Lukashenko denies Sidorsky

"In accordance with the agreement for 2007 price of gas was at $ 100 per 1,000 cubic meters, with this year added 19%, and we have confidence that by the end of the year the cost will not increase ", — quotes the learned words of the head of government. He added that "the heads of government Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin agreed on a fixed price Belarus on 2008 — 119 bucks. "It is worth recalling that this week Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview to "Russia Today" and the news agency RIA "Announcements" that "Gazprom" threatens the course

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Paradox Kozulin

Many years in the political debate dominates the view that the highest rated current president justified not so much real confidence in him, as the lack of candidates. Since opposition to today’s society and its minions is not trusted, it has long been the search for a third force, which would have positioned themselves outside the bipolar axis Lukashenko — the opposition. Who just do not qualify for this status: Abramova (movement "Apple"), S. Gaiduchevici (LDP), L. Sinitsyn Yarashuk A., V. Leonov (Movement "For the latest Belarus"), A. Wojtowicz, etc .. Recently the 2001 presidential elections are independent sociologists have

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Lukashenka goes to Moscow

Russian media noted that their desire to participate in it for the previously expressed leaders all states, included in Sudruzhnasts in including Presidents of Georgia and Ukraine. Some favorites States, namely leaders of Moldova and Kyrgyzstan, have already flown to Moscow.The press service Russian President I was told that, except for the general meeting, Vladimir Putin will hold several bilateral and interviews with its employees. But to say whether the Russian president in the midst of the interlocutors Belarusian head of the country, refused, citing the fact that "the meeting schedule has yet to be typeset and it likely configuration."

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Why Lukashenko dissatisfied with the activities of law enforcement agencies?

Yesterday Alexander Lukashenko presented Governing the Constitutional Court and the Prosecutor’s Office. Can the Constitutional Tribunal to become a real impact on the body of constitutional legality in the country? Indeed whether law enforcement agencies began to spiral out of control head of state? Why mizhklyanavae rivalry escalates?Members: the chairman of the Belarusian Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, Lieutenant-General retired police Mieczyslaw Mushroom and the last head of state legal Head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus Alexander Plaskavitsky.Plaskovitsky: "… There is nothing more fun than the Constitutional Court in that State"Valery Karbalevich: "Reshuffle Governing Constitutional Court (CC) and

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Matskevich: Lukashenko himself cornered

Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Institute of CIS Vladimir Zharihin has no hesitation that the gas price for Belarus in 2008 year willt rise: "Trends energoelementov price increases take place not only in Belarus, and in Russia, in globally. And electricity — is, in fact, materialized gas, or coal, or oil, or uranium in the end. Because you need to negotiate prices, about the loan. In past times as agreed. But global trends cancel unreal. Pay attention, the application of the sovereign Lukashenko made the same day, when the price of a barrel of oil broke the bar at 100

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Fyaduta: Prosecutors do not wish to get into the list of prohibited

Tsigankov: "Is it clear to you what this" policy "engaged prosecutors and why Lukashenko indignant that some prosecutors" wave "as Belarus Look at USA and the EU?"Fyaduta: "I do not know of such cases when PROSECUTOR really tried to retreat from the decision of this or any other issue on the basis of political beliefs necessary — but can be fully that such facts were known to Alexander Lukashenko. Generally, each person, if he doing something, think about how looking at him by other people. Naturally, those or other representatives of the Belarusian authorities are thinking about how their looking

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Lukashenko has dreams of Russian Monomakh’s cap. Only union

Yesterday in an interview with Russia Today television and news agency RIA "News", when asked if he wanted to lead Federal Government, Lukashenko said: "Are you think that only in your control must be ambition to lead this association? I was not a politician, and was not a politician, Putin or Medvedev, or someone else, who would in this respect have not sought to play a role in the leadership of this union. "According to Lukashenko, some difficulties in relations between Moscow and Minsk explained by the fact that some Russian politicians do not like the rise in popularity President

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Lukashenko formula of Orthodox ateistse offends Orthodoxy

The assumption is, that control over religious affair was more effective

Ulitenok: "Comment, please recent measures by the country, complicating the presence of foreign priests in Belarus?"Rudkovskii: "Most likely the calculation is done to ensure that control over religious matter was more effective. When church leaders are citizens of Belarus, it is easier to keep the religious sphere under the hood. Well, that’s the main motive. He absolutely fits into the logic of the authoritarian country. "Ulitenok: "Will there be any of these measures in the Belarusian utility chapels and temples?"Rudkovskii: "From the deportation of priests — Poland Belarusian

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Dad launched in Europe

As one would expect, the tone of comments Russian press is spreading rapidly with the tone of Western publicists."Capital Komsomolets" for October 14, sarcastically writes that the West is trying to bribe Belarus that she defected "from his elder brother to the elder of the enemy." According to the newspaper, the subject of this bargaining is non-recognition of Belarus of Abkhazia and South Ossetia."The same Lukashenko, who not so long ago called" the last dictator of Europe ", has earned the goodwill of the West? — Asks "Capital Komsomolets". And here says: — Of course, his hints that he is

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Lukashenko makes a step towards Russia?

The statement was made at a meeting of the Security Council, which Lukashenko announced new international safety hazard. According to Alexander Lukashenko, nedavneshnie actions in the Caucasus have confirmed the ineffectiveness of architecture "of both global and European security." Security Threats "union countries Belarus and the Russian Federation," Lukashenko took NATO expansion, the desire of Ukraine to this block, the deployment of U.S. missile defense sites in Europe:"Specifically in Europe disrupted the balance of power. And not our fault. U.S. withdrawal from the ABM contract frisky and deployment of the U.S. missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland

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