How old do aquarium fishes get?

I am not aware of very much truly reliable information about the life spans of various fishes in aquariums. Much of the reported “data” is anecdotal and far from scientific. That fishes get older in the aquarium, where there are no predators, than in nature is undisputed—but diseases and mistakes made during care may shorten their lives. Information about age can therefore only be a point of reference. Among catfishes, a life expectancy of 7-12 years for Corys is normal, but for bigger catfishes 10-15 years or more is not unusual.

To research the maximum possible age for a Bristle-nose

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They will not spare

Renegades, they betrayed the holy genre of RTS, cowardly fled to the lair of the Lord of the bloody PeZhe. Alas, this is forever recorded not only in the title of their new games — Command & Conquer: Renegade …

Title card: Name: Louis Castle I (Luis Kastl). Name: Producer. Gender: Male. Number: 1298765. accusation of betrayal.

Name: David Yee (David I). Name: Artist. Gender: Male. Number: 1298766. The charge: aiding a traitor.

Name: Colin McLaughlin (Colin McLaughlin). Name: Spielberg. Gender: Male. Number: 1288767. The charge: aiding a traitor.


Voiceover: Today, this exemplary process is known to us

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«Terrible beast hare no!» — Said, rising from the snow just produced hare, Grandpa Egor, and smiled and looked at me. I was still naive teenager smiled at supposedly good joke old hunter, and he thought: «This is a tiger, or a bear or a leopard, animals as animals, but what a beast of a hare — the laughter, and only.» Later, fascinated by biology, I learned that there are 5 classes of vertebrates: fish, amphibians, reptiles (reptiles), birds and mammals (animals). Almost all mammals, i.e. animals have in common is that they suckle their young with milk. So

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Women’s Council


Unfortunately, men are mostly arranged so that their interest must be constantly heated. I want to advise the young how to maintain freshness for a long time in the relationship.

Much of our lives depends on the details. Delicate glance, a quick kiss — and you again as a couple. Returning late from guests or a movie, take home, spend 10 minutes trying to work together to admire the stars, trees, fog or simply the city lights. Often talking to her husband, a good father he is. And argues his words. Call his parents and always be

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Liberty Poll: go to the European March?

Guy: "Yeah, I heard about the" European march. "It will begin on October 14 at 14.00 at October Square. Going to go. "Man: "I heard about the" European march ". Think I’ll go. "Woman: "Have not heard anything."Man: "My friend read something. Maybe we went there and, on "European march".Guy: "I beheld ads on poles."Reporter: "And they themselves are going there?"Guy: "No. I do not participate in such actions, do not listen to these ads."Lady: "Surely, this march for Belarus to join the EU? Yeah, I heard. Unfortunately, I will not be in Minsk, and on the other would have

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Viagra for women

Recently, the company "Pfizer" developed "Viagra", you are asked to create a similar tool, but for women.

Problem medical treatment of female frigidity is not new. In stores offering "sexual" products for women, there is a large selection of all kinds of pills, creams and ointments for the stimulation of female sexuality. A variety of case studies indicate that at least 30% of today's women have lost interest in sex, and about 20% say that, in principle, unable to achieve orgasm.

The most common reason for that — insufficient blood flow to the pelvic organs (similar violation

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Alcohol and impotence

The terrible truth about impotence sounds improbable, but problem male impotence facing each drinker. Most of the drug alcohol men do not even think about the fact that there may be a problem. While these problems do not affect them. Usually impotence overtakes a man of 35-40 years, if not sooner. Many until faced with a similar ailment, just do not want to admit or even to believe that this all possible. Most listen to the advice of doctors, but believes that everything will cost. Especially in the early use of alcohol on the contrary a stimulant, increases

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Alcohol and male potency

The fact that alcohol adversely affect the potency, people have known for a long time. Among the physicians of the ancient world was spread the phrase: "The wine excites a desire, but makes it impossible to carry it out." It is well known that alcohol is a poison and destructive to all the organs and systems of the human body. And the man reproductive system — is no exception. Many people think that because of the stronger sex does not have to bear the child, the alcohol has no effect on their intimate health, however, it is a serious

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A blood test for PSA

A blood test for PSA (PSA, prostate specific antigen) — detection in the blood of men of a special substance that is produced by cells of the prostate gland. Oncomarker PSA is prostate cancer.

What are the indications for the analysis of the PSA test?

Monitoring the course of prostate cancer and the effectiveness of the treatment. Suspected prostate tumor after other studies (for example, after a digital rectal exam or ultrasound). Patients who received radical (anti-cancer) treatment for prostate cancer, it is recommended to analyze every 3-4 months. Preventive screening men older than 40 years, the identification of

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Vasectomy (male sterilization)

Vasectomy (male sterilization) Is surgical excision of the vas deferens, in which the semen comes from both testes to the penis. Thus, the sperm can not get into the uterus during intercourse to fertilize the egg. The whole procedure takes less than 25 minutes, performed under local anesthesia and is performed through a tiny incision in the scrotum. On the same day man out of home health agencies. Within 2 days after doing the operation is desirable to avoid physical exertion and not wet scrotum to prevent infection.

A week later, you can start having sex, but it

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