HARRY FAYT tells Will Roberts that his love for creating beautiful underwater images is anchored deep in his past.

From his home in Liege, Belgium, Harry Fayt recalls how as a child, his passion for the submarine world landed him in hospital.

At a young age, Harry, now 33, suffered from ear problems and as a result had to wear special plugs which stopped him from submerging his head in water. But time and time again, temptation got the better of him. «I didn’t want to swim at the surface, I wanted to go down, under the water,» he says.

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Rosie Jones

H ello Rosie! Tell us why lingerie is so brilliant bloody…

Hello! Although I love being naked and spend most of my time that way, I think girls look a lot sexier in underwear. It accentuates all the good bits and makes you wonder what ’ s underneath.

Good call! What ’ s the last really sexy item you invested in?

I ’ ve bought loads of sexy stuff for my calendar shoot. I got some very small bras and lots of stockings and suspenders.

Which celebs look amazing in a nice bit of lingerie?

Sofia Vergara always

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In the first of a new series on the art of image manipulation, B+W Photographer of the Year 2012, Clayton Bastiani, reveals a simple technique he uses to create multiple layer images with atmosphere and mood.

love making photographs as much as I love taking them. Photographers have been at it for a very long time — read Colin Harding’s feature (B+W issue 150) on Oscar Rejlander’s The Two Ways of Life, created in 1857 and a fantastic example of combination printing.

Over the coming months I aim to introduce you to some very simple methods of photo-manipulation and photo

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the art of surprise

Canberra-based industrial designer Chris Hardy’s clean and minimal aesthetic is driven by a rational approach to materials and an interest in finding surprise in the everyday.

Canberra-based designer Chris Hardy feels compelled to make. “I grew up in quite an unusual family. I grew up making, painting and drawing things. Always creating, always in Dad’s studio making stuff,” he says. “My father’s an artist, my grandmother’s an artist, uncles are artists, and now, with all the cousins, we’ve got photographers and fashion designers too, so there’s a gene somewhere in the Hardy family that’s very heavily geared towards creativity in

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Reeva Steenkamp would have turned 30 this month. But instead of a day of celebration with loved ones, the South African model’s birthday will be marked by the latest court appearance of her lover-turned-killer Oscar Pistorius — hero of the 2012 Paralympics. So when will her family know the truth? Cosmo investigates

When 29-year-old law graduate Reeva Steenkamp went on her first date with the South African sports star Oscar Pistorius, she was instantly smitten. Handsome, charismatic and besotted with her from the moment they met, Oscar dazzled her with his high-octane celebrity and was soon describing her as ‘the



1. Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex?

“It was in a lift! We only had to go up two floors so it was very exciting and the thought that somebody might be waiting for the lift at the top felt very naughty.”

2. What’s your trademark move in the bedroom?

“Sex from behind, mainly because of my bum and long ponytail. I love not being able to see the bloke but being able to hear him. I’ve been told my bum’s a massive turn-on, too!”

3. What really turns you on?

“Watching naughty programmes! There’s something about seeing hot

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Naturalist view.

We delve into Sarah Lewis’s intricate portfolio and take a closer look at her creative view on the natural world.

Where did your love for photography come from?

I’ve always loved photography as a hobby, but I got serious about it while at college. I used to experiment with my dad’s compact camera, and one day took a picture of a toy duck that caught my eye. It was central in the frame, backlit, softly focused, nothing fantastic — but the detail of the image spoke to me, the patterns in the plastic that I’d overlooked, they became so much

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A peach never falls far from the tree… By Sophia Money-Coutts

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor has just hoicked up her Mulberry jumper to show off the T-shirt underneath — a scarlet number from a vintage shop in LA with the word Atlanta’straining across her chest. It’s a pretty impressive chest, given that the rest of her is elegantly slim. ‘I’m not sure why I’m called Atlanta — I wasn’t conceived there, I wasn’t born there.

The golden couple divorced when Atlanta was five — Atlanta remained with her mother, while John, still recording and touring with Duran Duran, flitted between

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Word editor.

I somehow think that all the good things happening to us in the summer. When a lot of sun and heat, our protective crust diminishes, and we become more open and emotional. Summer — a meeting with friends, traveling, weddings, long walks on the beach or in the woods … Why am I? Oh, you just want as long as possible to stay in a comfortable, relaxed, enjoy the photos of brides in our magazine, and not to think about the long frosty winter and the introduction of the euro. The bride, by the way, we are dazzling («Wedding with

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With the scent of chocolate

Scientists say that one of the most attractive human fragrances — the smell of chocolate. Did you know that there is a plant with a chocolate flavor? This is not the cocoa beans. This is a fairly modest flower — Berlandieri.

Of course, the beauty of flowers in Berlandieri many rivals, but it smells like attractive: in the morning exudes a magnificent aroma of chocolate! No wonder it is called «chocolate daisy.»

Meet * NEW!

This plant — a novelty in our gardens. She has beautiful long feathery leaves are gray-green color on each stem bloom bright yellow flowers with

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