Whole Detroit

A sustainable, locally focused Whole Foods Market adds to the revitalization of Detroit’s Midtown district

Urban «food deserts» have been a problem in major cities, like economically hard-hit Detroit, for years. But now there is a bright light on the horizon of the Mo­tor City’s retail landscape with the June opening of a Whole Foods Market in Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood, a flourishing area a few miles from downtown. The new, ground-up construction opened to much fanfare, free food samples and speech-giving politicians, plus throngs of eager customers who no longer need drive to the tony suburbs of Troy or Rochester

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Whats on your pigs menu?

You could probably call Todd Ilasivell and his wife Janette accidental farmers. The couple were living a busy urban life when they inherited Janette’s parents’ farm on the outskirts of Hastings. The Haswells were keen to give farming a go and turned what had been a small working farm — first with dairy cows and then sheep — into a lifestyle block.

“We’ve ended up leasing out 50 acres to a local grower, and the rest of the space we use to play around with. We’ve got a couple of cows, some chooks and three pigs, and soon we’ll add

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The smart girls money guide

Sophie Goddard aims to save £100* every month. Here she tries haggling

Experts say it’s possible to save hundreds of pounds by haggling on the high street, but only 27% of us have tried it. What’s stopping us.’ Erm, fear of looking like a tight-arse, perhaps? While I’m excited about the idea of saving up to £100 per month, I’m also preparing myself for major humiliation…


John Lewis has a policy saying if an item’s available cheaper in another store it’ll try to match it. The Nikon Coolpix Camera I want is £149.95, but I’ve seen it for £5.95

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I rarely have down time as I am usually working or playing with my two boys, so when I do sneak off for a little «me time,» my secret indulgence is Erewhon on Beverly Boulevard. While rushing around town, I slip in for a quick 100-percent organic cold-pressed juice, and for those few moments of pure bliss, I feel completely rejuvenated. Choose this over coffee in the

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How did Home-grown Foods begin?

We saw Hong Kong as a place with huge potential for reversing the current fast-food trend by advocating the benefits of eating local organic food. In early 2009, we initiated contact with local farms that shared our vision. The vegetables feature in recipes at Posto Pubblico, Cantopop, Linguini Fini and Pizzeria Pubblico.

What are the difficulties faced in farming in Hong Kong?

Farmers are facing high labour costs. They’re also facing high rents for farmlands, land reclamation for property development and weather fluctuations.

What are your tips for people to grow vegetables in a small space at home?

Get basic

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In the glorious and satisfying future we promise to Rostov is no accident. To that there are at least three good reasons. First, of course, local gastronomic traditions, relatively confident survived the Soviet period. Don ear, buns, pickled vegetables, dried and smoked fish here is absolutely organic part of the culture, not an ancient fossil, like soup and cakes in Central Russia. Second, the nature of grace and energetic farmers. Local products, seasonal menu — it’s not fashionable bait, increasing the price tripled, and the natural conditions of work of any malomalski decent places. Finally, the location of Rostov.

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Battling in the Baltics

Air Baltic and Estonian Air have similar strategies, but is there room for both?

One of the few promising airlines in Eastern Europe until its near-collapse last year, Air Baltic is slowly returning to financial stability and rebuilding its strategy—and now it faces new competition from Estonian Air.

Both Air Baltic and Estonian in turn are challenged by low-fare airlines, although their exposure is still below the European average. And they are squeezed between much larger carriers such as their former parent SAS Group, as well as Finnair and LOT Polish Airlines, which are trying to feed their hubs with

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Another output is independent newspaper has been

Editor of "local time" Victor Yarashuk clarifies the situation:"The financial situation is such that you can not work. Newspaper suspended — it remains, but will not go out. We sit four months without a fee. A salary is 190 thousand rubles per month. What did it for the money? We soon time was not even the postman. themselves carried the newspaper. " Financial difficulties justified for many reasons: for example, in Pinsk Publishing refused to print edition. Because circulation needed once a week to bring from Baranovichi, for fifteen hundredths miles. The local branch of "Sayuzdruk" refused to sign a

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Protest against the police should be coordinated with the police

The initiator of the rally was a local pensioner Hope Solovyov. It considers that Police are investigating the accident bad car tragedy in which 11 July, five people were killed: four teenagers, who were hit by a car and the driver of the car "KIA" — grandson of Mrs. Hope.Chairman of the Executive Committee Alexander Tolochinsky Mareyka applicant wrote that the action will be considered as unauthorized without coordination with the police and doctors. Meanwhile citizens in the Vitebsk region for the first time expressed their intention to publicly discuss the work of the local police, which they are unhappy.

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Authorities conceal the truth about Gomel Kurapaty

Organizing committee members showed a video made at the site and during meetings with local residents.Memoirs of older people about the arrests of farmers are also bullet holes in the skulls indicate political executions. But the soldiers of the 52nd separate search battalion that led the excavation, it did not want to confirm, says one of the activists of the organizing committee of the Gomel region Andrey Melnikov:"We had everything here is photographed. After all, people from 52 Battalion, who led the excavation, a voice not quite what we beheld with our eyes."According to the researchers are independent, according to

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