Russian media: continued attacks on Lukashenko

Society Belarusian theme remains one of the most sought after in the Russian media. Many of the largest TV stations and newspapers in the last few days were marked by new materials on the country and its leadership.

In the on state channel "Russia" The head of the Russian government Vladimir Putin his vision of the reasons the media war between Moscow and Minsk. Putin said that Russia, as before, from Russia wants to get cheap resources, but it ignores its commitments:

I repeat: if a bargain, signed a piece of paper — it is necessary to perform …

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The generosity of Beltransgaz

Society Russia is considering the acquisition of a controlling stake in Beltransgaz providing financial assistance to Belarus, said today, "Interfax" a source in the government of the Russian Federation.

Commenting on the statement of Alexander Lukashenko that Moscow will present Minsk credit support in the amount of $ 6 billion, the source stressed: "We are talking about the possibility of the loan up to $ 1 billion from the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund and the acquisition of a controlling stake Beltransgaz to Gazprom."

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said that Russia does not intend to represent Belarus

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There is at the Kremlin plan B to reset Lukashenko?

Society Asks in the English-language Russian newspaper The Moscow Times political analyst Vladimir Frolov. We will acquaint you with the content of his article.Over the Kremlin's decision to begin a campaign of extermination against the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is difficult to see a clear strategy. Moscow outraged opposition to Lukashenko establishment of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, but the strategy, which aims to humiliate and weaken its Lukashenko regime — a road to nowhere.

Moscow faces a strong resistance to her plans Lukashenko's political and economic integration in the post-Soviet space. Lukashenko in turn sees

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Lukashenko demanded an end to the import of agricultural machinery

Society "We need to stop buying imported equipment. These pranks with imported equipment necessary to finish," — said Alexander Lukashenko.

"They are three times the skin will descend for the supply of spare parts (…) Supply of spare parts for imported agricultural machinery is out of time, whereas in the harvesting campaign every hour expensive," explained Belarusian leader, Interfax reports.

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Belarus-Russia: War in the name of brotherly ties

Society The world press are carefully monitored by the Russian-Belarusian media war.The British newspaper The Independent, Presenting the history of propaganda blows, which over the past two weeks, exchanged Moscow and Minsk, wrote that the Russian Media intervention in the affairs of Alexander Lukashenko may soon weaken "the iron grip of the last dictator in Europe", with which he holds the power in Belarus.

In the context of this battle The Independent recalls a similar media company exposing violations of human rights in Kyrgyzstan, which is held in Moscow earlier this year against former Kyrgyz president Kurmanbek Bakiyev.

Remembering the

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When can a presidential election?

Society According to the decree of Alexander Lukashenko extraordinary session of the House of Representatives is to open on September 7. Or assign this session date for the presidential election? Whether they take place in early December? What motives guided power, appointing the election date?Members: the chief editor of the online newspaper "Solidarity" Alexander Starykevich and political scientist Yuri Chausov.

Or assign this session date for the presidential election?

Valery Karbalevich"The official explanation of an extraordinary session on September 7 unconvincing. Like, urgently need to adopt the draft budget for next year to make changes to the Tax and

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Russian chance and Russian threat

Society Information warfare between the official Minsk and Moscow: what opportunities for the Belarusian opposition, it opens that trap fraught? What can the opposition Moscow? Does Russia have a stake in the Belarusian presidential election?On these topics in the "Prague accent" discuss Ivashkevich, Ales Lahvinets and Alexander Fyaduta.

Full text transmission — later on our site. Below — Snippets of conversation.

Ivashkevich: Sannikov speaks on Russia Today, Sannikov stands and Bi-Bi-Si, which is the mouthpiece of London's policy … In Russia there are still many people who are considering a policy level or even XX XIX

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Lukashenko: Ammonia, Urea, nuts, cows, bulls — all this is nothing before man

Society Belarus is not going to abandon our principles and privatization of socially-oriented economy. This was stated by Lukashenko at the meeting on the prospects of JSC "Grodno Nitrogen", BelTA informs."The principles of privatization in the country are declared, they like someone or not. 20-25 there are conditions — follow them, and we will negotiate. But most importantly — pay money to people to raise salaries and taxes in the budget, do-effective production, and then to any host, we will have a conversation, "- said Lukashenko.

"Simply put: the essence of our policy is that all the ammonia, urea,

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Lukashenko: We have a situation does not get worse, whatever the besilis in the East

Society Alexander Lukashenko confident that the economic situation in the country deteriorates. He stated this during his working trip to Grodno, BelTA informs."I do not think our situation is worse, as it may besilis in the East, among other places. But This year, it is necessary to do the maximum, "- said Lukashenko.

During the lecture the governor of Grodno Region Semyon Shapiro discuss projects for the construction of dairy farms. Alexander Lukashenko said that the construction of agro-towns, grain storage, motor courts in the current five-year plan will be completed, and in the next five years will be

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The choice between pro-Russian and pro-European Lukashenko

Society As the official Tbilisi explains interview with the President of Georgia Belarusian TV? Could be a lawyer Saakashvili Lukashenko in the West? How to treat the interview Georgian president Belarusian TV Georgian opposition? These questions are answered Georgian political scientist Ghia Nodia.

Drakakhrust: Mr. Nodia, a Georgian government says the recent speech by Mikhail Saakashvili on Belarusian state television? Until a few years ago, Mr. Saakashvili promised to help Belarusian democrats establish democracy in their country. For now, though quite neatly, speaking lawyer of the Belarusian authorities. Some in Belarus provoked outrage assess Georgian President cases of the disappeared

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