Dark humor, rich flavor

Wrong R a m e n gives us a decidedly different take on the r a m e n experience.

he recent surge in the popularity of r a m e n has restaurants competing in terms of authenticity. Not Wrong R a m e n.» Its cramped interiors are flanked by black brick walls decorated with oddball paraphernalia. Scrabble tiles spell out, «The only thing hotter than our r a m e n is you.» Another wall has a list of imaginary overseas branches. One look at the interiors and you immediately know what you’re

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Q Acoustics Concept 20


They look similar to the 2020is opposite, but the Concept 20s have great new-tech under their skin.

Concept 20 stands

We don’t always recommend buying stands from the same people who built the speaker, but not only are the Concept 20 stands (£200 a pair) gorgeous, they also put the speakers at the right height (at least for our listening position) and firm up the delivery impressively well. Also consider biwiring — it makes the sound more open and transparent.

We love the Q Acoustic 2020i speakers. So much so that we gave them an Award in 2012. But

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Any discussion of soft lighting tools begins with two classic modifiers: the softbox and the umbrella. From each of these devices has sprung a world of variations—so many that it can be difficult to know why to choose one modifier over another. Soft is a relative term, after all, and the little differences between modifiers produce subtle, but important, changes in the quality of light.


The softbox might be the most popular studio light modifier, and for good reason. Photographers tend to think of it as portable on-demand window light. The most important effect a softbox has on a

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Leica M-E.

Japanese DSLRs may be ubiquitous but what of German rangefinders from Leica? We take a look at the new affordable model.

Leica; just as Rolls Royce is a byword for luxury automobiles, most camera aficionados know that Leica produces top-quality, top-drawer — and top price-cameras. Just as people who love cars may dream of owning a Phantom, the prospect of going out shooting with a Leica M9 or M9-P and a small arsenal of Leica glass in tow is a mere fantasy for many photographers. It’s hard to talk about Leica without talking about money.

But a fantasy it must

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B&W 800 Diamond


These are very large speakers, but they are quite capable of sublime subtlety as well as huge power

B&W churns out excellent speakers with the kind of regularity that makes you wonder if it’s able to produce anything sub-standard at all, so when we say the 800 Diamond is the most excellent speaker the company makes, it means it’s very excellent indeed.

You’d expect the £18,000 pinnacle of a company’s speaker range to be the ultimate expression of all of its trademark technologies, but what makes the 800 Diamonds so special is that it’s all tied together in a

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Dengue virus is a mosquito makes sverhohotnika

Dengue virus so influences mosquito feeding behavior, that he seeks to infect them as many as possible. Each year, dengue ill from 50 to 100 million people. 2.5 billion live in areas endemic for viral fever, Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania, etc. The vector it is mosquito Aedes aegypti: when he drinks blood, the virus gets into the bloodstream of the person. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University (USA) have found out that the virus spends "tuning" a mosquito, that he was looking for a more efficient new victim. The virus enters the various organs of the insect, including the salivary glands

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Person relinquished the third eye. For sleep

And some animals kept this relic

Tuatara — a priceless treasure for scientists because it is — one of the oldest reptile in the world this type of about 225 million years. Leaving only a few islands of New Zealand. It is a living fossil that looks like a lizard, recalls the time when four-legged turned into turtles, lizards, crocodiles and dinosaurs. Since then, it has not changed, and therefore makes it possible to judge how it would look like "contemporaries," writes

Samon remarkable — this animal has education at the top of the head, which looks like

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Of the virtual world to the spiritual world

In accordance with the "pyramid of Maslow's" self-expression is the supreme human need, even ahead of the recognition and communication. And the means of its realization in our time is the Internet.   Social networks have become a place to create a virtual "I". In addition, each user has the ability not only to communicate and create, but also to share the fruits of their creativity with an audience of millions in a particular social network.

Man is by nature selfish. Well, these days everyone has grown so selfish that we are unable to communicate directly with

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As the bells treats people


A lot of light on all the unknown and inexplicable. There were cases when the bells themselves inexplicably began to buzz heralding any event. Once the bell even whipped with rods, and then exiled to Siberia for what it is, without human heralded indecent event. Let's see what happens when the bell tolls. In the old bell called the "voice of God", that is, it was assumed that by the bell with the people God has spoken. The man who rang the bell, called "Miron", "Convener of the world." Originally, the purpose of

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