Lukashenko will be traded

Our homeland expects Belarus recognizes Abkhazia and software "We are, frankly, count on this as on the closest partner" — said Minister Alexander Surikov salting. E.Lukas: "I wish I could create pressure that would restrain Russia"

Russian-Georgian conflict resulted in the latest era of East-West confrontation. Is really cool brand new war started? On this issue reflects in an interview with Radio Liberty recognizable English political scientist Edward Lucas — creator of the book "The newcomer cool War: How the Kremlin threatens Russian and the West."T.Dumbade: "For me, it’s sad how the Georgian" ONT television journalist Tengiz Dumbade, commenting on

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Belarus on the background of the latest cool war

Tsigankov: "Now President Dmitry Medvedev signed decrees recognizing the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Manufactured it, despite warnings against such move by the U.S. and EU. Of days earlier, Medvedev said, speaking about the relations of Russia and NATO:" We are willing to accept at least some decision even before the termination of the relationship as a whole. "Is not it says about this latest war cool, modern steel curtain?"

"This decision will backfire RF"

Koktyish: "No, I would not have said, as cool to the latest war, the West is ready to even less than our

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M. Statkevich: Lukashenko will force

One of the favorites of the European Coalition Statkevich believes that this recognition has a very significant threat Belarus:"Forced Alexander Lukashenko alsodo itt step. Why is Russia? It secures its impact, its own slope indicates gramadtvu.Taksama Our motherland wants to be a monopolist in the supply energoelementov for Europe wishes, in fact, energetically take Europe for the larynx. And just be forced to Belarus, taking into account the fact that our economy is just an addition to Russian, our economy nesamodostatochnosti. And I’m afraid that later turns out that in Union State, which consists of four subjects, most of the

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Lebedko: Lukashenko can assign value recognition

UCP chairman Anatoly Lebedko stated that a negative attitude towards the parade of sovereignties in the Caucasus and on the European continent, because it — new risks and challenges. Lyabedzka noted that the same attitude he had and the situation around Kosovo. As to what position can take the official Minsk to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Anatoly Lebedko said:"Based on the current situation, Lukashenko may assign some value recognition. So just Lukashenko does not recognize. But if this decision will be attached to the pipe with a cheap gas, it can be. I think it still

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Vyachorka: Very early build mate Belarusian regime

"It is necessary to recall the well-known principle of step by step. Lukashenko has caught political prisoners, To release them, could join the trade situation. There is no guarantee that he will not catch the next, as all saved articles of the Criminal Code, which allow lure criminally liable for their political activities.Retains all approaches to the authorities campaign as a farce. Many people during campaign affected, as the same Alexander Fur, losing a job. Convinced that the release of political prisoners from of so-called international list should serve as an occasion for conversation, while the hard conversation, which is

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Recent activities have shown the dependence of the Kremlin Lukashenko

Talk about these issues, our columnists and Vitaly Tsigankov Valery Karbalevich.Tsigankov"August was notable for Belarus a number of events and phenomena. Prisoners were released last political prisoners in the Beijing Olympics Belarusian team also achieved the best performances in the history of independent results. And in the harvest, according to official figures, assembled the most highest in the history of Belarus collecting bread — the final figure may be closer to 9 million tons.Let’s start with the freshest topic — performances of Belarusian athletes at the Beijing Olympics. The Belarusian collection 19 medals, four of them gold — this is

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Affairs of Belarus with the West after the release Kozulin

    Tsigankov: "Things seem to improve — improve the extent to which this will be ready on both sides. Worth mentioning that while in state system of Belarus is not a lot that has changed after the release of political prisoners: the law on unregistered organizations acts, freedom of assembly and demonstrations does not appear, do not become a free press, this must be kept in mind, and the election campaign proves that a huge change in this regard should not hope.I believe that the people of 5-10 candidates will be in the House, and it will also be a new

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Lebedko: Lukashenko shows its weakness

"But it does not give rise zamruzhvats eyes and read that we are moving towards a confident steps brighter future. That now happening in Belarus — is ingrained order of things. Step forward, half back. This is the strategy chosen Alexander G.. With one side, he takes a step, and you want all wrote about it media disk imaging, and together with those he takes a step back. I would seriously talk about any advancements and so were prepared one, second, third steps forward. And no reverse. We can only say that people convicted of illegally — on the loose.

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Dashkevich: it steps conditional liberalization

"Mistaken are those people who believe that this shift in strategic policy direction Lukashenko. Under pressure from external forces and internal events, he was obliged to go on these steps. Neither political prisoner was found not guilty. Because it is not necessary to impale themselves illusions. Lukashenko now aims to ensure that legitimate their power, and yet obvious threat does not feel, he takes those steps conditional liberalization. "

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Belarus political prisoners without

A. Kim struck by how many people sits for nothing

Belarus — BNR-90 Organizational Committee press conference, Vintsuk Viachorka, 06Feb2008 Vyachorka: this is a typical signal and Moscow

Belarus — BNR-90 Organizational Committee press conference, Viktar Ivashkevich, 06Feb2008 Commenting on the release of Sergei Parsyukevich and Andrei Kim, vice chairman Victor BPFIvashkevich

Belarus — round table about believers rights, Minsk, 29Feb2008 P. Sevyarynets: "On real improvement does not have to read" World Belarusian politician and former political prisoner PavelSevyarinets:"First, thank God, the guys on the loose! They — the real heroes, well done, survived. Politically, Kim and Parsyukevich

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