From fusion cuisine to spectacular performances to a colorful blend of history, the peninsula has more than one way to hit the jackpot.

LOCATED ON THE SOUTHEAST coast of mainland China and with a history that includes centuries as a Portuguese outpost, Macau is a curious blend of cultures. Now though it is probably best known for its glitzy Las Vegas-like casino scene and grand hotel complexes including the Sheraton Macao Hotel (the largest Sheraton in the world) and the Conrad Macao. And the boom doesn’t seem to be ending soon, new projects planned for the near future include the

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If all goes according to plan, in 2016 we will have a mega-complex of hotels, resorts, and casinos in a brand new strip of reclaimed land on Manila Bay, the City.

There, big money will flow in a frenzy of high stakes gambling and ‘total entertainment,’ our attempt at taking a big chunk of the fun from the little Monaco of the east. It’s that or an easy win over Las Vegas, which has been losing a lot lately. Unless, of course we botch the entire thing…

When Solaire Resort and Casino opened in March at that new stretch of

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Some of the most important pieces from the collection of the Institute’s Department of Architecture and Design are on display at this exhibition. These trace the evolution of basic everyday forms, from lighting and tableware through to modern houses and skyscrapers, documenting how historic innovations in modern architecture and design have become parts of contemporary life.


After showcasing her works in Hong Kong’s public spaces, French sculptor Nathalie Decoster is taking over Macau’s public spaces to display more than 50 artworks ranging from bronze figures to geometrical iron structures around the Macao Museum of




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The perfect balance of East-meets-West culture in both Hong Kong and neighbouring Macau. Hong Kong is a vibrant place famed for its modern architecture, with towering glass buildings covered in LED lights, but it also retains a lot of its original history and culture. What’s more, it makes the perfect base for travelling. Macau is just an hour’s Turbojet ferry ride away, and its mix of Portuguese and Macanese culture fused with the large settling of native Chinese means it has a unique

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Entrepreneurs Zhdanovichi market finished

Virtually the entire Third floor of the shopping center "World of Fashion" is not working — said, "Radio Liberty" one of the favorites Minsk businessman Alexander Macau. He does not call it a strike: Entrepreneurs way or another are required to finish the job, because they still threatens confiscation product."Most of these business no costly instruments that must have after, their April 1 was taken out of the single tax system Decree number 760. They can work on the common system of taxation or lightweight. They read: Serve inventory of product residues — and will be easier for you system.

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Ales Makaeva interested in police

By A.Makaeva, blame his organization protests. The court’s decision was rendered in his absence. But police refused to say what punishment rendered A.Makaeva and promised to say about it the following week. Ales Makaeu said that the case file has Baranovichsky KGB report. It says that A.Makaeva could not hold up, because he tied a rope to his own hand 6-year-old son Danica. Ales Makaeu going to participate in the elections by the "European list."

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A.Makaev: This is a continuation of execution of youth

Kirov Street, where the tribunal were three buses with special forces. Policemen patrolled the street, on duty at the entrance to the courthouse, but all those who wished to process missed. Several youth activists stood in the court yard. When the process has already begun, unknown stuck on the roof of the 1st buildings banner "No to repression!" Within minutes the police it was removed, and the yard was on duty commando. One of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Makaeu Alexander said nowshny process — a continuation of the execution of youth: "The root cause of why this meeting has

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A. Kim A.Makaev requests release on bail

Makaeu requests to change the measure of restraint with A. Kim custody on bail and are willing to pledge as security about 500 baselines.Similar application filed and mother of Andrei Kim.Recall, a member of the unregistered youth organization "Initiative" Andrei Kim was detained on January 21 during the dispersal businessmen. He was arrested for his role in an unsanctioned rally and later charged in a criminal case under article (threat or act violently against a policeman). Tags: political prisoners, Macau, deposit com

A. Rigoni A.Makaev invited to visit Minsk on February 18

He invited the emperor Rigoni visit Minsk on February 18, during protests businessmen.According Makaeva, Rigoni visit will provide an opportunity to hold a peaceful march and rally on October Square Minsk:"Although the government did not give permission for business meetings, their is no other way, as hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs. Entrepreneurs are destroyed as a class. Business income fall, and it will affect the entire market of Belarus. Because businessmen have access — through consolidation across the square to uphold their constitutional right to work.We believe if Rigoni will visit Minsk, the power will be the

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Ales Makaeu hunger strike for 15 days

1st of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alyaksandr Makayeu released early, at 8 o’clock in the morning. Although the protocol had release at 11.30. Macau All 15 days of arrest shall be removed from food. "And my requirement of this hunger strike were — Fri cancellation 1.1. Presidential Decree number 760. Second — to finish the police and the judicial arbitrariness and lawlessness. Third — do better living conditions in Akrestsin. " How did the hunger strike in jail in Akrestsin?"The doctor called, and I have a hunger strike, there stuffiness, headache, well, I had pills asinkaptona, gave permission to

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