Lukashenko: We muddled through

Society "We have to get out of a situation in which we put Russia at the beginning of this year," — said Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting, which was held at the Mozyr refinery.

Petroleum refining Lukashenko put on a par with the security issues of the country.

"Recycling, supplies for domestic use and export of hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons providing our state close to the subject to be or not to be sovereign and independent Belarusian nation. Therefore, it is the most important area of our business, and we honor and dignity, as in agriculture, this situation must find a way

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S. Kara-Murza and G. Pavlovsky of the Belarusian-Russian conflict

Society The Russian press and Russian analysts continue to debate the media war between Moscow and Minsk. According to Conservative political analyst Sergei Kara-Murza it — an imitation of the West, and close to the Kremlin wheels Gleb Pavlovsky believes that Lukashenko still will not go away.

According to Sergei Kara-Murza "Everything that happens in cyberspace — no more than the performance. Because of the Russian-Belarusian relations, no matter what they say are of a strategic nature, which results not only from the general economic interest, but also of the mental and the military and political spheres" .

It's no

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On the birthday of Lukashenko engaged potatoes

Despite the Company's private celebration, Alexander Lukashenko inspektavav Gomel Region. Visiting Mozyr district, he has focused on food security. According to Lukashenko, against the unsatisfactory situation in the world market country to increase exports of agricultural products:

"People do not have enough to eat, and this is a chance for us." The Head of State ordered the agricultural sector to clearly define the next five years with specific partners and customers. In this case, He said, need to click first on the potatoes, return to that This year, be 100%, "Even Refining does not give a margin" — summed

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Lukashenko simply cry the blues

Society Student Freedom under the influence of conflicting information about the financial condition of the head of Belarus, which is voiced by various media, asks the question:

"Dear Freedom! Lukashenko said that he lived very modestly, even has his own apartment, neither he nor his children. Russian news agency reported that the wealth of Lukashenko billions of dollars. Whom to believe, tell me!

Chairman of the "European Coalition" Statkevich comments this issue:

"The problem is the opacity of today's life Belarusian leadership, the lack of complete control over them. Absence of such control power corrupts. Then shown not the best

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Putin forgot tsapanne Lukashenko?

Society In today's issue of "Kommersant" published interview Kremlin correspondent Andrei Kolesnikov Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Among many other issues, the conclusion of the conversation has been affected and the Belarusian issue.

MerchantHistory of another president. It's obvious, is not placed on the person, maybe on President Lukashenko and bold cross, given the information, very strong, a campaign that turned against him.

Putin: I was not looking. But I was told.

Merchant"The Godfather 3", for example.

Putin: I have not.

Merchant: Is it? Then look. It's powerful film, a large part of the population,

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Lukashenko intends to recover all the Russian debt

Society According to Alexander Lukashenko, in the first half of the year failed as the most important parameters in industry, agriculture and investment. As a result — 7% GDP growth in the forecast of 11-13%. Another measure that has angered Lukashenko — the imbalance in foreign trade: a negative balance for the six months totaled 2 billion 400 million dollars. Lukashenko warned officials that it is time to bring benefits to the country and people and not "hide under a broom."

Alexander Lukashenko criticizes the government for the fact that, despite repeated presidential orders, and did not solve the

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Godfather reawakened activity of Russian media

Society Yesterday Alexander Lukashenko for the first time publicly reacted to the movie channel "NTV", "Godfather", three of which were shown in July and August. Authors tape accused the Belarusian leader in the massacre of political opponents in money laundering, in pazshlyubnyh Relations and the patient's psyche. Lukashenko, in turn, called the film a dirty provocation, and hinted that there are actually reflects what is happening in Russia. Today the words of the head of Belarus commented on almost all major Russian edition.

"The Belarusian leader to break the silence" — wrote "Moskovsky Komsomolets". The publication in its own

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Last year Kebich

Just explain to the society (photo 1). Uncles who kiss in this photo, not homosexuals. This is the highest state official: Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and the Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Kebich in a government car in 1994 during a visit to Minsk and Chernomyrdin after heavy consumption of alcoholic drinks and so remain. Actually, there is nothing special to comment — as the saying goes, "all in Russian."

If we evaluate this photo in the category of "paparazzi", then it is — the highest class of scandalous. Photos made outstanding Belarusian photojournalists Sergei Grits, was published in

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Lukashenko unhappy with government

Society "in January-July this year almost failed the most important parameters and key targets of the forecast (…) As a result of all this is a significant impact on the growth rate, which was 107% against the forecast of 111-113%, "- said Lukashenko.

On foreign investment: "The work of state bodies (…) is very poor, as the net inflow of foreign direct investments in the country amounted to only 20.4% from last year's level."

On trade, "for the 6 months of the year the negative balance of foreign trade in goods and services emerged in the amount of $ 2.4

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Saakashvili about yourself and nenarmalnasts Lukashenko

Society In an interview with Russian radio station "Echo of Moscow" Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili spoke about the relationship between Moscow and current leaders of former Soviet republics.

"The fact is that now, as I understand it, I was accused that I'm deranged, since 2004, when I did not like someone in Moscow. Now in the same accused Lukashenko. (…) In the queue there Moldova — obviously from the point of view of Russia completely mentally abnormal people have come to power. but we also know that Andrei Sakharov and many times tested for psychiatric evaluation. Anyway, anyone who has

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