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If Hawgs Could Fly!

Over 70 A-10A Thunderbolt lis — better known as ‘Warthogs’ — assembled at Alexandria International Airport, Louisiana, between April 29 and May 2 for Hawgsmoke 2004, the biennial A-10 bombing and tactical gunnery competition. Marco Ferrageau and Come Rodenburg report.

HE CITY of Alexandria, in the middle of the southern state of Louisiana, shares a special bond with America’s military, and with the A-10 Thunderbolt II. The first Warthogs arrived at the nearby England AFB in 1980, where they were flown by the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing ‘Flying Tigers’ and whilst the base was closed on December 15, 1992, under

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15 U.S. states have filed a petition to secede from the country

November 10 representatives from 15 states asked the Obama administration with a formal petition to secede from the United States and the intention to set up their own government.

It is noteworthy that these petitions were filed in just a few days after the re-election of Barack Obama for a second term.

Total applications of intent to withdraw from the single state filed: Louisiana, Texas, Montana, North Dakota, Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon and New York. All of these states have demanded that the Obama administration has granted them the right

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In South Louisiana, downpours and flooding

In South Louisiana, downpours and flooding Natural Disasters

In the south of Louisiana declared a state of emergency after dozens of settlements districts Lafayette, Acadia, St. Landry, and St. Martin were flooded constantly coming from the heavy rain water.

As a result of a severe thunderstorm in the streets of some cities gathered from 30 to 45 cm of water, which created a difficult environment movement. Therefore, 16 students had to be evacuated by boat to the department of health care stalled bus directly from the motorway. Of deaths and injuries were reported. However, 77 residents of the commune Karenkro

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The failure of the bottom of the lake in Louisiana

August 22, 2013. Unusual natural phenomenon captured U.S. citizens vacationing near the lake on the border of Louisiana and East Texas: their eyes for a few seconds of the land with trees gently "left" in the lake.

It is known that when the place was a forest, but as a result of seismic activity failure was formed a year ago, which was filled with water. The activity is still going on, which probably was the cause of such natural phenomena.

Source: Rus. Apollo

Sinkhole in Louisiana Bayou Corne increased

December 12. Sinkhole in Louisiana Bayou Corne, formed in the summer of 2012, "grown up" and now takes about 8 acres (3.23 hectares).

In addition, the area in the immediate vicinity of the failure to actively produces methane, scaring the locals and simultaneously killing animals …


Subsidence in Louisiana is threatening

Subsidence in Louisiana becomes threatening danger zone

Earthen funnel emerged last week in Louisiana, USA, continues to deepen, becoming real hard threat to businesses and residential areas that are next to it. Subsidence appeared in the forest, having to reach an area of 1395 m2. Funnel swallowed part of the road used by the forest services in forest clearing.

Two adjacent to the birthplace of the crater the settlement, there were 150 houses, were in full force evacuated to safety. While forecasts about when people allowed to return home and allow it at all, is not available. Businesses

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In Louisiana, thousands flee from artificially induced floods


15.05.11.Tysyachi people in the U.S. state of Louisiana to flee from the artificially induced navodneniya.V Saturday opened floodgates on over the banks of the Mississippi River. In the coming days will be open some more locks — the first time in desyatiletiy.Voda seep into thousands of homes and destroyed hundreds of acres of agricultural zemel.Odnako, according to officials, this is the only way to save more populated areas along the river, the city, the company refineries, power plants and the port of New Orleans.

BBC Russian, AssociatedPress

Flooding in Louisiana flooded 2,000 homes

Novoe flooding in Louisiana (USA) has acquired alarming proportions: the water level for the day rose more than 2 meters. Affected more than 2,000 people.

Forecasts are disappointing — authorities say residents that the water level will continue to rise in the coming days, said "Bagnet" referring to the Western media.

As reported by observers, on the evening of March 12 and March 13, employees of various services rescued 35 people with helicopters. Despite the fact that the people of Louisiana to such problems are not used to it, after such a flood some places it will be

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In Louisiana, 60 thousand people evacuated because of the danger of a dam break

Louisiana state government on Thursday announced a large-scale evacuation near the dam, which is expected to inevitably break out as a result of the pressure of water coming, caused by tropical storm "Isaac."

As reported by the Associated Press, the local authorities ordered the immediate evacuation of up to 60,000 people living near the dam at Lake Tangipahoa (Tangipahoa) 160 kilometers north of New Orleans.

Hurricane "Isaac", raging in the U.S., before the weakened to a tropical storm. But his victims in Louisiana, according to the agency, have become two people.

Hurricane a few airports in the U.S. states of

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Storm Lee flooded southern U.S.: waiting for floods and tornadoes

Storm "Lee" reached the coast of the United States: Louisiana coast poured rain in the region expect floods and tornadoes. National Center for tracking hurricanes predprezhdaet that for Sunday rainfall in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama could reach 50 cm According to CNN, about 12,000 homes on the coast of Louisiana on Sunday night without electricity.

Official by a representative of the Center Dennis Feltgen told "Voice of America" that the rain can cause extensive flooding. It is possible and what is "Lee" trigger tornadoes in parts of southern Louisiana to the western Florida.

Approximation "Lee"

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