As the United States went to war in 1917, it was immediately understood that methods of moving men and materiel was of paramount concern. Never before in the history of the United States had it mobilised the number of men and equipment to a foreign shore as it did in 1917-18. New (and finicky) automobiles and trucks were used to convey everything from men, field equipment, supplies, kitchens and the wounded once in theatre. But a heavy reliance on the tried and true method of animal-drawn carts that were smaller, lighter, more robust and dependable also proved prudent. All types

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Mid-market machine

Things are constantly on the up for the would-be table saw purchaser. Go back only a few years and it would be aluminium extruded tables for the entry and mid-level saws, but cast iron is the expected starting point for many of us now when we look for a table saw.

You can get a lot for your money if you look around, and here Record has gone for a small panel saw aimed at the light trade or higher end of the hobby market and equipped with some good features for around the £1000 mark.

Sliding beam

Most notable

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In October 1916, only one month after the world’s first tanks had gone into battle for the very first time, its creators were in London at a specially convened meeting to discuss the future of tank warfare. They were absolutely confident that the new heavy rhomboid Mk I tanks would soon break the deadlock of the trenches and get the war on the move again, but what would happen then? The Mk I and most other heavy Great War British tanks had a maximum speed of just 4 mph on good ground and considerably less when the going was rough.

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It is difficult to fundamentally change the traditional tools such as cutter. But if it fails, it takes on a new quality of not only the tool, but the machine is equipped with them.

The cup turning tool, at the time set records of performance, came to the forest industry of the metal. Mounted on stvoloobrabatyvayuschuyu car, it is easily and quickly removes the bark from the trunk. But the cup cutter — a truncated cone, and a pretty high. Once found in the way the branch cutter passes. Just prune the branch podnutritsya and stop — no longer cuts


It is very comfortable

Cover with canned in glass jars are usually removed so that they become unsuitable for reuse whatever they straighten. We propose to improve the manual capping machine so that it does not just roll up, but gently to open cans.

Covers captured a machine, no need to rectify, — they can be used again. It is easy to straighten out before removing the cover.

With the machine should be removed from the rolling drum roller, and in its place to carve a movable pad 1. Instead of the screw head of the drum need to carve lamb bolt 2 (it

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ELECTRONIC telegraph PTA-80

B. Borisov, head of department of the Central Communication Station MPS

Currently, the telegraph network of rail transport introduced electronic telegraphs PTA-80 and F1100 (first — domestic production, the second — the German Democratic Republic). They are a significant part of the functions carried out electronic circuits and components.

Electronic telegraph devices have a number of features and advantages over electromechanical devices STA-M67 and T63, higher reliability due to the absence of mechanical units, the best indicators of the correcting ability of the receiver and the amount of distortion of the transmitter, a fast transition from one speed wiring to

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Third — in order

At the time, RAV4 their appearance in the world opened a new segment, which proved to be extremely popular. Competitors woke up at once, and for a long time, «Toyota» spud bed of compact crossovers in splendid isolation. However, even after the «Rafik» declared rivals, «Japanese» did not give their onslaught, showing consistently high sales due to the carefully balanced set of properties. In particular, the machine of the first two generations differed enviable reliability. Does it in the list of advantages of the third generation machine? It’s time to find out.


For almost twenty years the

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Typewriter, kind and unprecedented

In the Research Institute are developing new design office typewriters. We would like to say that the lever-segment cars, which are commonly used today, a long time to die. Although this design will also be celebrating its centenary, to improve it is necessary and possible. However, to the inventors did not follow the paths already acquainted with, instead of pointing to the shortcomings of individual nodes (which, incidentally, any «typing» thoroughly recognize) will tell better about the new designs of typewriters.

In place of the lever-segment cars come with a ball, easily replaceable head with letters. Keystrokes operator through

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Seed processing on a stream — — Leninuchfilm. 2 hours.

On modern machines and equipment used in the production of grain processing. The picture shows the advantage of the new grain cleaning and drying systems. PREFIX PPK-4 for combine harvesters "NIVA" -. Kiev-

The film tells about the design and implementation of PEP-4 set-top boxes to .Niva combine harvesters for harvesting corn.

Semi-submersible pump installations UNP-200 5 — Studio of popular scientific and documentary films of Uzbekistan. 1 h.

The film promotes the introduction of the pumping unit UNP 200 5 for supplying water from open reservoirs, irrigation canals and waste collectors in open irrigation system, or flexible pipes

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JSC «ZSMK.» The new generation of manufacturing nails

Information-analytical agency of the Association «RosMetiz»

December 20, 2005 at JSC «West-Siberian Steel Works» was put into operation the first stage of a new nail-making plant annual output of 7 thousand. Tonnes.

This project was implemented with the participation of experts of the Association «RosMetiz» and a member of the Association of the Czech company «Kovopol». It took more than a year to design and manufacture a new nail-making equipment. A major upgrade was subjected to a series of nail-making machine THA. The machine was equipped with a new unwinding figure with electric and electronic wire tension control. It

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