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Paranormal statistics

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Wildfires threaten many towns in the Balkan Peninsula

Numerous fires, which contributes to the rapid spread of heat and strong winds, complicate the lives of thousands of people in the Balkans, in recent days, reports of casualties.

Fire element, covered mostly forests in mountainous areas, are increasingly threatened by human settlements in different parts of the region. In this work of fire is often difficult due to the lack of human resources and technology.


At least 15 people, seven of them — children, were injured in the Macedonian town of Strumica, where a fire broke out on Monday.

As reported by MIA, the fire covered 100 hectares

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North Carolina suffers from large showers

Charlotte, North Carolina. Some people just are trapped. The city continued rescue efforts.

Element was unexpected. The impression that the city broke a powerful storm. Roads, car parking area and even whole neighborhoods were immediately covered with water. Some people could not get out of the house, and rescuers had to use boats to get to them and take out the water from the flooded areas.

Element already took several lives. Is known about the lives of two people — a mother and her daughter.

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Healing comes from past lives

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Message from Kuthumi

"I inform you that a month, this 3D body to heal humanity and the Earth has been passed successfully."

Let me remind you what it is about. The Message from Kuthumi July 26, 2012 said:

"From 25.07.2012, the order of the Higher Father / Mother (Prime Creator — Ra and Surya) from Galactic Central Sun (Nibiru, also known as Alcyone), the Milky Way galaxy to the solar system and the earth, he served Healing energy dense bodies and, therefore, all the dense bodies of living creatures of the earth.

Time (terrestrial standards) for recovery of the dense body of the

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The hole where the devil lives


Hole called the devil locals unique education that is in a remote location of Nevada. After a dip in the ground, as the legends say, we were in an underground world is the spirit that gets up to evil magic.


At the surface dimensions of the hole is not big, about 9×12 meters. At the bottom of the "Devil's Hole" is a lake that is populated with rare species of fish. The distance from the surface to the water

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Recent reports about floods in Thailand. Picture story

Flood waters in Thailand is rapidly moving to Bangkok, and residents have long flooded provinces to the north of the capital slowly begin their lives.

Water is slowly but surely moving through the northern and western areas of Bangkok, threatening the town's underground, two key industrial facilities and hospitals.

Flooding has already claimed more than 500 lives. In 12 of the 50 districts of Bangkok, began evacuating residents.

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How to Build a man to watch

We go to extraordinary journey, the journey to the inner space, the world of our own. Specifically, there is our future, inside each of us. Until now, it was impossible to move around the tiny universe or even its right to behold, in every cell has DNA which is the basis for the creation of at least some living creature.

01. Forever young / Forever young about the origin of human life

Elixir of youth, the drug, the effect of which can turn back time, it seemed unreal. In the many years heard allegations that

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Past Lives Dr. Raymond Moody

Dr. Raymond Moody became world famous after the publication in 1975 of his book "Life After Life", in which he analyzed the stories of people who have visited almost on the light and come to life when the doctors had already found their death. The book became an instant international bestseller, and Moody began to explore other interesting phenomenon, the so-called traveling in past lives. What was the result? Judge for yourself.

With hypnosis a person can return during childhood or adolescence and determine which event in the past hurt his psyche, had a significant impact on the mental

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Unknown disease claims the lives of children in India

Unknown illness this week claimed the lives of 44 children in the state of Bihar in northern India. All with the mysterious illness had been hospitalized 76 children, some of them are on the mend.

Symptoms similar to encephalitis, but his agent has not yet been identified. Blood samples of patients sent to the laboratory for research in Pune.

Hospital in the capital district Muzafarpur where recorded outbreak of fatal disease, experts have visited the National Institute of Virology and the Ministry of Health in New Delhi. Thence specialists virologists to the village, where they were recorded deaths.


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