Anomaly the bloody rain

January 15, 2012 11:39

Sometimes in our life there are anomalies. C sky instead of the normal rain pours red as blood flow. These blood — red rains in history happened more than once.

Of stories

The ancient historian and writer Plutarch narrated on the red rain that fell after major battles with the German soldiers. He was convinced that the purple evaporation from the battlefield soaked air and surface normal rain in the red.

In the year 582. Abnormal phenomenon in France. Blood rain falls in Paris. "Many people were thrown off her clothes, as a drop of

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Amniotic fluid

The first element, which meets your baby,- Water: throughout all nine months of living in my mother's belly baby floats in the amniotic fluid. This habitat is completely tailored to his needs and serves as a carrier of valuable information about his health.

We do not remember what happened to us before birth, but, apparently, we were good.

First, heat: the temperature of amniotic fluid is always kept at around 37 ° C. Secondly, quiet enough: the liquid absorbs shocks well and drowns the noise coming from the outside world. Third, due to tightness in his bladder

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Unusual phenomenon in China: hot water


Ditch with a burning liquid mud. Zhejiang Province. January 2010. Photo from

In the middle of the construction site in the snow suddenly formed a pit filled with liquid mud of which make their way out of the flames. This is an unusual phenomenon occurred on January 20 in the industrial area of the eastern province of Zhejiang Shaoxing.


According to the publication "Evening Shenyang" diameter hole about two meters, it is filled with bubbling liquid mud, out of which rises periodically fire.

This phenomenon has attracted the attention of many local residents. They suggest

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Water for life is not needed?

According to astrobiologists, life is only possible on the planet, where, as on Earth, there is water. And is it really? Recently, an international team of researchers has developed a dual scale estimates of the probability of life on celestial bodies. And the presence of liquid water on this scale is not the first place.

Under the new "formula", the probability that the planet is inhabited, is proposed to estimate now on two criteria. This index zemlepodobiya (Earth Similarity Index, or ESI) and index habitable planet (Planetary Habitability Index, or PHI). One of the authors of the

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Festive cocktails — Safe?

Behind the New Year's holiday. Make it a beautiful and memorable sought each. And not the last role in this played a selection of dishes and drinks. First of all we are talking about New Year's cocktails. Beautiful multi-colored glasses, bright, sparkling ornaments on the legs of glasses, and drink themselves of all colors of the rainbow — it is always a lucky find for the holiday table decoration. And every year the recipes are becoming more original and unexpected.

Cocktails are a pleasure to hold in their hands, they complement any image, refined and suitable for any

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New tanks for the space industry

The new tank model 15-558C-03 production of "Uralkriomash" — company in the structure of the corporation Uralvagonzavod — passed the certification test

Tank car 15-558C-03 is designed for the transport of liquid oxygen and is a model of a new generation in the line of cryogenic tanks Tagil enterprise, is the sole producer of this product in Russia. To date, produced two prototypes, which have successfully passed the test and were presented to the customer. It is expected that in November, the specialists of "Uralkriomash" will receive a certificate of conformity to the new tank,

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Habitat. Not a single meat watch online

We are accustomed to Russian times that delicacy — it's not just something rare, and certainly savory, natural. Times have changed. Now on the shelves has it all — and boiled and salted and roasted, and raw and semi-smoked and just meat. However, half of it is difficult to be called "natural". Watery smoke smoked brisket, bacon treated with dyes, salmon pumped brine, and add sausage meat rats. To find out whether different "watery smoke" the taste of natural smoking, we will arrange a tasting at the Russian hunting and told how to distinguish psevdokopchenoe meat from subsistence. How

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There is a quantum fluid




Four physicists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (California, USA) have published details of their calculations, which prove the existence of a new form of matter — quantum fluid.

The study is based behavior of hydrogen at high pressures. Based on theoretical models scientists calculated curve of the

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Bowler: abstract Application

To maintain human life to only three components: air, water and food. And if first we do not touch, and produce, the presence of others depends on our cleverness, and in critical situations, and the availability of the necessary equipment, such as a combined pot with a jar. Thing-that popular, but its functional abilities are not many people know.

It would seem that you can still come up, looking at the combined bowler with a jar, not including carrying water and food manufacturers? After all, specifically for the purpose it was designed and made. But do not rush to make

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The phenomenon of San Gennaro, or as a powder into a liquid




As always at this time, thousands of worshipers filled the middle of September in the Cathedral of Naples, to once again witness the miracle, the agency "Reuters".

Blood who lived in the fourth century, St. Januarius, which readers are probably aware of the popular Italian comedy, has

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