Guest Night of Freedom — the poet Violetta Paczkowski

People on the streets of Mogilev utter than close Belarusians and Poles.In "Night of research papers" — to check the veracity of the message on one of the blogs that went on sale Brest match with portraits and official opposition Belarusian politicians. Minsk inhabitants express their worldview about which politicians portraits worth printing on marketing products.In addition, in "Night Freedom" an initiative of the administration of the 1st of Grodno schools, which began to send text messages to parents rated their kids, review literary almanac "Shklovschina literary", a story about the beginning of filming music videos for the channel "Belsat"

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New issue of Literary Belarus

As for contemporary creators, the project manager "Literary Belarus" Ales Pashkevich in most fresh room recommends first direct attention on essays and journalism:"Literary Belarus" — a mirror of the current state of our literature. Because we are trying to cover extensive public displays of literature and government relations. Article Misha Scoble sees sertsavinnym. He summarizes the history of the mutual relations of the state of literature and the present regime. "In the central lanes "Literary Belarus" — notes on the Nile Gilevich "Times Literary civilian and older." Room offers transfers Ukrainian poets.Forward Ales Pashkevich knows:"Translations of Taras Shevchenko to Misha

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Brest literary prize can only get the pro-government member of the joint venture

The annotation on the awarding of prizes in honor of the famous in Brest writer, teacher and literary critic, founder of» regional literary association "Lucifer" Vladimir Kolesnik is a separate item. It says that the nomination for the award do the creators of literary works, but for all that the nominee must be a member of the Brest branch of» public association "Belarusian Writers Alliance" made by the authorities as the Union of Belarusian psmennikav candidacy.Award established in 3 categories — prose (in including drama and journalism), poetry and children’s literature, and its first laureate will receive it at a

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Guest night of freedom — the artist Tatiana Kozik

In "Night of research papers" — about the development of youth and amateur football in Belarus. Minsk inhabitants speak out, who better to develop Belarusians sport: football or hockey? Sports theme will complete the story of the victory of the Iraqi national team in the Asian Cup. Belarusian critics appreciate the legacy world cinema classic Ingmar Bergman, who died in Sweden.On their own impressions of performances at literary festival in the Czech town of Brno say Gomel writer Yugasya Kolyada.The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes begins the story of Homel foul-rock band "Ban Zhvirba", and "Night Primer" — Igor Bobkov poems.After

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Literary Belarus otolstel

In a brand new release article SBP chairman Ales Pashkevich anniversaries to Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas Ales Rybak polemical notes the existence of 2-Writers’ Unions, excerpt from the speech of the head editor of the magazine "The verb" Boris Petrovich before editors literary magazines in the suburban "Peredelkino" verses Gregory Baradulin conversation with the poet and monk sacred fire and stuff.About "Literary Belarus" says creator second room Chairman of the Brest branch of the Union of Belarusian Writers Nina Matyas:"We ssumavalisya at its gazette: on paper, for the area where we could be printed. Currently, all writers are so

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Alliance of Belarusian Writers outstanding literary Belarus

"Literary Belarus". Cultural and public project organization "Belarusian Writers Alliance." Issue 1 "- as indicated by a new edition, which is located on the eight pages of the newspaper" New Era "."Literary Belarus" — is the embodiment of dreams already davneshney Union of Belarusian Writers have their own organ, in which can be bestsenzurna will contain all the information about the activities of the organization and work of her friends, said project manager URS chairman Ales Pashkevich.Previous edition in 2002, the Alliance of Belarusian Writers power against the will of the selected. In particular, the loss of sensitive weekly "Art

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Author’s reading month

Broadcast presentations alive — once a day with a 19-hours.• Literary Festival in Brno: first results and reviews, 01.08.2007 • Andrew Khadanovich "prazdnichek are no endless. Should be Weekday … ", 31.07.2007 • Yugasya Kaliada:" Do not divide the literature on the "feminine" and "masculine", 30.07.2007 • On the literary festival in Brno "hooligans" Sergei Prilutsky, 29.07.2007 • Androsyuk Misha: "Watching from Brno we litsezreem Belarusian problem differently … ", 28.07.2007 • World Luksha:" Now every word written in Belarusian — principle ", 27.07.2007 • Nyaklyayeu:" In Brno the first time I had the experience of a public reading of

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Pavljuk Shukailo

To get rid of the illusion as if the Russian literary process in 1920 was held at the humble, bashful boys shirts, embroidered shirts, quite acquainted with the personality of the poet Pavluk Shukailo. His face alone — "Boyar" beaver hat, a coat with kangaroo collar, gold watch and hard knotty stick in his hands — smell of scandal or at As the last, a threat.Since childhood, having a penchant for leadership and outrageous, he is for his short life had to change a huge number of leadership positions: chief editor Sluitsk district newspaper, secretary of the District Party Committee

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Paul Seviarynets awarded a literary prize named after A. Adamovich (photo)

If the other statesah tsentravskaga PEN Award is awarded to the best halls of the capital, in the presence of literary to political circles, the Belarusian criteria celebration took place in a remote village Sitna small, in the walls of Special boarding school, where he lives in exile today laureate, politician and publicist Paul Seviarynets.Road to Small Sitna neblizkaya and places here absolutely deaf. Here that said by this occasion one member of the PEN delegation tsentravskaga writer Lavon Barshcheuski: Barshcheuski: "Truly speaking, I myself polochanin occasionally when dayazhzhav to the northern border with Russia. And if you go here,

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In Minsk discussed new literary process

What’s going on in modern Belarusian literature, which names and projects deserve special attention and which quickly reminds "naked rulers"? Works worth the reader to discover new horizons and creator — a new way? And in general, not a myth modern Belarusian literature?Now the German Information Center in Minsk works literary cafe. Literature lovers come here — to invite a lot more people, representatives of both unions writers — unfortunately, not all come from the official union no one came.Ask the curator Ira Herasymovych — That they wish to assure this project?Gerasimov"Project — a platform in order to present the

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