Grodno: first warning candidate BPF

Posters with the content "BPF Party for social guarantees", the "European choice Belarus"" In a free market "were posted in the town. Vadim Saranchukou believes that the County Commission does not had rights, when she brought him a warning because, in his opinion, the party at any time of free to advertise their ideas. Vadim is Saranchukou a candidate Grodno Zanemanskaya constituency number 49. He is the Managing municipal organization BPF "Revival".

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Locusts in the Novosibirsk region + review


Swarms of locusts destroyed in its path all vegetation. Photo: from the site

23.07.11.Sarancha — a real attack, swarms of insects destroying all vegetation in their path.

This pest has already done a lot of troubles in the Penza and Astrakhan regions, where the insects are fighting, spraying poison over large areas. It became known as "KP", danger threatened and Novosibirsk region.

— Registered non-standard appearance of grasshoppers in the development stage of the larvae to adult in 17 districts of the region (Baganskom, Baraba, Bolotninskom, Vengerovsky, Dovolenskom, Zdvinskom, Iskitim, Karasuk, Kargatskom, Kochkovskaya, Krasnozerskom, Kuibyshev, Kupinsky,

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Locusts have already found in Tatarstan


Photo from

July 22. — In the rural community Tashkichuyskogo Ltd ("Name Tukai") Jutazinsky region of Tatarstan detected migratory locust (Italian locust), the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic.

Number of insects in some areas reaches up to 15-20 pieces per 1 sq. km. meter area.

"The center in the plant increased to 20 hectares. Immediately after the discovery of the locust insecticide treatment was carried out the necessary fields and farming practices, "- said in a statement.

The Ministry of Agriculture established Tatarstan operational headquarters to prevent the spread and destruction

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Saratov region on the field, came locusts. Video


In southern Russia locust invasion

9.06.11.Nashestvie insects have already experienced in the Stavropol region, Dagestan, the warning signs come even from the Saratov region. This year the weather is very favorable for the reproduction of these pests — the number of Asiatic locust and the so-called "Italian locust" increased significantly. In the most affected areas by the square meter has 500 giant grasshoppers. Only in Dagestan locusts have taken twenty thousand acres. Voracious insects are able to overcome the vast distances in search of food and destroyed almost all of the plants on the way.

Target are not

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Locusts in the cotton fields in Tajikistan


01.06.11. Moroccan locust went on the offensive in the cotton crops Panj district. To date, there locust 2 ha cotton field.

According to the director Gosunitarnogo enterprise "Muboriza bar malach Ziddi" ("Locust") Kiemiddina Ganiev, work on the use of chemical agents against locusts in Khatlon region commenced in April, but there is a locust invasion in Afghanistan, as well as high altitude and pastures, where the drought has dried grass.

"At present, pesticides processed 100 thousand hectares of land. Locusts in the border areas are struggling more than two dozen units of special 450 handheld devices ", — said

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Locusts reached Volgograd


2.06.11.Sarancha or Italian locust were observed in half of the districts of the Volgograd region. In Kamyshin district emergency awarded the first degree.

Among the seriously injured — Verhnedobrinskoe, Vodnobuerachnoe, Talovskoye settlement which has not yet flying and crawling locust swarms have already destroyed or damaged about 200 acres of melons.

As the press service of the regional administration, the current difficult situation caused by the large amount of uncultivated land. Roshen plots of land without status, and the edge of the woods, gullies, ravines — perfect resort for locusts. What is urgently necessary chemical treatment both employed

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Astrakhan region on locusts attacked


15.06.11.Rezhim emergency because locusts introduced Kamyzyaksky near Astrakhan region, ITAR-TASS reported. Locusts pests in large numbers filled Area.

In southern regional emergencies center said: "Phytosanitary situation in the area is rated as strenuous. Massive accumulation of locust pests (Italian locust) revealed an area of more than 9 hectares. In the processing area pesticides involved five emergency vehicles and two small aircraft. "

Italian locust is a dangerous pest of crops in areas of irrigated agriculture. Insect destroys buckwheat, corn, sunflowers, beans, melons, potatoes and cereals. This kind of locusts spread in the Middle Volga region, in the south of

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Altai steppe areas attacked locusts


Photo from:

15.06.11.V Michael Uglovsky and Altai regions, the struggle with the Italian locust — locust gregarious form.

According to Zoya Sherbinina, chief of plant protection branch "Rosselhoztsentra" number of insects in these areas exceeded the permissible norm. The treatment must spend 17 thousand hectares of arable land. Soon locusts may appear Klyuchevskoy and Kulunda areas.

"Italian locust among the most dangerous types of pests — told Zoe Shcherbinina. — Special appetite locusts wakes in hot weather, when it lacks moisture. "

Another dangerous pests, meadow moth, is also beginning to spread across the Altai region —

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From locust affected 800 hectares


8.07.11.Rasprostranenie locusts stopped. The statement was made on July 7 Government meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Russia. Agriculture Minister Yelena Skrynnik informed Prime that the locust affected 800 hectares. 650 of them are processed. The most serious situation was locusts spread in Kalmykia. According to the minister, the damage to agricultural organizations were not. Ministry of Agriculture for help addressed to the Ministry of Defense, and to the MOE.

Elena Skrynnik requested, to acquire for "Rosselhoztsentra" small aircraft "in that case we would have eradicated this infection for a long time," — she said.

Source: RAD IA

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Azerbaijan threatens locust invasion


7.07.11.Selskoe economy — an important component in the well being of many countries. Successful or not successful for agriculture will be a year, depending on many factors, first and foremost, of course, the weather.

In that case, if ever it rains, or, alternatively, a drought, a good harvest can be expected. But there is another factor that can have a negative impact on the agricultural land — is "volatile factor", namely locusts. According to the newspaper "The Mirror", these insects have a notorious reputation for centuries, and the mention of them can be found in the Bible. Grasshoppers, locusts

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