Log-home: planning

Dream to Reality

Understanding what’s involved can clear the path to log-home ownership.

EVERYONE THAT NOW LIVES IN A LOG HOME has overcome two major obstacles:

(1) the log-home buying process itself and

(2) their budget. While the obstacles may seem obvious, methods of surmounting them may not.

If owning a log home were as easy as walking into a sales representative’s office with a floor plan and a checkbook, the hillsides and meadow’s of America would be blanketed with log homes. Unfortunately, obtaining a log home is more complicated than buying a conventional home.

Buying Reality

When conventional-home buyers

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Log-home: buying

Choosing a Company

There’s a system to how log homes are designed and built.

THE FIRST STEP toward buying a log home almost always is to choose a company that sells the logs. This seems like an unusual arrangement to many people, who reasonably expect the process of buying and building a custom home to begin with either a builder or the designer not with the company providing the primary building material After all, if you’re building a Stud-framed home, you wouldn’t start at the lumberyard.

Of course some people do begin their log home by first contacting a builder

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Log-home: building

Construction Timeline

A step-by-step guide to building a log home.

BUILDING A LOG HOME is an exciting prospect but can seem a formidable challenge. Once the sequence is revealed, the process seems less intimidating and can proceed in an organized manner.

Preparing for Construction

Planning to build a log home can take from months to years. Finding just the right location, choosing a log-home provider, settling on a design, estimating costs, arranging for contractors and subs and securing financing are all grouped into what professional builders call “pre-construction activities.” Although thorough preparation during the pre-construction period greatly improves the ease

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