Night study: Minsk dining

If you wish to visit the petting zoo socialism, look in the dining room number 57 in Minsk. This is a large room with shabby furniture and a few paintings on the walls. Doors open with a creak. By the hand must go around the open door car wash. There are two ladies with plates saskrebvayuts scraps. In dishwashers office better not go. All the equipment is worn out there. On one of the trays customers dealt two empty bottles of wine cheapest kind. Lady in her robe rapidly removes the bottle. Reporter: "I see you there some bottles unloaded

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Gomel A.Rubchenya renounces role in elections

"Today, I am applying to the district Election Commission disclaimer participate in these elections. There is no sense in them to participate — they will not be transparent. For small exception, virtually none of the opposition is not in the precinct electoral commissions. Exactly: promoting people from power. Verify the authenticity of these elections will not work. In-2, fourteen years of Lukashenka’s rule in Parliament was not personal business representatives. Businessmen simply destroyed.Even if I personally went to the deputies, in our pocket parliament I was not able to achieve anything there. " Sovereign Rubchenya as independent candidate recommends Democratic

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Bobruisk: Taisiya Kabanchuk fired from his job

Taisa Kabanchuk worked storekeeper of Bobruisk Baranovichi poultry farm. Yesterday poultry farm management sent a fax copy of the order in Bobruisk about her dismissal for absenteeism. Taisa Kabanchuk not exclude that the dismissal may be due to its role in the elections.Stock activist worked 18 months. Tasks in relation to the head of Anna Tarkan began a month back. By Thais Kabanchuk, Head knew she intensively engaged public activities, running for Chamber of Deputies Representatives:"I do not know what it is all tie. Either this initiative personally head … It is nestled. I started having all these difficulties, exactly

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Inflation for 2008 may reach 14%

"Today, of course, that within the scope of planned 10% resist not work" — said Tatiana Starchenko.— "If in the 2nd half of the year will reach the level of the first, it will be very good. " She said that for the first 6 months 2008 inflation stood at 7.3%.T.Starchenko explained that prices rise, first external factors: more expensive products and raw materials for zabugornyh markets. "Avoid rising prices in these criteria is very difficult," — she said.

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Putin will rule as chairman of the CPC

Lady: "I think — Putin. Lukashenko will be with us, and will not go there. While Our homeland will not be friends with us, he will not go there."

Putin, of course, will rule, but no one knows what he intended

Man: "Medvedev is still young. Putin, of course, will rule, but no one knows what he intended. Lukashenko we will manage. "Man: "Putin will. He will rule as chairman of the CPC — such was after the revolution."Lady: "Lukashenka! And the rest of Europe too. Global President! "Man: "I would have voted for Zubkov. Medvedev? .. Our homeland is

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Were there aliens on the moon?

NASA expects to find volunteers to help on the Moon traces of extraterrestrial civilizations. To do this, the agency has posted on the Web more than 340,000 satellite images that were obtained with the probe Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, — reports The Guardian, referring to an article in the journal Acta Astronautica.

At this time, the problem of finding traces that aliens could leave on the moon, took a group of scientists from the University of Arizona. According to Paul Davies and Robert Wagner viewing pictures of our planet's natural satellite in high definition, they have managed to find

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The Pentagon is preparing to launch self-learning computers

Research agency DARPA Pentagon is preparing to launch a four year project to increase the effectiveness of artificial intelligence through the creation of machines that will be able to teach themselves. As a result, research machines will be able to give advice to people about how best to build and upgrade. In general, we are not talking about simulation computers the image and likeness of the human brain — such path fell into disfavor in the midst of scientists several years ago as a means of creation of artificial intelligence. The researchers believe that before the cross to create

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Brest spring again failed to register

The Company Once again the authorities have not registered human rights association "Minsk Spring".

Errors identified by the Department of Justice last time, trying to join now been corrected. However, officials have found other reasons.

According to Chairman of the Board of "Brest spring" Vladimir Velichkina, Justice Department officials Brest Regional Executive Committee stated that one of the applicants, the organization has allegedly ill-defined residential address.

"Minsk Spring" seeking to register with the 2006.


"Minsk Spring"

Defense destroyed archives Head Missile and Artillery Directorate

The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation liquidated Head archive Missile and Artillery Directorate (Grau), where he kept the details of all Russian arsenals and weapons production for more than 500 years.

"Even the Bolsheviks in 1917 did not raise their hands to the fact, that address Head archive Royal Army Ordnance Department, as called by then Grau. But now the optimization of the central offices of the War Department, under the pretext that there is no excess space, decided to kill the most valuable archive Grau. Practically we are destroying the history of their own hands, "- said

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Come true that you never dreamed of! Invented the mask allows you to manage your own dreams

May 22, 2012 9:50


Well, just like in the movie "Home", enthuses Daily Mail. "Two of the inventor from Brooklyn, designed the mask for sleeping, allowing people to see the distinct dreams and manage them," — said the journalist Snjezana Farber.

On the surface this is a common mask for sleep — such popular among air travelers and other people who have to sleep in inappropriate places.

But in fact, this particular device. On the inside of the mask — six red LEDs: too dim to wake the sleeping, but quite noticeable brain to pay attention

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