The effect of light bulbs. Planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence, is based on the desire of consumers to buy a little more than a new product, a little earlier than necessary. This film tells as planned obsolescence determines the course of our lives since the 20's. When manufacturers began to reduce durability of their products in order to increase consumer demand.

Cadet class in Krivoy Rog. Results for 2012


  Not so long ago, in September 2012, hundreds of Cossacks Krivorozhskaya Faithful Cossacks was declared a set of little Cossacks in the cadet class, organized by the Church of St.. Sergius of Radonezh. The first responded to the family from the village of Novopole Krivoy Rog area, and a little later we began to come, and the children of parishioners, with great interest the Cossacks and future cadets. Thus was formed the first cadet platoon. Began learning process. Classes are held every Saturday. Cossacks teach cadets basic military disciplines charters and military etiquette, physical training, unarmed

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Scientists are trying to understand the causes of the medieval cooling

A new study by experts from the University of Colorado at Boulder (USA), claims that a mysterious cooling, marked on the planet centuries ago, was caused by a series of powerful volcanic eruptions that triggered the chain of a number of climatic fluctuations, particularly noticeable expansion of the polar ice caps. In the scientific literature, a cold snap in the Middle Ages is often referred to by experts as the Little Ice Age.

Climate scientists studied chemical deposits in the Arctic Circle, and analyzed a large number of soil, sediment, and came to the conclusion that the Little Ice Age

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Women’s revenge

and "impenetrable" men so difficult to prove, as it may be painful, and even more difficult to take revenge! But sometimes so want it! Well, any way! At least a little! Though just a little! Read the continuation few tips can be useful 😉 — If a man socks scattered around the room, then pour into soup kitchen. — If he turns away after sex and snoring — zahrapite during sex. [Cut] — If a man does not like your stupid and ugly girlfriend, then get yourself a beautiful, smart, rich friends. — If a man does not like your

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In Brazil, found a unique white dolphin

Albino dolphins — it is very rare. They are funny and cute, but they have little chance of survival.

Brazilian marine biologists have discovered a unique species of white dolphin in the waters of Brazil, although the Dolphins are only rarely found off the coast of South Africa. Dolphin was spotted by scientists accidentally, because albino dolphins are usually very shy and rare dolphins jumping out of the water, in contrast to his fellow gray.

Chief biologist who heads the research team, Camila Merey Sartori (Camilla Meirelles Sartori) first saw the strange white dolphin in early October

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In the county of Pembrokeshire thousands of sharks

In the photo below the lucky angler Wayne Little poses with the trophy of honor, 78-pound blue shark. Usual picture of the Adriatic or Aegean Sea, but this shark was caught near the town of Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire County (UK). And there are many sharks now there are hundreds, if not thousands.

Experts believe that the shark swam here in the warm current that is guilty and unusually warm weather, was already a month in the British Isles. Now where the average temperature does not drop below 33 degrees Celsius.

Blue shark, or a large blue shark

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Forecasters Latvia: we must prepare for the worst

Although, during the XX century, the average annual temperature in Latvia increased by about 1 degree, past and present have been very frosty winter and snow. Therefore Latvian hydrometeorological warning: this spring is expected severe floods and residents should be prepared for the worst scenario.

As told in an interview with the head of department tvnet hydrometeorological forecast Latvian Centre Environment, Geology and Meteorology Laura Krumins, expected in February 2011 will be warmer and less snow than the previous months. December with its heavy snowfall, according to her, can be called "a little abnormal". In Latvia, the rare cases where,

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Children of the Future


Can I become a zombie computer in three years? It appears possible. Psychologist Eugene Krasheninnikova said the recent case of its rich practice. One of her patients — a little boy, he's a zombie computer, in their three and a half years, five cracked passwords set by professional programmers!

— It was very interesting to deal with it, and I thank my lucky stars that I met this little guy from the future. It seems to me that he, like a computer, born in human form. In

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White Bear Lomonosov move to Yakutsk

White Bear Lomonosov, who was born just over a year ago in St. Petersburg Leningrad Zoo bears the couple Menshikov and delight, on Wednesday will begin an independent life in the new house, which will be his zoo in Yakutsk, said Tuesday the Leningrad Zoo.

Fifteenth cub famous pair of polar bears Menshikov and delight was born November 25, 2011. Until April, he lived with his mother in the den, and its growth and development carefully monitored by video camera Zoo specialists. In April, when a thick layer of ice formed in the pool over the winter polar bears

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Weather forecasters promise moderate frosts in central Russia next week

In the central regions of European Russia next week are expected to moderate frost and snow at times, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"Over the weekend, snow cyclone will go to the east, leaving the grown significantly over snowdrifts and cold air. Epiphany in weather as a whole will meet the calendar — a little warmer in the south, in the north — a little colder. Times will be a little more snow, frost will increase to 10-17 degrees, "- said in a statement.

At the beginning of the week for active cyclones, one of them will approach

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