September 1 youth activists noted flash mobs

September 1, the first day of the school year, students, teachers and their ancestors Humanitarian Lyceum had a classic line at the gates of the former building of the Lyceum. Director Vladimir Colas said that This year Lyceum students will participate in various educational and cultural projects with the role of the Polish partners:"At the moment, very strong musical project "People’s album" that we are doing together with Polish lyceum. We showed him this summer in Zakopane, Gdansk, Warsaw role Belarusian school students, with great success. And we are invited to have a number of festivals in Poland. Think about

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Belarusian Popular Album in Warsaw

Lyceum Director Vladimir Kolos states that "People’s album" fascinating first that neither young Belarusians, Poles or do not know much about the history of Western Belarusian lands in the interwar period.Kolos: "People’s album," I think is fascinating to me and others that restores plastic culture, which has already destroyed. In the 20s-30s in Russian Belarus reigned genocide, and for some ordinary dreams and aspirations of the people were simply killed. And here is the "Simple words and ordinary things," as sung in one of the songs. " At the Warsaw premiere came in the midst of other recognizable director Miroslaw

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Harry Potter rescued Belarusian Lyceum?

The book came out in the summer of 2003, when Belarusian authorities almost deprived Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Kolas building and tried to appoint its management. Lyceum immediately saw that magnificent story about school Hogwarts, where Harry Potter learns, remembers very situation around the Belarusian Lyceum. Lyceum even invited the English writer in Belarus. In the fifth book in the Harry Potter even mentioned Minsk. "I ran into a mad trolls on the Polish border in Minsk almost became friends at the bar with ghoul — and it was all smooth sailing …"By the way, in 2003 the new blockbuster "Harry

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Hook or educational reform disgraced school students?

On the days of the lyceum students came back after the summer session in Poland and now the beginning of October will be on vacation. Practically they begin their studies when their school friends advuchatstsa new criteria month. At the moment, the main thing for the Lyceum question — how years will taught kids who defected to the third course? "Victims" failed municipal experience — children born between 1991-1992 — prepared under the 12-year education in secondary schools, but in the end the reform will be produced a year earlier. The State Humanitarian Lyceum instruction is four years, but formally

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Lyceum students sat down for textbooks

In recent years it has generally occurs in Poland. Now pavtaramesyatsovy course will be broken into three pieces every two weeks — in Warsaw, Szklarska Parembe and Gdansk. Feature this year — in lyceum family joined many kids recognizable people in Belarus.In the absence of suitable criteria for training in Belarus Kolosovsky Lyceum administration is obliged to find options of visiting sessions outside the country. I recall that in 2003 on the orders of the Ministry of Education State Institution "Belarusian Humanities Lyceum" was closed. But the team did not put up with such a constructive conclusion and decided to

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In underground lyceum school reform will not

In July-August lyceum students traveled to Poland, where in recent years in various towns of the country usually takes a summer session.

Lyceum went on a measured level of activity in those criteria, in which we put

The Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Kolas sat at their desks more than fifty students. They are trained as before in the underground.Last year was the first release of high school students "guerrilla Schools", which absolutely weaned in extreme conditions. After a period of some uncertainty in demand Lyceum society resumed. At the moment, it’s actually the only school in Belarus institution where there

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RusHydro has equipped in the Stavropol region has 400 playgrounds

The discovery platform near 35 Lyceum Stavropol

As part of a charitable program of JSC "RusHydro", "Clean Energy — Children Stavropol" today opened another playground near the high school number 35 of the city of Stavropol.

At the opening of the site director of the Kuban HPP Cascade Victor Macheyev: on behalf of the company RusHydro congratulated all the guys from the edge of International Children's Day! "Up front, you have a vacation, a lot of free time that you need to spend a bright and fun. Therefore, we continue to open across the Stavropol new children's

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The last eggs of the Russian school

About the Director of the Chelyabinsk Lyceum number 31 Alexander Popov say: he pisses all and annoying, it is inconvenient and is perpendicular to, but provides results to the surface. In the ranking of Russian schools Lyceum in third place. The new school year met the director as the helper of two criminal cases: the bribe and application slapping. Local education community has risen over the mountain colleague. In their submission the news that the director of A Nightmare crooked police, hit the tops of the federal news. But Popov himself has openly declared to the whole country, that

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In the Kuzbass Lyceum master nanotechnology

High school students Lyceum № 4 Leninist-Kuznetsk can study physics and chemistry in the new format. How to tell the director of the Lyceum Sibdepo number 4 Tatiana Yakunin, pride institution — an interdisciplinary laboratory in natural science (nanolaboratory). Guys attached to nanoobjects and nanostructures. This year has also been bought by a digital microscope.

Nanolaboratory works in conjunction with the Department of Chemistry, Kemerovo State University, which facilitates a study of students at a serious level. High school students will gladly take part in All-Russian research competitions.

For example, before Alex Tkachenko, now a

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In St. Petersburg, opened the first school in the Russian laboratory of nanotechnology and microelectronics

December 25 at St. Peternburge open Russia’s first School of Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Laboratory in Physics and Mathematics Lyceum number 239. Lab created by means of a grant Lyceum in 2012, on a competitive basis in the National Project "Education".

Laboratory — is the result of partnerships with the Lyceum ETU (LETI). Under the guidance of experts of the center "Nanotechnology" was designed by the equipment passed the Lyceum company NT-MDT, and a grant of the Government of St. Petersburg were purchased special high-tech laboratory tables and materials for research, trained teachers. The laboratory expected to conduct laboratory

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