TO toxic waste production does not turn into a time bomb must be reliably buried. Relatively simple and economical way




Water collected on the ground, maybe a hundred years ago, slowly seeping through the Great Filter — soil and porous rocks and accumulate in large underground aquifers, free from any chemical and bacteriological contaminants. This drink water safely. But if we safely bury toxic waste petrochemical industries, we can lose an invaluable source of drinking water. Somewhere toxic substances that dumped many years ago, it was considered the safest way are

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Deadly methane rain

With a surface pressure almost one and a half times that of Earth’s, Titan’s atmosphere is slightly more massive than our planet’s overall, taking on an almost chokingly opaque haze of orange layers that block out any light that tries to penetrate the Saturnian moon’s thick cover.

Titan is the only other world, other than Earth, where liquid rains on a solid surface. However, rather than the water that we are used to falling from the skies above us, pooling into puddles and flowing as streams and rivers, this moon’s rains fall as liquid methane – liquid hydrocarbons that add

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Bubble Wrap

How to highlight just the edges of objects.

The work of New York studio pro Satoshi is well known to Pop Photo readers—his killer product shots grace «The Year’s Biggest g Deals». But with the to photo above, we present another side of this lord of lighting: his ability to capture liquid in its many forms.

Bubbles have always fas-cinated Satoshi, and for this project he wanted a distinctly architectural look.»I knew not to front-light the bubbles,» the photographer explains. «It would have created busy highlights, drawing attention to the bubbles’ surfaces, not to their crisp edges.»

Instead, he chose

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Belarus to destroy the legacy of the USSR

According to official statistics, Belarus ranked seventh in the world in the number of antipersonnel mines. This — the legacy left after the collapse of Russian Union and elimination of the Belarusian Military Area."Undermine their open method unrealistic"Director of the analytical center "Scat" Yuri Zagumenov considers the problem of very severe:"3.6 million mines — mines is filled with liquid, which are, in fact, the chemical weapon. There is prussic acid and other toxic substances. Undermine their open method unrealistic. Explosions lead to poisoning of the atmosphere, with not only the Belarusian , and other countries around the perimeter. And it

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Uralkriomash: in the space of Nizhny Tagil

The success — advanced manufacturing, high-quality personnel, powerful design office

Uralkriomash: in the space of Nizhny Tagil

Nizhny Tagil, where the parent company — JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "- it is the birthplace of the first steam locomotive and the largest provider of freight rolling stock for railways of Russia and the CIS countries, the city-Tankograd, which gave the country and the world a huge number of combat vehicles — some of the best on the planet. However, few know that the beginning of the space age is also largely Tagil was laid on the

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Tomsk scientists tested a new tool for fighting fires

Emergency Management in the Tomsk region in cooperation with Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) held on Wednesday, September 7, the first test of a new tool for fighting the fire — a solution based on liquid glass, RIA Novosti reported.

The special composition of the water-based, liquid glass, and other components developed by scientists TPU. According to them, it allows you to effectively deal with very dangerous fires. When the train reaches the burning items, they are covered by a layer of liquid glass, which foams up and prevents further burning and smoldering. Part of the formulation components that can

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Diseases of the lacrimal apparatus: Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis is made by examination of optometrist and questioning the patient. To establish the location of the lesion in the lacrimallacrimal Channel small syringe injected ink liquid and the nature of its allocation is determined whether there is a failure of lacrimal organs. If you suspect a tumor or trauma may need x-ray.

Treat diseases of lacrimal apparatus, especially in the case of congenital hypoplasia of organs, should be promptly and correctly, as the stagnation of the tear can lead to fester and spread infection to the eye and the brain. In the case of congenital anomalies

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Physicists have learned to tie into the water uzly. Video



After 100 years after scientists have voiced the possibility of water in tying knots, physicists have invented and implemented a similar experiment in the laboratory. Special attention deserves the way in which researchers have been able to determine that itself is in a liquid.

For the first time on the related "ring vortices" in the 1860s, spoke Lord Kelvin. He suggested that atoms are a kind of tornado twisted into closed loop and tied around themselves. In the view

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Indonesia insists that Britain took back clogged scrap

Indonesia insists that Britain take back scrap littered Facts

According to the Agency for Environmental Protection, Indonesia asks Britain to take 1,800 tons of contaminated debris. In January 2012, inspectors from Jakarta found 89 British metal containers containing liquid and other forms of illegal waste. The containers were found sand, asphalt, plastics and leaking white liquid. The investigation in this case began, as British companies are prohibited to import contaminated waste in Indonesia.

In 2011, 51 container, prepared for shipment, was arrested and returned to the UK, while in 2010, the Agency received 31 statement back about 407 tons of

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Took the first delivery of the Russian helium to South Korea

Orenburg, 18.01.2011g. As part of the development of the helium industry of the Russian Federation OOO "Gazprom Orenburg" and LLC "Krior" organized a shipment from Orenburg to South Korea container with 40 cubic meters of liquid helium.

This is the first in the history of our country Orenburg helium supply in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR).

The container will be an automobile route Orenburg — Chelyabinsk — Omsk — Novosibirsk — Krasnoyarsk — Blagoveshchensk — Khabarovsk — Find, length of 8.5 thousand kilometers. Then, in the port of Nakhodka container is flooded by sea, which

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