NIGHT MODE now become known favorite of Eurovision 2007

End of competition will continuesmiling three hours. It will accept the role of representatives of 24 States. Favorite "Eurovision", precisely, is the best song contest, to determine the method of interactive voting viewers.Many music critics from Western Europe portend victory vskhodneevrapeytsam. Recently the best in the semifinals, not counting the Turkish singer were found nine singers from the Eastern European States among them — Belarusian Dmitry Warlock. Now at the end it will come under the third number.Commenting on the Belarusian artist on yesterday’s dress rehearsal, the Dutch edition writes: "Warlock obviously saves his vocal power. This was not

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Who are the charlatans from the magic




Of course, many who claim to be a magician, they are not. Trusting citizens were willing to accept, reading a newspaper in reklamku.

How to distinguish the real masters of the charlatan?

Basically, a lot of ways. But now I want to talk about something else.


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So says our interlocutor, calling itself a white magician




Darina Shevchenko

Once again, opened a newspaper advertisement, and once again it seemed that the world has gone mad, "Looking, I will bring evil eye", "magic method to increase breast size", "getting rid of the crown of celibacy", "bewitched her husband. Forever "and even" Do not

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Incredible Goodwin Episode 1 watch online

Goodwin, as befits a man with a fabulous name — illusionist-self-taught. A couple of years he was shooting my own stunts on the home camera and posted the videos on the Web. And when the number of fans of "Houdini of the Internet" have gained a few million, he was invited to the channel "Discovery". Now he reveals the wonders of survival around the world. His buried alive, locked in a box with 200 tyschami bees, poured concrete, burned at the stake. And this is only a small part of the tricks of modern witch and wizard. Far away

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Witches Pyramid

September 23, 2012 13:32

Pyramid witch — a basic knowledge for all beginner mystics. It is the basis of the so-called foundation of morals and principles of any magician and sorcerer. Pyramid witches or magical pyramid — four basic rules, observing that the magician gains power, the four cornerstones of magic, upon which the art of witchcraft. Each rule alone is not magic, just use all four together will give a magical effect. They should be used carefully, understanding that it is necessary to show all his will to a desired output.

Spellbound pyramid based on the following four

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Live Now Uri Geller cause mass psychosis of Russians!


Broad manner advertised magician, magician Uri Geller and gipnotezer cause mass psychosis among the audience. This was stated by the head of special projects Transnistrian sociological information-analytical "C-Center", a psychologist Alla Buchkova.

In his comments on the subject, she drew attention to the "phenomenon Kashpirovsky, Chumaka and other figures of the restructuring. Created by TV hype around them has led to millions of TV viewers got from them a psychological dependence. The number who ultimately Arcane sessions in psychiatric hospitals and suicides of people have never voiced, but the bill went to the thousands of victims.

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Battle of psychics


TV is becoming more paranormal features. On mysticism literally mad: on TNT finished casting the new members' ", and the" Russian "and STS with a difference of three days will start new shows -" Phenomenon "(August 22) and" Medium "(25 August).

Uri found the button

In the "Phenomenon", which will be the leading macho skinhead Denis Semenihin, their extraordinary abilities will boast 10 people. But the protagonists of the program will not they, and the author of the project — the magician Uri Geller. It is known that the force of

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Black magic and photos

A resident of South Kazakhstan village Toguz Natalia Humpback recently buried her husband, decided to put on the grave monument. But when they came with their relatives in the cemetery, was dumbfounded: someone buried in the grave of the late 20 pictures total strangers, including children!

Sorcerer cast a curse on the people and buried them in a fresh grave photo

Pictures were of different quality: color, black and white, printed on Xerox and a mobile phone. All of which were tied crosswise with black and red threads.

In the village after the incident began saying that Natalya

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Great Harry Houdini out of curiosity killed the student


August 26, 1813 the famous Napoleon Bonaparte won his last victory. The two-day battle at Dresden on the Elbe River, 165-strong army defeated the French emperor 227000th Bohemian army of anti-Napoleonic coalition (Prussia, Austria and Russia).

Later, in October of the same year, is in the battle of Leipzig, called the "Battle of the Nations", Napoleon suffer a severe defeat, after which the Russian troops seize Paris, and the Emperor of France renounces the throne.

August 26, 1883 eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia — one of the most powerful and tragic in its

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What is the difference of baptism and naming a baby?

When the children of Slavic and Aryan Clans was executed 12 years (108 months), and they achieved growth 7 genius (124 cm), for the children of the Great Race started a new phase in life.

All the younger generation held the ancient rites and ceremonies of majority Imenarecheniya, because our ancestors believed the name of an important part of the human person. Specifies the path name of the man, his destiny.

After passing the ancient rites of the Old Faith boys and girls are considered adults, adults who are prepared to carry on the traditions of their ancient birth.

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