Lukashenko congratulates Medvedev and Putin

"By supporting you, Russian voters supported the continuation of constructive course, the purpose of which is the revival of a strong country, strengthening the unity of the Russian Federation", — said in greeting."Belarusians heartily glad successes achieved in Russia soon. I am convinced that joint efforts we will be able to give a new dynamism to the Belarusian-Russian integration processes, make a base for the forthcoming increase in well-being our states, together to survive in a world of growing threats and challenges, "- says Lukashenko in his own greeting.The President also sent a letter to Vladimir Putin. When Dmitry Medvedev

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A.Gros: Lukashenko can repeat the same authoritarian dramatizations

Swiss parliamentarian and the head of the PACE mission Andreas Gross is a single western company observers, which allowed monitoring of the presidential elections in Russia.Almost a couple of days before the vote head of the Russian Central Election Commission and a number of State Duma deputies accused of violating Gross Russian legislation. In an interview with the capital "independent newspaper" the parliamentarian elections criticized for their lack of democracy and such makarom Tipo "made pressure on the Russian electorate."Gross asked the emperor, or affected someway This, as Russian media wrote, "scandal" on the final official verdyktse PACE?Gross: "It was

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A. Suzdaltsev: Moscow authorities varies, but in Minsk — never

"The elites that support in Russia Medvedev and Putin, of course, close, but they only partially overlap. And the situation here is not normal. I myself was surprised to see that will not some little rotation, but rather, I would have said, steep . Thus, all it mattersetsya and will dosmiling under the Constitution of the Russian Federation that thing is phenomenal. And because the new people that will come with the new president, already understand that and they do not come in perpetuity. Eight years later, even if everything will be fine, they also have to join their places

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Lukashenko does not slow down. And Kozulin — politician soldiery type

Journalist Alexander says with Ulitenok Franak Vyachorka about political PR in Belarus.Ulitenok: "Part of people tend to think that yours Franak, future profession — journalism. Is it in fact?"Vecherko: "Basically an output with the Journalism School, I had become spetsom communications technology."Ulitenok: "In other words, in the midst of the rest — and PR-technologies?"

Must be distinguished from PR Lukashenko propaganda. Propaganda builds expression, his message first on injustice

Vecherko: "I’m only interested in political PR. As it exists in Belarus criteria and what is its efficiency."Ulitenok: "Alexander G. founded effective, shocking palitpiyar. This boom in his car, it’s a

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Or pass defense Belarus under Russian command?

One of the main topics of yesterday’s meeting of the Security Council of Belarus was the creation of a unified Russia with regional air defense system. Why this problem is particularly actualized at the moment? Whose general will manage unified air defense system? Would the Lukashenko partly lose their ability Commander of the Armed Forces of Belarus?Members: a military and political columnist "Belarusians and Market" Alexander Alesin and politician, Colonel supplies, Ph.D. Statkevich.Why do we need a unified air defense system?

Valery KarbalevichValery Karbalevich"At the Security Council on Thursday Lukashenko read a lot about the latest situation in the world

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Advances in the Odessa-Brody project yet

Tsigankov: "How seriously before Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States stands task to find other Russian energy sources and how are they politically and at the technical level are ready to join forces here?" Manyanok: "Of course, each country looks at this questions pragmatic. Things that Belarus does not yet have any severe problems with the supply of gas or oil. But first bell rang at the end of 2006 and then some union transit countries like outlined. Question about how to build a jumper for the pipeline "Odessa-Brody". If the project is realized, and the oil will be pumped into

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Kozulin states the ability talks with Lukashenko

First press conference to announce Alexander Kozulin encourages 2008 BNR year and spend Congress Democratic Forces, which invite all the BNR Rada headed Ivonka Survila. Under democratic forces Alexander Kozulin realizes wider society: "It is not only those who call themselves Democrats or the opposition. This intellectuals, writers, youth, entrepreneurs — the widest range." Politician called on Congress not "commit quarrels and reports, and to think about the future of Belarus." There were also statements in the address Alexander Lukashenko and his team:"I forgive Lukashenko, my family forgives Lukashenko everything that was made to us. I will not talk about

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Kozulin: I forgive Lukashenko

In personal relationships with Alexander Lukashenko urged Kozulin start with unblemished sheet and to forget for a confrontation. Kozulin said:"I forgive him all that survived our family. We all walk under God and must rely on his freedom."Kozulin urged everyone to sit down at the negotiating table with the government and find a way to preserve the independence of the country and build a democratic Belarus. Kozulin said:"I came the moment of truth."A.Kozulin does not expect it will unleash trouble now and in the period up to March 25:"I’m going back to the colony and will wait for further relaxed

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Without names

Those 48 hours of indecision Alexander Lukashenko Kozulin for permission to come to the funeral of the wife caused an explosion of hatred against Lukashenko many people who previously were either neutral or priklnnye him. It turns out that in certain situations Belarusians appreciate just humanity. And where this humanity not, they can forget about the pragmatics for their support this man, when he does something un-human. Belarusians have such a correct expression. Lukashenko, making un-human, in the eyes of many lost their own moral authority first. Fact, Ira Kozulin should become an emblem of Belarus, superior, beautiful, brave and

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German-language print: Kozulin defeated Lukashenka

"In the eyes of the public Kozulin under no circumstances looked a broken man. He promised his fans continue to fight against Lukashenko. "It’s a shame that such people governs our state, "- said Kozulin. He also believes Chapter country suadkaznym for the destruction of his wife. After his arrest, she had no more strength to fight the cancer disease "- the newspaper.By Frankfurter Runfschau, "Lukashenko shortly freed several recognizable enemies of the regime. He finds commitment from the West. Another reason so called "Share good will — the elections in Russia. Indeed, in the case of the election of

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