Our angry, stormy Sun

We know our Sun as a brilliantly bright sphere that rises in the east and sets in the west each day. That’s a simple way to describe it; what really goes on on its surface is far from the impression that it gives as it hangs, almost calmly, in the daytime sky.

While going anywhere near the Sun would be suicide with the searing heat and penetrating radiation combining to fry you alive in your spacesuit, technology has revealed this star to be an angry, bubbling cauldron of solar activity.

First up are solar flares – bursts of radiation from

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ONE OF THE BALL Molniya wrenching problems of modern physics. Hypothesis candidate of technical sciences OI MITROFANOVA EXPLAINS ALL SET PROPERTIES mysterious phenomena, but to pay for it accounts for very expensive price; Shall revise established notions about e. SPECIALISTS, read this article, is unlikely to agree with the ideas of the author. While there may be many, they give pleasure conundrum and shine fantasy.

Many explanations of the nature of ball lightning is a disappointment, as the abundance of funds for baldness. For half a century of scientific study of ball lightning have tried, it seems every conceivable hypothesis,


Supervinchester of magnetic filaments

Russian scientists have developed a model of a magnetic hard disk on one square inch of which can store up to 50 terabytes of information. It is based on magnetic nanowires. On this development, readers 'of PRAVDA.Ru' says Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science, Moscow State Academy of Sciences, professor Yuri D. Tretyakov.

 Photo source:pravda-team.ru

I guess I do not need to prove to you that the value of the computer without a hard drive is highly questionable. What's the use to produce complex calculations, then if there is no place to store the data! Therefore, from

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Earth's magnetic poles change

Earth's core is too deep for scientists to directly measure its magnetic field. But to draw conclusions about changes in it can be, and by observation of the earth's field at the surface of the planet and in kosmose.Soglasno results of a new analysis of data in the core areas is to undergo rapid change in magnetic characteristics. According to the Geophysics Institute of Geophysics of Paris (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) Kull Arnaud (Arnaud Chulliat), the area may be responsible for the removal of the magnetic poles of the northern part of Canada.


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Earth's magnetic field has a crack

Earth's magnetic field has a crack Facts

In Valentine's Day sky over our planet was decorated with illumination of the aurora caused by disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field. February 15, geomagnetic activity has increased, there was a shift of the interplanetary geomagnetic field to the south, which has contributed to the formation of gaps in their own field of the Earth. This enabled the solar wind, or a fast-moving stream of electrically charged particles that penetrate the field, causing geomagnetic storm formed G1-class.

As a rule, the Earth's magnetosphere can reflect the flow of solar particles emissions coronary matter

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Magnetic storms on Mars

Magnetic storms on Mars Facts

Magnetic storms on Mars from 24 to 25 October due coronal emission of the Sun which occurred October 22, 2011.

Mars has the unique ability to respond to solar storms. Unlike Earth, which has a continuous magnetic field, Mars unevenly covered by so-called "magnetic umbrellas" — remnants of the planetary field decayed billions of years ago.

When a coronal mass ejections hit the Red Planet, the "umbrella" of the observed magnetic storms, during which light up auroras.

How to survive in a magnetic storm?

Magnetic storm — It's quick and drastic changes in the magnetic field of the Earth, resulting in a period of high solar activity. Such changes will not have consequences for the inhabitants of the planet: a magnetic storm disrupts the function cardiovascular and digestive systems, the slow response of the central nervous system, reduces efficiency.

For example, the number of deteriorating health of coronary heart disease in the days of magnetic storms on50-55% More than on ordinary days. Of these, 25-27% Angina occurs on the eve of unfavorable days, the same — in the next day. Some weather-sensitive

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Satellites can predict the risk of incipient tsunami

July 2, 2013. A team of scientists from the Shanghai University of Technology (China), led Benlunom Wann, made a statement about what satellites can now register here and magnetic fields from the tsunami. In the future, this could prevent the population of the respective regions.

Scientists have in mind is extremely dangerous phenomena, which are very often can cause tragedies. Recall that in 2004, the tsunami claimed the lives of nearly 250,000 people, and in 2011 in Japan by the tsunami killed 15,000 people, with the Fukushima disaster has occurred. The reason for these unfortunate events that the tsunami is

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Unusual testimony of radar in the deaths of birds

In fact, the weather radar shows not only the weather, as many think. The National Weather Service (NRS) in the U.S. North Little Rock, Arkansas, studied the spot, which appeared on the radar at about the same time, on the eve of the new year, when hundreds of birds fell from the sky because of the alleged injury.

Lauren Clark, a correspondent for Today's THV, met with the head of scientific programs CPO Chris Bonanno, to find out the details. According to Bonanno, this spot is most definitely did not look like rain. Most of all, it looked like

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Larger and faster-increasing hole in the Earth's magnetic field found on the North and South poles of European scientists. According to their calculations, in the near future may become "magnetic flip-flop" when the magnetic poles switch places, changing the direction of the field is reversed, the ITAR-TASS news agency.


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