I have plans for destroying every fortress … and ships, which can resist the fire of all the heaviest cannon … I can make armored cars…”

That’s Leonardo da Vinci, asking the Duke of Milan for a job. ten years before Columbus discovered America.

Leonardo got that job. He went to Milan to make huge bronze statues, giant cathedrals, enormous canals, secret tunnels, and a bristling host of giant, terrifying, remarkably sadistic war machines. Leonardo had plenty of plans — volumes full of them, plans stuffed in the margins of his plans. But Leonardo never shipped the products. He never



The tower blocks that stand stoically on the outskirts of Camberwell have a new play developing in their shadows at a small, local theatre. It is a seemingly apt setting for a production about the legacy of Britain’s brutalist architecture.

Taking its name from Le Corbusier’s collection of essays Towards A New Architecture, in which houses are ‘machines for living in’, the play follows a husband-and-wife team of architects who believe their Utopian ideologies can change the way we live. It is a story that seems overly familiar; you don’t necessarily have to be an architect to know of Alison

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In the William Foster and Co. Ltd engine record book for late 1917 there are several entries for engines intended for a new tank, designated the Mk VI. This seems a little odd at first glance as the Mk VI was a heavy tank proposed in June 1917. The Mk VI had only gone as far as the wooden mock-up stage before being cancelled. The tank was such a radical departure from the heavy rhomboids of the time that the project came to nothing, so why were Fosters mentioning the Mk VI in their order books?

The mystery is solved

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Game Open Doors.

In the world of strategy games Acclaim known name is about as bad as, say, Accolade. Father mother countless sports simulations, once good "mochilok «and foggy "Turk «rarely turns his gaze in our direction.

When it does happen, we get at least something unusual: a variation on the theme of Magic the Gathering or simulator superintendent … Soon we get acquainted with another creation Acclaim — Machines. Real-time strategy, and the fact that neither has a full 3D, but perhaps there are options?

Nothing fundamentally new this time is expected. Construction of databases, upgrades, and production of robots —

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ask Harvey Norman

Is there any routine maintenance needed for my washer?

Most washers require a routine maintenance. One of the many ways of doing it is to leave the washing machine lid open when it is not in use. This allows moisture to escape, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. Follow recommendations given by your washing machine’s manufacturer when loading your unit. An overloaded machine will not work efficiently and can be damaged by the extra weight. Furthermore, keeping it level helps reduce noise and additional wear and tear. Every once in a while, give your machine a good wash by

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Japanese Okuma machines began collecting in Russia

Yekaterinburg Ural Plant Engineering Corporation (TMC) "Pumori" produced the first Japanese CNC Okuma.

Until the end of the year the company plans to build five such machines. According to the director CMD "Pumori" Alexander Balandin, is the first in the Russian experience of interaction not only sales, but also for the production of modern Japanese machines with further localization of production.

"The Japanese partners have already handed us some drawings — told Itar-Tass Director" Pumori Invest Engineering "(included in the CMD) Vladimir Revzin. — Now the company Okuma address issues of confidentiality and non-disclosure of information

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Electrochemical Machines Ufa production is exported to Japan

In Japan in the next few days will go a precision electrochemical machines Ufa production: the company "ECM" has sold its Japanese firm APC AEROSPECIALTY INC.

According to experts of the company, electrochemical machines of "ET", produced by LLC "ECM", are significantly higher than on the technological parameters known world analogues, including Japanese.

— Authors and Project Management is proud of the result achieved. Sale of high-tech equipment produced in Russia to Japan and the recognition of its technological superiority — a rare occasion, if not unique to the modern domestic engineering — commented Deputy General Director of "ECM"

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CTZ sent tier technology Chukchi public utilities

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant on time completed the major contract for the supply of 39 units of equipment worth 163 million rubles state enterprise "Chukotkommunhoz", the press service of the CTZ.

Traktorostroiteley shipped northerners seven vacuum machines 11 tankers and four factory-PC-46 truck equipped with a quick-release device to replace the bucket besides that included more forks and davit. For the transport mechanism was formed a train of more than a dozen railway platforms. Previously, under contract to Chukotka plant sent two bulldozers, farm tractors and 15 B-10M collected in the CTZ in the northern version — double glazing,

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CTZ sent technique Petroleum

Twelve marsh bulldozers B-10M2 Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant shipped in the Komi Republic, the largest oil company Rosneft.


Oilers ordered machines with hydraulic mechanical transmission, which provides ease of control bulldozer, and planetary final drive, which increases the reliability of the design. All wishes are taken into account.

The customer, who acted as one of the subsidiaries', also set a condition — the length of the machine should not exceed seven meters to easily transport units on ordinary road trawls. Therefore tractors did not the seven-and shestikatkovymi. Swamp blade fixed on the uneven

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CTZ produced bulldozers airfields Far North

Three bulldozers made the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant for the federal state enterprise "Airports of Chukotka. '

Although the machines have already made, but to the consumer they have shipped in the spring to a Far Eastern port they arrived at the top navigation bar. From there by sea to their razvezut site.

Chelyabinsk B-10M will be served by airports in the Chukchi villages where only the aircraft and can fly. Bulldozers will always work in the harsh edge, especially snowy northern winters.

The customer chose a simple and reliable production model

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