Not a comet kill the mammoths

Until recently it was thought that the cause of death of mammoths in North America became a huge comet that fell to the earth 13,000 years ago. Its explosion triggered a massive melting of glaciers. The resulting water to upset the balance and flow of the ocean, which caused a sharp and prolonged cold snap. This in turn led to the death not only of mammoths and mastodons, but also one of the first advanced cultures on Earth — the Clovis culture, which is credited with the invention of a variety of known and now the artifacts.

Now, having spent

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In Serbia, the mammoths found cemetery

Mammoth Graveyard in Serbia

In Serbia, accidentally discovered the remains of mammoths, owned, said Serbian scientists, paleontologists, at least five individuals. On this news, according to The Associated Press.

At the cemetery mammoth stumbled miners who worked in the mine, which is located near the settlement Kostolak, which is east of Belgrade. The cemetery is located at a depth of about twenty feet from the ground.

A small amount of bone found at the beginning of this summer. But later, was lucky to discover the remains of four other mammoths. According to the same Associated Press, experts on the

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Mammoths not disappeared in a flash

Why mammoths gone? Recent isolated island populations of these large animals disappeared about 4 thousand years ago, when the Pleistocene extinction, which destroyed most of the world megafauna were long gone. So why?

According to new research, the last mammoths disappeared after a long, slow decline in numbers for a variety of reasons.

Woolly mammoths (Mammuthus primigenius) liked the cold, dry steppes of the Northern Hemisphere. Their remains are particularly prevalent in the area of Beringia — the ancient land bridge connecting eastern Siberia and Alaska. Them and focused group, led by Glen MacDonald of the University

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Our mammoths still got to Paris




Alain Malyn

Did not think the family of six-ton mammoth that after 14,000 years, their bones will derive from the earth, will be called Sevsk mammoth and go to Paris, but on the way to their foreign relatives, they will play a major role in this

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What killed Atlantis and mammoths?




About Atlantis written thousands of articles, hundreds of books, many of them are out of date, but the interest in it is still unabated. First of Alantide — a large island in the Atlantic Ocean — told by Plato. The great thinker of ancient Greece, of course,

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A world without gods

It is difficult to paleontologists. More recently, just remember all the genealogical tree: praobezyany generated apes, those made Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons, they gave birth, and even these were almost modern humans. Now different theories more, and each claims to be the ultimate truth. And in such circumstances to recreate a picture of prehistoric life? For example, those of Cro-Magnons, who lived just south of Moscow, 20,000 years ago. But we still try to do it.

These were outstanding people. Compared with other tribes they are very much able. Build strong houses, figurines carved out of stone and bone, were making

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In Siberia videotaped live mammoth


The Western press is abuzz with sensational video, which depicted the Siberian river passing a large animal resembling a … Mammoth. Or, if you look closely, it looks like a bear with a fish in its mouth. The truth in this bear's head of weird. All — still a mammoth? Recording is not too high quality, but the beast in the video is clearly red hair coat and distinct bivni.Neveroyatnaya video was made last summer in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug in Siberia, one engineer, working at a state enterprise. Anonymous released a video,

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Serbia has found a mass grave of mammoths

June 20, 2012 8:57

For the first time researchers have found a mass grave of a herd of mammoths, which is located in what is now Serbia. The strongest driving rain, which took place at the beginning of last week, revealed the remains of at least 6 mammoths in open pit mine near the village Kostolak, east of Belgrade. This area is close to another area, where a few years ago, archaeologists found the remains of two other mammoths.

Miomir Korak (Miomir Korac), director of the Archaeological Project Viminacium, said that this discovery was a real surprise to scientists. The

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