Do legitimately denied registration to Young front?

Lawsuit "Young Front" examines referee Zoe Solovyov. She rejected the first petition representative "Young Front" Anastasia Loikaw, who asked to postpone the meeting due to the absence in the tribunal of all who filed the suit. With regard to the request for participation of the public, then it is satisfied. So makarom, in the process of human rights activists Yury Chavusau kerf and Lena Tamkachova. Position of "Malady Front" voiced Anastasia Loikaw. A woman believes that "The young front" illegally denied registration. Activist argues that all initial claims Department of Justice, which related documents for registration, were taken into account.

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Sand image of Christ was on the shore of the Neman

Organizer plein air Minsk architect Gennady Loikaw with friends pile figure of Christ, who, arms cross, lies on the beach. "In the struggle for the monuments of architecture Grodno now the most pressing area" — said Gennady Loikaw.Length of the statue is the growth of 7 people, noted architect. Worked on it for 2-days to 20 people.Earlier sovereign Loikaw appealed for help to Grodno authorities. Initially, the idea was to blind the sand next to the famous statue Kaloskay church, which stands on the banks of the Neman. But the authorities have refused to assist. Plein sand statues on the

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Dies, and rye this …

Morning at the cemetery over the Dnieper, where densely grow only birch zealous created the monument, architect Genyk Loikaw and village friends Anatolia — Ivan Tsybulsky Victor Girilovich Ivan Rudenko. Installed tombstone repaired zatsementavany recently pedestal heap of stones.Garoshkavski reads each poet Ivan Tsybulsky:"Anatoly — my friend. We were good friends, and I can not accept. I ran from work to assist."All agreed that the monument is actually put on the pile will not be presented — it weighs in the area of seven hundred pounds and can damage the freshest stonework.The monument is made of red and black granite.

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Kamertsyyalizatsyya got to the children’s workshop

Ancestors of kids attending salomaplyatsennya circle at the National Centre of creativity kids and youth, they say the threat of closing the circle. Prerequisite called commercialization of the institution with davneshney history.Veronica Swan — Mom 4 children. The eldest daughter Zlata and Sons Kazik and Gleb salomaplyatsennya stroll in a circle, which leads Valentine Loikaw. Circle more than 10 years working in the National Centre for creative kids and youth — a former Republican House of Pioneers. Babes from employment in ecstasy. But their case is almost not burning. Not in the sense that it is unnecessary, and that the

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Nikolai Demidenko was given 15 days

Society Deputy chairman of the "Young Front" Nikolai Demidenko was sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest. The verdict handed down in court Minsk Piershamaiski Judge Yuri Gorbatok, BelaPAN reports, citing human rights defender Anastasia Marinkina.

According to her, the court was actually closed until the evening Demidenko human rights activists and friends did not know the results.

"Moreover, we are still do not know under what article convicted Demidenko. This information in court we were not given. They said only that he was sentenced to administrative arrest and will serve his sentence at the Center for isolation of offenders

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