Su-34 in Lipetsk

Appeared on fresh photo shoot is in the Lipetsk 4th National Centre for training of aviation personnel and military trials of the new Sukhoi Su-34, tail number "10 Red" (serial number 02-10) — one of the last cars built in 2011 . Aircraft assigned to the 7000 th Air Base at the airport Baltimore (Voronezh), where he arrived on 22 December, but in January 2012, along with other the Baltimore Su-34 is in Lipetsk. The photos were taken March 29, 2012.

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In Lipetsk region has opened its 36th in a row of fire-rescue post

The village Uritskoye Terbunskij district of Lipetsk region opened a separate fire-rescue post.

Calculation of a new post is provided with the necessary equipment, hardware, and two cars. Rescuers will serve 10 communities, home to 2,320 people, 910 are houses, schools, kindergartens, community centers, other social sites. Rescuers will go not only to fires and traffic accidents, but in the case of other emergencies.

A separate fire and rescue post — already 36th in the Lipetsk region. Creating fire and rescue stations needed to fully cover the emergency remote settlements in the Lipetsk region began in 2008.

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In the SEZ Lipetsk opened the second phase of the plant, SEST — LUVE

The second stage of the enterprise for the production of heat exchangers "SEST — LUVE" opened on October 18 in the special economic zone "Lipetsk".

The first phase of the company with Italian capital, LLC "SEST-LUVE" put into operation four years ago. It manufactures evaporators and condensers for refrigerated counters, cameras and displays, designed for shops and supermarkets. In Russia there are no analogues of such products.

In two production lines will produce 70 thousand evaporators and condensers 120 thousand a year, which is 80% of the Russian market for such products. Estimated annual turnover —

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At «Agroconsulting complete reconstruction

OGUP "Lipetsk" completed the reconstruction of the dairy unit, included in the Company "Agroconsulting" and located in the village KALIKIN Dobrovský district of Lipetsk region.

Now fully completed the reconstruction of buildings, assembled beds for cows, installed new stabling facilities, updated equipment parlor. To do a full cycle of production, construction area of 400 young individuals.

The first batch of cattle — 200 Holstein cows — have already entered the dairy complex. OGUP "Lipetsk" as part of the project to restore the complex acquired cattle in Germany.

Until mid-October, will make the company more 200 heads of this breed.

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In Lipetsk opened a new kindergarten

Yesterday, in the village of Matyrsky the grand opening of the new children’s garden. Traditional ribbon cut the head of Lipetsk Michael Gulevsky. The opening of the kindergarten allowed to completely eliminate all on a device in preschool kids in the area, reported the press service of the municipality.


Kindergarten number 5 was the seventh newly constructed establishment of preschool education, which entered into service in Lipetsk in the last six years.

Devyatigruppovoy kindergarten number 5 has a capacity of 165 seats planned, carried out on an individual project. Its construction, which lasted just

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In Lipetsk region opened the plant on production of components for sporting and hunting ammunition

The opening of Russia’s first plant for the production of casings for ammunition civilian held on September 29 in a special economic zone "Lipetsk".

In the production of sporting and hunting supplies in Russia and the former Soviet Union the share of Russian products on the market now — no more than 5%, the rest — are imported. "The new production will ensure the complete replacement of imports of goods from abroad. Applicable to plant high-tech equipment is unique in Russia, meets the highest international standards and provides complete environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and security," — stressed

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In Lipetsk opened a new medical center

The Medical Center "LoriDent Clinic" was held in Lipetsk on the street Mekhanizatorov. Modern specialized medical center will provide the ENT and dental care. It is equipped with the latest medical equipment, working here experts plan to use modern technology to meet European standards. Created 22 new jobs.


Participates in the financing of the project and the administration of the Lipetsk region. As part of the target program for small and medium-sized businesses financial assistance is in the form of subsidies for the partial repayment of the cost of interest payments for the loan.

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Bekaert Lipetsk opened the second phase of the plant

The second stage of the production of steel cord for tire reinforcement launched today a resident SEZ "Lipetsk" Factory Ltd "Bekaert Lipetsk."

Construction of new area took about a year, the total investment in the company by the end of August totaled nearly 1.8 billion by the end of the year they will rise to 2.04 billion

"Bekaert Lipetsk" became one of the first residents of the special economic zone "Lipetsk" — this status it received in 2008. The first phase of the company was launched in January 2010, its capacity is 6.5 million

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Lipetsk apples

90 thousand tons of fruits and berries will be harvested in all categories of the Lipetsk region this year. This is more than twice that of 2010.

Of the total harvest of apples and berries in specialized farms plan to collect 35.4 tons of fruits and berries, more than half of which are scheduled to be processed on the juice and puree. In general, the area of fruit-bearing orchards in the region now stands at 13.4 million hectares, leading horticultural sector — JSC "Agri im.15 years of October" and JSC "agronomist".


Experts agro im.15 years

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Put into operation the federal highway M-4 Don around Eltsa


August 26. The solemn ceremony of commissioning the federal highway M-4 "Don" around Eltsa held in the Lipetsk region. Command "to start" gave the head of the regional administration, Oleg Korolev.

Built in record time — three years — new road length of 56 km solves several problems: reduce accidents, improve the environment and enhance Eltsa speed of traffic on the motorway. When laying the roadway compliance with all quality parameters and new technologies were used, which should provide high performance for six to ten years. Construction costs amounted to 22 billion rubles.

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