Will the rings around Saturn eventually make a moon?

Nelson Joseph

It is unlikely that Saturn’s ring system will ever form one large moon. Saturn has an extensive ring system, with more than ten different sections to it. However, the ring system is extremely thin, just ten metres (30 feet) thick on average, and is made up of mostly very small ice particles, so even if a moon was made from all the ring particles it would only be a few hundred kilometres across.

There are many moonlets located within the ring system that are proposed to have formed from material in the rings, but these are usually from

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One staffer has found a way to cure her acne for good — but it comes at a cost…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with my skin. What my mum promised would be a temporary case of teenage acne was still there at the age of 26.

People can be really cruel when it comes to your face. An ex once told me quite bluntly that, despite my best efforts at coverage, I wasn’t fooling anyone. And at a party one guy approached me only to ask, «What’s that on your face?» Prick.

It gets to




A good shave will enhance your leader appeal. Leadership is a calling. Leadership in the boardroom is important so that time isn’t wasted; there is someone to lead and plan. Being a leader means channeling the courage to take risks by thinking of non-conventional ideas on how to execute tasks, being a game changer in the industry. It’s to listen and value everyone’s opinion, empowering your employees to speak and share their insights. And being well- groomed allows you to stay empowered. Leadership is being able to get all the employees motivated and working together on the same goal.»

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ROMANCE IS DEFINITELY IN THE AIR at The Oberoi, Mauritius in Turtle Bay on the north-west coast of the island. This hotel is elegance personified, but you’ll be as impressed by the lush landscape as you are by your suite. As well as the 20 acres of fragrant tropical gardens, the resort is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon, and a series of open-sided pavilions are carefully positioned to ensure drop-dead gorgeous views across the Indian Ocean panorama fringed by silver-white beaches.

Inside and

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PMC Twenty 23


The Twenty 23s are diminutive for floorstanders, but the sound they produce belies their size.

Transmission-line technology

PMC uses a transmission-line design to improve bass performance. The rear output of the mid/bass driver forces through a damped path within the cabinet, where most high frequencies are absorbed, leaving the lowest notes to exit the speaker.

Physics are so annoying. Not least because they dictate that a small driver is never going to produce huge volumes or the very deepest bass. And so it goes with the PMC Twenty 23s. These are a speaker of relatively compact dimensions (by floorstander

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Mechanical Character Design

REALISTIC ROBOTS Concept artist Joe Peterson reveals how to make imaginary robots feel part of your sci-fi world

Robots are an enduringly popular element in SF art, but their ubiquity makes it that much harder to get them right. Just like the anatomy of a human figure, anyone looking at your robot will have a sense of whether or not it feels correct, based on the design decisions you make and your ability to make your robot seem part of the world you’ve created.

Joe Peterson’s mission in this three-hours-plus video is simply to help you create more convincing robots.

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It’s easy to make money, as long as that’s all you wish to do. I find it easier to make things than to make money, and it appears that that’s all I do. Fortunately we live in a society where many raw materials are free as long as you have a few favorite dump stars.

The false economies of making your own stuff are addictive. Most everything I own is an amalgam of trash reconfigured with a rather large and expensive set of scratched and greasy tools. It’s always a good idea at the time: make a bicycle trailer (the

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Make yourself this special two-way intercom

Intercom sets are immensely useful and almost indispensable at places where a communication link between two or more persons is required. ITie installation of most of the commercially available intercoms involves the cumbersome process of laying the signal transmission wires, which results in increased expenditure and frequent failures (due to snapping of wires etc).

This article describes functional and constructional details of a simple, fail-safe, mains operated, integrated two-way intercom set. The circuit, in addition to being extremely versatile and low in cost, possesses a number of desirable features like in-built calling facility, self-contained solid-state power supply, activation indicator, APO

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Make Yourself Automatic Music Search System

Automatic music search system, popularly called AMSS*, is nowadays incorporated in many commercially available cassette recorders. With AMSS one can skip the present music or go to the starting point of the presently played music by pressing ‘Cue (FF)’ or ‘Rew’ keys. This reduces repeated cueing and rewing of tape in order to reach the desired point of the tape.

AMSS does not require elaborate circuitry, but the mechanical modifications necessary in the cassette deck mechanism alienate an average electronics enthusiast. In this article, it will be shown that the mechanical modifications are not as complex as imagined and that

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Make Your Own Audio Cassette Copier

Any audio electronics hobbyist will be interested in a quality cassette copier to enrich his music collection. Here is a quality recording circuitry which has been tested and used for over six months and found working efficiently.

The whole circuit is in fact an integration of some well-known circuits. A cassette copier has four main sections. First, a head preamplifier to pick-up the signals from the playback head and, second, a high frequency booster to boost the amplitude of high frequency signals during recording. The high frequency response is deliberately boosted in order to give a high signal-to-noise ratio on

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