True North Living

Customization is paramount at True North Living — your source for exactly the furnishings you want, crafted by hand in North America from solid wood for impeccable. lasting quality in individually perfect style.

True North gives customers complete control over their furniture: you choose the type of item, the shape, the dimensions. the stain and fabric colors, the hardware and fixtures, from hundreds of options in well over ten thou¬sand possible combinations. In a matter of weeks, you’ll have a showpiece made to your exact specifications.

And don’t worry about being overwhelmed by possibilities — the staff are experts at

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Tru Living


What’s in store

As its name suggests, all the furniture in this 2,000sqf shop is for the living room. The key pieces are sofas — general manager May Goe, who oversees merchandising, chooses apartment-specific designs proportionate to small homes. Ottomans, accent chairs, coffee tables, sideboards and decor accessories complete the living room settings.

The brands are mid-priced to upscale, top-quality American stalwarts: for example Basset, known for its fine oak pieces, was founded in 1902, while Lexington Home Brands was established in 1903. Broyhill, a family of brands from different states, has been

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Standard of Living


What’s in store

Step back into the past with Standard of Living’s mid-century modern furniture, which is mostly upholstered in deep, autumnal shades with subtle textures. The 698sqf store is dominated by customisable sofas and armchairs — choose from a stylish array of fabrics from Jim Thompson as well as Guilford of Maine from the US. «We stock mainly two-and-a-half seater sofas because we think they are the most apartment-friendly, but you can also order other sizes in the same design,» says co-owner June Huang. Among the lovely accessories (think retro tableware and

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Альбом ‘The Living Infinity’ может похвастаться титаническим объемом: в общей сложности в него вошли двадцать песен, составляющих восемьдесят минут звучания. Наберите в ваши легкие побольше воздуха. Этот забег мамонтов начинается с песни «Spectrum of Eternity». Трек берет начало в волшебном симфоническом интро, слыша которое, вы четко осознаете: вот сейчас случится что-то большое, что-то грандиозное и невероятное! И это происходит. Наше путешествие сквозь «живую бесконечность» (именно так переводится название альбома) начинается – с брутальными бласт-битами, всепожирающими мелодичными рифами и чарующим, подавляющим всякое сопротивление вокалом, где в каждой ноте чувствуется всесокрушающая энергия мелодик-дэта. Вы в буквальном смысле почувствуете, как электрические искорки будут

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Smart Living

NETVIGATOR’s Home Networking Consultancy Service helps a Hong Kong couple build the home of their dreams

John and Jane Wong are very excited — they have just bought a 2,000-square-foot apartment in Pok Fu Lam and are embarking on a major renovation.

The 30-something pair has hired a stylish, young interior designer, briefing him to create a beautiful, comfortable and user-friendly home. They also want it to be hi-tech enough to have all their devices available at all times. «I want to have Wi-Fi in every corner of my home, so I can access my tablet in the bedroom, or

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Maggie Wonderland

A spacious loft is transformed into a feminine, woodsy fantasyland, complete with furry and feathery companions.

While Maggie hasn’t completely finished decorating her unit, she is happy with the results of her little renovation project

It takes a big leap of faith to invest in property for the first time, but K-Zone and Good Dog magazine editor Maggie Adan had a bit of luck when she finally bit the bullet and signed the deed of sale for her condo unit. «When I looked into this property at its pre-selling stage, 1 really liked the location, and the plans for the

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The tower blocks that stand stoically on the outskirts of Camberwell have a new play developing in their shadows at a small, local theatre. It is a seemingly apt setting for a production about the legacy of Britain’s brutalist architecture.

Taking its name from Le Corbusier’s collection of essays Towards A New Architecture, in which houses are ‘machines for living in’, the play follows a husband-and-wife team of architects who believe their Utopian ideologies can change the way we live. It is a story that seems overly familiar; you don’t necessarily have to be an architect to know of Alison

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Living in Synapses.

An understand contemporary form, in an evolving residential neighborhood of Bengaluru, is the new home for the Peeti family. Architecture Paradigm designs articulate synapses within its 7000 square foot maintaining a conservative and veiled detachment towards the streetscape.

The 60 foot by 90 foot plot is accessed from the east and the internal zoning also reflects complete vast compliance, says architect Sandeep Jain, one of the three partners at Architecture Paradigm. The clients — Reetu and Shailender — approached the firm to design a new home for them and their two teenage daughters, Praachi and Anmol. The clients readily accepted

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Living for today

A Bryn Mawr couple forgoes the traditional for an eco-friendly place to call home. By TaraBehan

Chris and Sandy Ross’ Bryn Mawr home is unlike any other on the street. It’s a rare example of new construction in a neighborhood and also had eco-friendly concerns.

But while the house is certainly unique, it’s far from an eyesore: architect Anthony Miksitz took the established neighborhood into consideration with the contemporary design.

Non traditional elements came by way of sustainable materials-like the black recycled-paper siding on the garage and a honey-colored version that covers the house. The contrasting colors make an impressive

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Summertime is here; the fish are jumpin’ and the junks arc sailin’. So what could possibly be better than spending a lazy afternoon with friends and family exploring Hong Kong’s 300-plus islands on a boat? Yes, we agree: nothing. The only thing that can make this experience any more perfect is a delicious spread and an exquisitely nautical table setting.

Use pretty white, blue and red crockery with simple stripes; for a subtle look, combine these with soft greys. Get creative and use Inside’s waffle towels as table linen — you can use them to dry off after that essential

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