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Loshitsa: Cross memory of the victims of repression are willing to bear?

On the return of the Institute of History Freedom Now said the secretary of the organizing committee of the public to perpetuate the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression Vladimir Romanovsky."They asked: when, by whom, for whom the project was set to cross Loshitsa. If there are none, it raises the question of winding up of the cross. This is a signal of the Institute of History, where Tipo official inquiry came to the validity of the existence of the cross. How come? We decided Now figure out where. Either it made at the Minsk City Executive Committee, or

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Rally in defense Loshitsa Park

In Loshitsa park in Minsk maintained order and earthworks which change the appearance of the historic manor and park. Public worries persist park and manor as historical monuments.Participants protests adopted a resolution. They demand that the reconstruction plan was written in media disk imaging, so were heard representations of people who are engaged in the preservation of historical heritage, and by the time all the work was stopped.

The gathering also made Belarusian bards. The protesters agreed to gather again in Loshitsa park on Saturday.For action followed police. Deputy Governor of the Leninsky district police approached youth activist Franak Vyachorka

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