In the southern Urals drought and locusts destroyed 362,000 hectares of crops

July 16, 2013. In the southern Urals drought and locusts have caused agricultural losses of 1.4 billion rubles.

As the "New Region", the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk region in the southern Urals due to lack of rainfall in June, and the locusts were killed 362,000 hectares of crops. The total area affected crops was 767,000 hectares. Damage is estimated at 1.4 billion rubles.

Under these circumstances, the affected farms have accelerated the pace of hay and silage, harvested as fodder for the winter may not be enough. So, on July 15 harvested 44% hay

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Atyrau region locust attacks. Video


25.05.12.Atyrauskuyu area attacked millions locusts. Pests have already reached the suburbs of the regional center. Insects literally besieged the house of villagers.

Phytosanitary in emergency mode started treatment in areas adjacent to Atyrau. At the same time, experts urge people not to panic.

Ruslan SHUGAEPOV, deputy chief of the Atyrau regional territorial department of the Ministry of Agriculture: — Dangerous damage they cause since age 3. Now basically 3.2 age. We managed to hold processing. There was information that the cankerworm infests. But no crop there. There's only a cane. For residents of any danger locusts represents.


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locusts in western Kazakhstan. Video


18.07.12.Nashestvie locusts in the west! Pests mercilessly destroy hundreds of acres of crops. Suffered from the hordes of insects and other border regions with Russia. Farmers have counted loss.

Aktobe field Mass Attack locusts. Barley crop pests in this area destroyed in just a fortnight, distressed farmers. Now, instead of the planned 16 centners per hectare farmers are hoping to collect at least 3.

Winged pests become true masters of the fields. But the peasants were unarmed. The locusts have destroyed hundreds of acres of crops. For example, a field of sunflowers insects also had thoroughly spoiled.

Khromtau of

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Locusts in Orenburg. Video


13.07.12.Orenburgskuyu area attacked Asian locusts. In 35 districts and four cities introduced a state of emergency. Dark clouds fly over highways, roads difficult to move, machines break — insects clog radiators.

Greatest threat for aircraft. In addition to damage to engines, locusts still attracts large flocks of birds, they take to the air. Orsk Airport takes urgent action — the territory treated with pesticides, but it helps for long. All new hordes of flying pests from Kazakhstan. And they have to pay out together, including the buffer zone between the two countries, but agree this is not possible.


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Locusts attacked more than 120 thousand hectares of farmland in the five districts of Chechnya


GROZNY, June 6 — RIA Novosti. Massive locust invasion was noted in five districts of Chechnya, in pest entered aviation, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday Agriculture Minister of the Republic.

"The agricultural land in Shelkovsky, Nadterechny, Gudermes, and partly in the Achkhoi-Martan and Sunzha districts foci with increased number of locusts. The total area of destruction of crops is more than 121 thousand hectares, "- said the source.

According to him, today the locust chemicals handled 19.5 hectares.

"It's hard to say right now what could be the extent of damages. This will be possible only after we deal

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Locusts in Dagestan. Video


16.05.12.V Dagestan regretted early warm … The Republic pounced locusts. Before the ordinary, it is not expected, and most importantly, the appetite for insects such that the crop has no choice. Bare earth.

In the Garden Tatum Salavatova locusts left even planted onions and garlic. Pensioner nervously joking — it turns out in our vegetable garden it seemed sweeter! Eaten tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage. Fresh vegetables on the table this season will be gone.

With the advent of the locusts in the village district of Dagestan Korkmaskala Kumtorkalinskogo can talk about the beginning of the annual insect attack on

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Locusts are starved Madagascar

March 29, 2013. On Madagascar Locust swarms hit, hitting nearly half of the territory of the island nation. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the future landing major forage crops, which could lead to mass starvation in the country.

Under the threat of hunger is up to 60% of the population. For locust urgent need for $ 22 million, according to FAO experts. According to them, this large-scale invasion of locusts Madagascar not seen since the 50s of the last century. The last locust plague occurred in the 50th and lasted 17 years. If nothing is done, the

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Locusts in the Voronezh region


17.06.11.V four districts of Voronezh region registered breeding ground for locusts. Pernicious pest occurred in Boguchar, Borisoglebsk Povorino and Novokhopersk areas. The total area of lesions was 2.4 hectares.

As reported in the Department of Agricultural Regional Department of Agrarian Policy, now all centers are located, additional processing of the territories bordering the Tambov and Volgograd regions.

Source: Voronezh-line

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On a number of farms Bashkiria locusts attacked


18.06.11.Srazu of several farms Haybullinskogo district of the Republic received information about the appearance of locusts. In place of the departed members of the Special Commission established by the Ministry of Agriculture under the leadership of Deputy Minister Vladimir Neznanova.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic, the situation in Bashkortostan associated with invasion of dangerous pests, now fully under control. Since autumn surveys were conducted and found wintering stock locusts. From the spring by experts branches FSI "Rosselhoztsentra" DIVISION Agriculture municipalities, farms are being monitored start hatching pest abundance and distribution for

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In Astrakhan, because poisonous locusts die boars


Poison that is destroying the locusts, and kills animals. Photo: from the archives of "KP"

22.07.11.Tem who loved to go out with his gun on his prey. Big boar hunt down and return home with the production this year could throw a shotgun somewhere far away.

Hunting for wild boars in 2011 and in 2012 banned completely. The thing is that these animals pogolve declined several times. The cause is still not exactly figured out. But experts say the whole thing in locusts.

For wild boar — the best treat. But because of the swarms of locusts

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