Sri Lankas Air War

Alan Warnes returned to Sri Lanka during March to see how the SLAF is faring.

THE BLOODY CONFLICT in Sri Lanka continues (see Sri Lanka’s Unique Air Force, July 96, p47-55). It does not make the national papers regularly because the government restricts the passage of journalists, but it still rages on. Battles between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) — whose leader Vellupilli Prabhakaran is also wanted in India for the alleged LTTE slaying of Premier Rajiv Gandhi in 1989 — and government troops are seemingly a daily occurrence. Only last August, the Army camp at Mallaittivu (see

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RAF Hercules crash

AFTER ALMOST 20 years of virtually accident-free flying with the Hercules, the RAF suffered a tragic blow on the afternoon of May 27 when an example en route from Lyneham to Lossiemouth crashed in a remote Scottish highland glen with the loss of all nine personnel. The aircraft was undertaking a routine low-flying exercise in clear weather and is believed to have flown into a hill in Glen Tilt, on the edge of the Grampian mountains, 10 miles (16km) north east of Blair Athol.

Three RAF helicopters, one from the RN, a 120 Sqn Nimrod MR.2 from Kinloss and two

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10 — 20% of heat loss in a room is due to uninsulated floors, with greater loss occurring in larger areas. Carpets are natural insulators due to their low heat conductivity and help reduce energy costs for healing and cooling when there is a temperature differential between the indoor air and that under the floor. Research conducted in New Zealand found that the energy savings, both heating and cooling, were in the range of 8 — 12%. Findings indicated that carpeted floors fell warmer underfoot and did not require the healing that a

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Griffon shoot-down

I THOUGH IT was interesting read about the Afghani conflict from the viewpoint of the Soviets.

Apart from the details of half a sortie, most of the effort was made to credit the Soviets with the loss of the only Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft during its operations against violating Soviet-Afghan aircraft!

Although details and cause of the F-16 loss have appeared in numerous air journals, the author persists in crediting it to the Soviet Air Force.

However, just to set the records straight, the aforementioned F-16 was flying as the lead in a formation of two when they were

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Martyrology of Liberty: Yefim Govorushko

Once a day, from September 1 to December 10 — a day or Global Human Rights — the air of "Freedom" we will remember one name to remember about single life, to talk about one lot with hundreds of thousands, dangling by the communist regime.Lists of victims — the website — will be available through the website***Govorushko Euthymios (15/10/1911, d. Rahachou Peninsula County. Mogilev province. — 03.06.1992, Smolevichy Minsk reg.), Novelist, essayist, teacher. Raised in an orphanage in Bobruisk. In 1935 graduated MWPI. Taught white. language and literature at Smalyavichy. 12/09/1936 arrested. Sentenced to 6 years 10/02/1937 imprisonment

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Now start acting EU sanctions

June 15 in Brussels confirmed the decision last year. According to the official explanation, Belarus has not changed the case for trade union rights in the matter of freedom of association. Meanwhile, as noted by the European Commission, is an integral part of EU trade policy. Cancel preferences, according to Brussels, will affect 10 percent of Belarusian exports. Preferential policies of the European Union extended, for example, such as the Belarusian products and mineral fertilizers, timber, textiles, odezhku. From this it follows that the sanctions will affect, namely, light industry.In "Bellegprom" know about it and predict economic loss. Assistant Manager

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Belarus and Latvia count losses from Russian pipeline

Not yet calculated the loss from the first tragedy in the Russian pipeline as work began on the elimination of the other. Also in the area on May 5 Beshenkovichi eventually break the surface resulted from 500 to 1,000 tons of fuel. Contaminated with about 50 square km area."There is war previously: it was and Vitebsk, Minsk authorities and was …"The coming to the scene village — Babaedava."Ay, there’s more than the war was previously: it was and Vitebsk, Minsk and was boss — says local residents Peter Semenido. — Beshenkovichi en banc was very many police. Diesel fuel, which

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J. Romanchuk, Lukashenko multiplies loss to see a hero

Romanchuk: "Lukashenka just always multiplies loss. He previously stated 3.5 million bucks, and now it is 5 billion dollars. And in fact, if the animal balance, the number of losses is much smaller.I believe that Lukashenko especially so doing — that later to say that, they say, was such a powerful blow at our backs, and we all used and were able to overcome the crisis. "


What is it?

The disease is anprolapse wall rectum through the anal ring.

Why did this happen?

Possible causes of rectal prolapse:

constipation, constant straining; muscle injury anus with heavy labor, extensive perineal tears; age-related changes of muscles and ligaments of the anus; operations on the pelvic organs (gynecology, etc.) and the rectum. What's going on?

The disease begins with persistent constipation (often from childhood) and other difficulties during defecation, fecal discharge underwear, pulling pain in the pelvis.

Patients complain of urinary gas and liquid stool and the appearance of protrusion from the anus during bowel movements at

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Svetlogorsk: Airplane looking for heat loss

During the 2-days over Svetlogorsk Parichi villages and Pine Forest plane circled "An-2" with orange wings and the inscription "MOE", which is popularly called "maize". Local residents to realize the long-term goal could fly. It turned out reconnaissance plane Svetlahorsk communal use. Responsibility of the Chief Engineer Svetlahorsk housing and communal enterprise "Torch" Sergei disadvantaged."The main goal — to find out where to go in the external heat loss and heating systems in homes. And second benefit — it’s a broker to identify illegal tie-connection. But the main goal — to find the loss. In primarily substitution of thermal networks

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