What does effort look like?

Going the extra mile is the difference between success and failure, and it’s do-able, says business guru CATHERINE CONNOR

What does effort look like? The recent Aspire Bespoke attendees have been the inspiration behind my motives in sharing these thoughts.

I have just spent two days informing and educating some fantastic photographers. All are determined to take the brave stride into the marketplace with style, the right answers and confidence. But even when you have the right answers, the confidence has to develop with you at a timely pace which comes with experience.

All on the course were inspired to

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For homeowners and designers alike, it’s always helpful to start with a source of inspiration or a jumping-off point when creating a fabulous interior. In this case, it was the colours in a renowned textile that inspired the fresh look of this West Vancouver home.

When homeowners Linh Nguyen and Mike Tran enlisted designer Karla Amadatsu to decorate their 3,300-square-foot new build last year, they were already familiar with her work. «They saw one of my projects featured in the September 2012 issue of Style at Home and loved the new traditional feel that it had,» says Karla. And this

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Chines Workshop blends a minimalist Zen look with gorgeously tactile surfaces for a home that’s at once clean, warm and inviting.

Designing a Zen-inspired home is a bit like training for a ballet performance: all the blood, sweat and tears go into making the whole thing seem entirely effortless. As any dancer or designer will tell you, however, the easier it looks, the more work would have been required to achieve that effect. Chine’s Workshop takes us backstage to find out exactly what it takes to design a beautifully minimalist home.

“The clients wanted their home to be very simple,”

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In this issue, we’re going to look at some tips that will help to make your work look better, while also getting it done faster. We’ll cover some new features, as well as some old staples, and we’ll also look at some other workflow options when working with animations and multimedia. So, go ahead, grab a cup of coffee (don’t spill it on your keyboard), sit back, and enjoy.


A really useful option for blending layers together without using masks is by using the Blending Options (click on the Add a Layer Style icon [fx] at the

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A swanky new apartment condominium in the Orchard Road belt has a special lift that sends the owner’s parked car up to his residence, where these vehicles literally become part of the home decor. But there’s another way to enjoy your favourite «cars» in the comfort of your home — get them as furniture. A slew of carmakers has been launching chairs that carry the aesthetic trademarks and groundbreaking technology of their prized vehicles.

The Maserati by Zanotta lounge chair captures the harmonious lines of the new Maserati Quattroporte. Designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have created a leather seat that



If you listen, really listen, maybe you’ll hear the ghost’s lullaby, that song that connects all that thrives in winter’s quiet.

I know there’s a ghost here. I can feel him in the cool hollow of this one-time foresters’ dorm, this place where I must sleep tonight.

I can feel him in the bathroom at the end of the passage, disappearing into the stained cracks in the tiles. I know he’s peering into the mirror with its rusted edges; I don’t dare look.

He’s beckoned us here, with a trail of painted footprints scattered here on rock, there on tree


I came, saw, raped

To understand the psychology of the people of that time, it is necessary to become familiar with their myths. For their gods the Greeks and Romans wrote to myself, so that the behavior of the inhabitants of heaven — is the embodiment of secret desires of ordinary mortals. Greek myths — that children under sixteen years of reading is not recommended. Sex, blood and violence there is so much that the level of XXX porn seem innocent transfer «Good night, kids!». Take Zeus (the Romans — Jupiter), ruler of the sky, thunder, lightning, responsible for all the world. This

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Grand illusion

Rachel Stephenson’s home, with its period features, chandeliers and paintings set against a palette of rich colours and patterns, is all about timeless elegance. It might look like a big-budget project, but Rachel and her husband Rob have created this luxurious interior without breaking the bank. ‘My taste is classic,’ says Rachel.

‘I adore beautiful fabrics, bold wallpapers and old furniture, but I always find an affordable way to achieve the look I want.’ Having renovated a Victorian cottage nearby, the couple decided they were ready for another challenge and bought this Edwardian property in 2006. ‘I’ve always been drawn

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Tired of your Mac’s look? Change it any time you wish with Flavours

Jonathan Ive’s giving iOS a radical new look, but why wait for someone else to get bored with your Mac’s graphic user interface to come up with something different? Third-party developers have always offered up novel ideas for customizing the Mac’s interface and giving it a more individualized look. Flavours (no, it’s not a typo) is one of the latest apps that aims to do just that, allowing you to quickly change the look of your Mac by building custom themes.

With Flavours, you can change any

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On a note

Extend your youth or slow down the aging process? It is quite possible, if to get a good habit.

1. Apples every day

There is an English proverb: «An apple a day — and the doctor does not need it.» This is especially true in the autumn apples, still retaining all the vitamins and nutrients.

2. Smile more often!

Do not be afraid of facial wrinkles — a smile can be called a rapid facelift. It not only adds shine eyes, but also tones the muscles.

3. Fat — in moderation!

A diet low in animal fat — the

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