Maggie Wonderland

A spacious loft is transformed into a feminine, woodsy fantasyland, complete with furry and feathery companions.

While Maggie hasn’t completely finished decorating her unit, she is happy with the results of her little renovation project

It takes a big leap of faith to invest in property for the first time, but K-Zone and Good Dog magazine editor Maggie Adan had a bit of luck when she finally bit the bullet and signed the deed of sale for her condo unit. «When I looked into this property at its pre-selling stage, 1 really liked the location, and the plans for the

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Loft conversions can be as simple as adding Velux windows and a pull-down ladder (although a temporary staircase means it won’t count as an extra room when you sell), or as dramatic as extending out of the original roof, effectively providing an extra floor. Start by getting acquainted with the area — if your loft has a ceiling height of 2.3 metres or more, it has the potential to be converted.


Even small lofts can work effectively as a self-contained guest suite, nursery, office, music room, etc. Before you decide on the extent of the works,

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Cow palace.

When Кeith Kellenberger of Elgin, Illinois, built this project for his son, he set his sights on accessibility. Kids can open this barn up and play inside it—the wall folds down, a roof panel lifts off, and the doors swing open. Then, when the cows have been rounded up and the hay’s in the barn, it folds up to provide ample storage for livestock, tractors, and implements.

For Starters, Lay Out and Cut Some Quality Plywood

1. To make the plywood parts, start with a sheet of good 1/2″-thick plywood. (We chose Baltic birch, which comes in 5×5′ sheets. To

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