Advertising chipizatsii from British Medical

According to the British The Telegraph, January 17, in September 2012 in the UK will be available in "smart" pill that will guide patients on how best to carry out a prescription, and to take their medication. It is a microchip that transmits information to a receiver embedded in plaster, are fixed on the shoulder or hand of the patient. WHO data show that half of patients do not take medication properly, putting their health at risk. Unused drugs annually "eat" in the National Health Service of Great Britain 400 million pounds. As the developers say, microchip monitors the time

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The UAE has registered a sharp increase in cases of malaria

Health Department of Abu Dhabi in the UAE has revealed a record over the last six years the number of cases of malaria, according to local media.

According to Tuesday the newspaper "Al-Emirate Al Yyaum" in Abu Dhabi in 2011 recorded 2.731 thousands of cases of the disease, which is 3 times more than in 2005, when there were 900 cases of malaria.

According to the main infectious disease specialist health management Abu Dhabi Dr. Ahmad Abdullah, most cases come to the UAE from Pakistan and India.

According to him, in order to prevent outbreaks of this disease requires retraining

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Mikroubiytsy. Plague and malaria watch online

Mikroubiytsy: The Plague and malaria. Two of the victims — a model of a world-class painter and bloodless, found dead. Both were carriers of 2-deadly virus unsafe — plague and malaria. What is it — the return of old killers in the world today?

Science, scientific merit of opening

Open strange subspecies mosquito

Parasitologists from the Institut Pasteur (France) discovered an unusual subspecies of mosquito.

In sub-Saharan Africa dies of malaria about 710 thousand people a year. The most dangerous form of the disease caused by a parasite called Plasmodium tropical (Plasmodium falciparum), carried mainly by mosquitoes of the complex of cryptic species of Anopheles gambiae. Mosquito larvae live in water, and adult insects are believed to spend b? Most of the time in buildings where relish human blood.

Sprays, nets and drugs have helped reduce malaria deaths in the last decade. But victory over the disease is still very far away.

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In 2010, malaria killed 655,000 people

Last year, malaria caused the death of 655,000 people, with 86% of the victims — children under five. These data are presented in the final report of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The countries in Africa has fallen 91% of deaths and 81% of cases of this illness.

Fortunately, the death rate from malaria decreased from 2000 by more than 25%, and in the African region, people began to die at 33% less. According to WHO, the result of large-scale measures to prevent and control malaria, realized in the last decade. Among them — the widespread use of canopies

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Capital threatens malaria epidemic

ROSPOTREBNADZOR Moscow has sounded the alarm: in the city at any time could be an outbreak of malaria. Disinsection reservoirs, which in recent years has been literally "on the clock", unexpectedly failed. — Most of the city's water bodies (70%) populated by mosquito larvae. This allows you to assess the situation at the moment as potentially dangerous for malaria — expressed fears Elena Tanygina, Senior Specialist — Expert of the supervision of dangerous infections and sanitary protection of the territory Rospotrebnadzor Moscow. — Carriers we have, and there are cases of importation. If nothing will change, sooner or later, expect

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Tutanhomon killed in plane crash

September 13, 2012 13:19

German scientists have a new theory of the death of pharaoh Tutanhomona, reports "Rosbalt". Germans decided not to agree with their Egyptian counterparts, who insist that the king died of malaria. German specialists claim that the ancient Egyptian ruler was predisposed to contracting malaria

German scientists under the guidance of a specialist in tropical medicine Bernhard Nocht clarify that Tutanhomon could easily communicate with the malaria parasite. And even found in the DNA of the pathogen of the pharaoh of this tropical disease does not prove that malaria was the main reason Sweep ruler. Scientists point

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