The hosting add-on for Mountain Lion, made by Apple

OS X Server used to be a distinct, separate product from the regular operating system for standalone Macs. That all changed with Lion and Mountain Lion, and it’s now merely a $20 add-on. The current version is available exclusively through the Mac App Store and requires Mountain Lion, which you have to install or update first.

Where MAMP (see p52) is a dedicated web platform and nothing else, OS X Server rolls in a broad selection of complimentary services, such as calendar sharing, an integrated wiki, a group update server, and

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Monument Lev Sapieha is on Lenin Square

"Narodnaya Volya" tells the story of how, in practice, load Presidential Decree number 148 of 25 March 2005 "On urgent measures to support the business." According to this decree, markets and shopping centers began to create business tips. These tips have become masters of conflict with the markets and shopping centers, because very often been fundamentally position in defending their own interests. Former Chairman of the Board business shopping center at the metro station "Pushkinskaya" in Minsk Tatiana Mironova certain: this is the position fundamentally become a prerequisite that it did not renew the contract of lease and deprived of

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The party arrived in Mogilev Kupala more girls

Excerpt from the poem Kupala party started. It brought together the main girl.On the legend, in which one of the versions of the origin of Mogilev and Mogilev Kupala poem told historian Igor Pushkin. For his poem "Tomb lion" is topical for Belarus for a long time:"This understanding, went from our name — the name of man, society, civilization and town. Two approaches: the grave — it is death, it is death. This name is gone or whether that there killed people, or associated with love, life, the future. I believe that Masheka and Predslava — our future. It —

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Gold, Silver and … Blue Lions expect their own masters

Films, directors, actorsImmediately after the opening ceremony was shown first competitive film — "Vykuplenne" 35-year-old British director Joe Wright.Romantic drama based on the novel by Ian Makyuena claims by critics views, not only on the merit of the prestigious festival, but even in the "Oscar". In the story, a 13-year-old blames the girl’s older sister of the groom’s own rape he did not commit. And it affects the fate of heresy heroes.The main role — 22-year-old actress Keira Knightley, which acquired popularity after starring in the movie of the same director’s "Pride and Prejudice". Keira Knightley thinks that it will

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South American Belarusians commemorated Lew Sapieha

The event of the 450th anniversary of the birth of the famous political, public and military figure majestically Duchy of Lithuania Belarusian Museum in New York ( presented a picture of Ales Shaternik depicting Leo Sapieha."He was ahead of his time and was willing to lead the company," — wrote the painter in his own explanation of the picture for the anniversary of Lev Sapieha forwarded to New-york.

Man with stone Vidzy

In Vidzy yes, in general, on the Braslav Uncle Mieczyslaw everyone knows. His works are almost in the eyes. On the way to Braslaw of Vidzy — stone bear. Braslava from Minsk — weighing nine tons of hero-horse. In the center Vidzy — beautiful girl. And libraries — symbolic stone-head hats. Librarian and local historian Tatiana Plyashyvava recalls:"About 10 years reversing a story. We were given land with beets, and we treated them hoes. Watching, Beyner takes plow., He looked like Ilya Muromets. From it then just draw a picture. Time passed, knocked down — one lives …" Me greybeard

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Vitebsk name Sapieha Foundation members visited small home Chancellor ON

But this monument was installed only in Last year: local authorities immediately have not given it own accord. Now a memorial stone Vitebsk Fund members of the Lev Sapieha laid white and reddish flowers. By Christopher Zhelyapova, Chairman of the Vitebsk branch of the fund, the 450th anniversary of Chancellor ON prepared and will soon be released from the print collection of papers and articles. See also: How commemorated Lew Sapieha in Grodno? In Belarus celebrates anniversary of Chancellor Leo Sapieha

As commemorated Lew Sapieha in Grodno?

Sapieha tried to bring the country’s legal standardThe initiator of the conference was Dr. Svetlana Morozova. She argues that there is in Grodno, in 1-x, good historical school, and, in-2, Lev Sapieha had a lot to this town.Morozov: "Certainly, between Grodno and Sapieha has historical connection. Sapieha was among the last municipal husband who was in ancient castle near the Stefan Batory in his last moment. Specifically Sapieha wrote members of the government in Vilnius message about the death of the king and called them here , Grodno, to deal with urgent cases. "At the conference, many scientists now report

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Lew Sapieha anniversary celebrated in regions of Belarus

As said chairman public associations "Society Belarusian language Skarina name "Oleg Cowards, all regional executive committees, not counting the Mogilev, sent applets activities initiated TBM.Oleg Trusov quotes a letter from Deputy Chairman Brest Regional Executive Committee Leonid Tsuprik: "In This year will be a memorable character in honor of Lew Sapieha in the former village Ruzhany where XYI century was the residence of Chancellor majestically Duchy of Lithuania. In the museum-estate "PRUZHANY palatsak" opens focused on certain subjects exposure. Recital on the anniversary theme will be held at the Municipal Institute of Brest. " At the initiative of the TBM,

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In Belarus celebrates anniversary of Chancellor Leo Sapieha

Dr. Anatoly Gritskevich prepares latest book about Leo Sapieha. The creator says that ON Statute, namely, for the first time proclaimed the idea veratsyarpimastsi, forbade the transfer of free-1 person for debt or crime in captivity. "This body of law was practically the first in Eastern Europe, was a reflection of the fact that legal science in Europe did. Statute acted on areas of Belarus, Lithuania and right-bank Ukraine directly to XIX ctagoddya. In Belarus was tsarist canceled, namely Nicholas I, in 1848. So it was designed. "According to Anatoly Gritskevich, even now Sorbonne Institute for law students during the

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