Customs Union: The final decision will Lukashenko

Society Belarusian officials continue to keep silent on a number of media messages about the ratification of the Customs Code of the Customs Union in a closed session of the Belarusian parliament on June 30.

All competent authorities — both chambers of the National Assembly, Administration of the President, government — not confirm nor deny this information.

However, a source in the Belarusian government circles BelaPAN that this "information box stuffing took place on the Russian side." According to the source, "the event is not worth the hype which is now raised. " According to him, all the same

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Enchantment Lukashenko lured Chinese

As long as you are interrupted, it shall resume negotiations between Russia and Belarus on the development of one economic space and more than a bit crowded integration in other areas, China going to do what is called, the course of the stallion. Observing that the case of Comrade Lukashenko to his Russian employees put it mildly, the most benevolent, the Chinese government decided to seize strategic point of principle, no way in this situation can be considered as Belarus. In Minsk, only recently had time to visit the impressive delegation from China, which represented almost all areas of the

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The feeling that the president became an overnight Zenon

Company Now I think I understand why our appearance so confused staff at the Polar Teriberki Russian village where we just now pryvandravali with her son. All questioned, as we hear about them, and what came as something suspicious listening to the answers, and in a hurry to accept us. Weird behavior for those who live at the expense of the guests. All the more places in the hotel lacked.


Still not knowing anything about the gas war, I decided that this hotel is really not a hotel. As there was an internet club Internet club near

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Lukashenko complains Americans on Russia

Society Moscow needs time to get used to the idea that Belarus — it is a sovereign and independent state. Otherwise, Russia risks losing its closest ally and it will be, as stated by Lukashenko, the loss of non-renewable.

Perhaps, most of the conversation with Alexander Lukashenko CNN correspondent concerned relations between Russia and Belarus. Lukashenko said that Belarus if Russia without at least survive, the loss of such an outpost in the West to Moscow will be non-renewable. The Belarusian leader is convinced that attempts to subjugate the people of Belarus will lead to very bad consequences primarily within

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Lukashenko: I dream of working on human rights

Society Alexander Lukashenko rejects accusations that the country's leaders reportedly not interested in the development of the private sector.

"Only sick people can say that the president does not need a private owner", — said head of state Friday during a working trip to Vitebsk region, "Interfax-West". "What you padstsebvats? It's your life, your bread," — said Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with the head of agricultural holdings "Slavic Veles". "My job — only to provide human rights, rights leader holding company — said Lukashenko. — I dream only deal human rights, person to receive a decent wage, so that no one

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4000 rubles per dollar at banks do not carry. And for 5000?

Society Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko says that after a month or two they forget about the problems with currency. Meanwhile, analysts say that the people have forgotten about the currency back in March, when the dollar and the euro have disappeared from the free sale. Representatives of the National Bank in mid-April, promised that in exchange the cash will be in May, when it promised Russian stabilization loan. However, after Moscow's refusal to fund the money-losing Belarusian economy financial outlook was very uncertain.On the eve of Alexander Lukashenko promised to unleash the currency issue a maximum of two months. Many

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Lukashenko: Will the press, as a girl

Society Commenting vybytstse with Belarusian participants of Eurovision finals, Alexander Lukashenko said that the singer was "condemned".

During a trip to the Vitebsk region Alexander Lukashenko , commented on the failure of Eurovision representatives of Belarus Anastasia Vinnikova that up to vote did not pass the final.

"Well done! Coincided everything and behavior, and the face, and the song — quoted Lukashenko has learned. — She sang the national anthem of Belarus. Who will miss the anthem of Belarus? Therefore put pressure there, and will press here."

Lukashenko also said, that Belarus "Will put pressure on the board, will put

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Sergey Ryzhov, Vladimir Pravalski — together for the resignation of Lukashenko

Society Vitebsk former applicant to participate in the presidential elections together in favor of a referendum on the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko. First the need for such a referendum said Vladimir Pravalski, announcing the creation of the initiative group. Now it has supported and Sergey Ryzhov.

Fired after the presidential election officer Vitebsk fruit and vegetable factory "Novka" Mr. Ryzhov distributed an open letter "for a referendum." He writes that the members of the Belarusian Conservative Party "White Russia", which he now creates, as well as his supporters — supporters of the movement "For a New World" join the initiative

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Hockey star Shtsyastny wants to take away the puck at the Lukashenko

Society Hockey player and politician Peter Shtsyastny actively supports the initiative "seed" Lukashenka has the right to host the World Cup in 2014. Slovak Shtsyastny long time played for the Canadian clubs, his name is entered in the Hockey Hall of Fame of the International Ice Hockey Federation, by the end of the twentieth century it was the second most productive NHL player since Wayne Gretzky. At the end of his hockey career Shtsyastny entered politics, he is now — Member of the European Parliament from Slovakia.  With Petra Shtsyastnym interviewed Elena Tikhanovich.  Shtsyastny: I recall that was first EP

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The opposition may be a Travel Abroad?

Society The Belarusian authorities may prohibit travel abroad, about 200 opposition activists and offer a number of ambassadors of EU states to leave the country if the EU will bring in economic sanctions against Belarus. This message today extended the agency Interfax-West, citing an unnamed source in the administration of Lukashenko. "The Belarusian side calmly accepts such statements on sanctions, we are working on a number of measures in response. An integrated plan of possible measures is provided and a ban on travel abroad a number of leaders of the Belarusian opposition, who most actively encouraged and continue to encourage the

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