electric lines with a voltage of 750 kV Rivne and Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant to the substation will connect Kiev generation nuclear power units in the west of the country with consumers in the center and east of Ukraine, which will soon provide a stable and reliable operation of the Unified Energy System of the country and save almost a billion hryvnia per year.

According to the deputy director of the NPC UkrEnergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk construction of 750 kV transmission line from Rivne

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Building networks in Russia — an attractive line of business

The Russian market of building communication networks provides opportunities for development and is highly attractive line of business. This conclusion is contained in a study by research firm J'son &Partners Consulting.

According to the agency, in 2011 the length of lines in Russia increased by 79 thousand km. Constant increase of the volume of the traffic stimulates the development of communication networks and requires the development of new territories, increasing the capacity and the length of the lines. Given the growing needs, effective way to develop telecom infrastructure in the medium and long term will be building. Experts predict that

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CJSC "Svyazstroydetal" was established in 1993 on the basis of the pilot plant building trust. In the past since almost 20 years has been the way from pilot production to full industrial enterprises, well-known in the market, with a permanent clientele and extensive product range.To develop new products and adapt to the specific needs of existing customers in the company organized the developed technical service, consisting of the design department, technology department of construction of cable lines, quality service and technical support to customers, testing laboratory, which allows to produce climatic, mechanical and electrical tests products.The team is constantly engaged

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In Mordovia opened production line for glass fiber reinforcement

November 24 In Mordovia opened manufacturing, unique to Mordovia and for Russia as a whole — production line of valves for the fiber-optic cable at the "Sarmatian".


"Sarmatian" — the only domestic production, producing various kinds of spiral reinforcement for suspension wires and cables on overhead power lines and communication lines.

Now "Sarmatians" has 7 lines. Every month they will be fitting to the extent necessary for the construction of 1,000 km of cable. In monetary terms, the production capacity will amount to 50 million rubles a month. Now preparing to release the first batch

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In Dagestan, open energy college

In September, the opening of the first Kaspiysk in Dagestan Energy College.


Energy College welcomed its first students to study at the most popular energy specialties: relay protection and automation of power systems, power supply and power stations, networks and systems. In the next 5 years will be prepared more than 750 highly qualified specialists. This year, with 150 seats in the college claimed more than 300 entrants.


College opened within Long-term program of development of energy sector in Dagestan, developed by JSC "FGC UES" on behalf of the Government of the

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