Liberty Poll: We must move freely

Youth"In Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. Our people often go there, and training — there are many of our students."Youth"In Holland, Great Britain and France. I would like to visit the far flung corners. Look at Europe in general all. We just is not easily everything."Student: "In Germany, France and, of course, in Poland and Lithuania, as in particular Poland and Lithuania are close to our country, most of the country adjacent to us. Very dense business people, they often need to talk and drive to visit. Germany France — I just love these countries . "Student: "I would

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Evraregien Neman instead Kaliningradians came Ryazanians

But Kaliningradians was absent, represented Russia Ryazan region and the North West District of Moscow. Role of Lithuania and Poland in the fair was very modest. Organizers, incidentally, gave the first word of the Ryazan and capital bureaucracy, and the Consul General of Poland and Lithuania in Grodno — at the end. Consul General of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Krenstovski noted that the trade fair was visited by delegations of Polish towns of Suwalki and Elk also mayor Augustów sovereign Tseslik. The diplomat believes that is quite promising cooperation with the Grodno region in the field of tourism.As for

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Belarus will build a nuclear power plant on the border with Lithuania?

This is one of the possible sites, which can be selected for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. This was announced at a press conference in Minsk vice-chairman Presidium Academy Belarus Vladimir Timoshpolskiy.Initially, 54 were considered promising platforms. Currently only three. One of them at the border with Lithuania. According to Vladimir Timoshpolskiy, the issue of site selection and Belarus considers politically motivated, but the most important thing — this plant safety.

Be2gether: scenes instead of walls

And the organizers and the participants and guests of the festival in one voice say that the festival — not a political event, and real prazdnichek music. Politicize the event even two weeks before the beginning tried Belarusian Foreign Ministry, speaking with a particular statement.A.Zuokas: "The idea of the festival — damage the walls"One of the initiators of the festival, the last mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas drew an analogy with the concert "The Wall" famous "Pink Floyd" in Berlin:"There was this idea to get permission from the Belarusian authorities, that scene was over the border of Lithuania and Belarus.

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The festival is held Be2gether and to support democracy in Belarus

Place Festival "Be2gether" about Norvilishkah castle, 50 km from the border with Belarus, now visited the Lithuanian Interior Minister Raimundas Šukys and said he was pleased with all the arrangements for bespyaki time festival. He urged all participants behave anxiously and with the knowledge to take the peculiarities of the borderland. On the other hand, the minister said that the border area — though not the best place for such festival.But organizers believe differently. The motto of the festival — "Music Opens Borders — Budzma together!" And the Belarusian-Lithuanian border — the best place for this. Festival Director Giedrius Klimkyavichyus,

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Be2Gether: This festival — a manifestation of our culture

Festival Director "Be2Gether", a recognizable figure in Lithuania showbiz sovereign Klimkyavichyus, said our radio:"On this week We visited Belarus in Lithuania salting sovereign Drazin. We showed him how and what will be, like all organized. I think the attitude of the Belarusian authorities to us — such as friendly as our side. This festival — a manifestation of our common culture. We do not argue political categories, we spoke very clearly that it is a cultural event, and not political. "If local Belarusians this summer with a white-red-white flags greeted the participants of the Belarusian-Lithuanian expedition in the footsteps of

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Official Minsk horrified music festival in Lithuania

The festival "Be2Gether" invited well-known musical group from Belarus, Poland, Finland, the United States, Iceland, England — more than 30 companies and performers. The implication is that the festival will bring together about 15 thousand guests. And for two weeks before the festival Belarusian Foreign Ministry made a special statement in which the threat of recalls "hostile propaganda campaigns, nyadobrasusedkay, anti-Belarusian orientation."What caused this statement of the Foreign Ministry? Deputy Head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Maria disk imaging Vanshyna said:"Everything is written. Read everything written. More I nothing to you I can tell . " Foreign Ministry spokesman Lithuania

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Lithuania is ready to assist to get to Europe

"Opens the possibility for the resumption of dialogue and sanctions review today," — said the representative of the Foreign Ministry.She referred to the decision taken by the Ministers Foreign Affairs EU, "in particular the principle." September 15 foreign ministers Affairs of the European Union meeting in Brussels issued a statement in which promise to enhance "the official, economic and cultural relations" with Belarus if parliamentary elections September 28 will be conducted fairly and democratically. "It is important that the European Union has opened the door dialogue with Belarus if the country would show such zeal," — Mrs. allocated Gayszhavskayte.Commenting on

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Lithuania and Belarus to seek pragmatic cooperation

The Belarusian delegation was headed by Deputy foreign minister Minister Valery Voronetsky. Head of the Lithuanian delegation, Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Laimonas Talat Kelpša during the meeting recalled the case of property seized at the border of the Lithuanian people and provided some suggestions on how to avoid this in the future. As saidand the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, "Lithuania and Belarus to seek pragmatic cooperation." During the regular consultation of representatives of diplomatic agencies of Belarus and Lithuania (June 21-22) open a discussion as prospects for economic cooperation and prepyadstviya ecology.Belarusian and Lithuanian diplomats said that both countries

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Lithuania confirmed the ban on Lukashenko to check

In Lithuania, as in all other EU countries, not have the right to approximately 70 persons coming from Belarus. Among objectionable — Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, ministers of power structures, the Attorney General, Managing KGB, some parliamentarians and members of the Central Election Commission. Sanctions imposed against persons responsible for the universally recognized rigged election violations Human Rights and political repression.Now the Government of Lithuania approved the list of unwanted persons in the country, half cooked year reversed UN and the EU. This list includes several hundred officials from states such as Uzbekistan, the unrecognized republic of Transdniestria, Zimbabwe, Sudan,

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