Detained and later released Ales Makaeva

Militiamen been explained: they have information that entrepreneurs want to block the street. But such appeals were not, said the correspondent of "Freedom" A.Makaev.After identification and A.Makaeva A.Poklada released.About "parking" were about two hundred businessmen from different markets.Now they do not come to work and require the authorities to end the pressure on businesses.About "parking" on duty police cars pulled up paddy, conducted operational shooting. • In Salihorsk police and KGB look for markets, 2.10.2007 • Minsk Entrepreneurs gather at the shopping center "Parking», 2.10.2007 • In Moscow stopped work in major markets, 2.10.2007 • in Bobruisk on strike over

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Businessman who informed about the meeting on March 12 released

He contributed information about the rally, which the authorities allowed for 12 March, and the preparations for the warning strike on March 25. Sovereign Makaeva detained automotive security and called police for investigation. At first it blamed Tipo in neprelichnoy battle. But police later identified the sovereign Makaeva and released, returning him part of leaflets.

A.Makaeva blame hooliganism

Makaeu said Radio Liberty, after non-long conversation, he was taken to the police department of the Metropolitan district of Minsk. He said that it will make a report for disorderly conduct.Businessman with regret authorities used an old technique spent more during the events 2006.A.Makaev asked A.Naydenku contribute to arrest protesters allowed to pass sleeping bags and warm clothes.Makaeu the action itself was practically under house arrest. He was detained on January 10 stop of public transport together with a small offspring.A.Makaeva wife Christina said Radio Liberty:"The court pronounced that in some places in 17 hours will be a tribunal. He

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