«The main directions of the social development of the USSR for 1986-1990 and for the period until 2000» before the rail tasked accelerate the turnover of cars, increase train speeds, increased capacity and carrying capacity of roads, increasing the processing capacity of the sorting, passenger and freight stations. These problems cause an acute need for improving existing and developing new organization processes at the stations, nodes, railway transportation enterprises. Requires improving the reliability and functional development of energy devices, means of signaling, centralization and blocking systems, automatic control of trains, more efficient repair and maintenance of rolling stock. Special attention


We design control architecture SHAREPOINT

Management — an indispensable condition for the successful implementation of SharePoint. Without it, failure is inevitable, and many companies have learned this the hard way.

It is necessary to study the technology, which will manage; It can not be assigned to it tasks that it can not solve. In this article, we will focus on the technical side of management. In addition, we will answer some important questions.

-How, indeed, seems driven implementation of SharePoint?

-What is the physical and logical architecture of this implementation?

-How many farms, servers, web applications, content databases, site collections and sites available in the

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Ensuring there are no management issues…

One of the main decisions you will make on your self-build journey is whether to project manage your build yourself, or hand the entire project over to a project manager. Which should you do? In truth there really isn’t a definitive correct or incorrect answer; each project is different and time constraints, money, cash flow, experience, differing skill-sets and contacts all play their part in the decision. How one person’s time and skills are best used on one project will invariably differ to another person’s on a similar project.

But for those who do opt to seek the assistance of

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As stated on the official website of the Ministry, on January 11, Boris Trefelov has already begun work.

His responsibilities MTU Rostekhnadzor takes his deputy Dmitry


The new leader

Volga Rostekhnadzor MTU

Management of Rostekhnadzor for the Northwest led by Gregory Slabikov

Head of the Interregional Territorial Administration for Technological and Environmental Surveillance of Rostechnadzor in the North-West Federal District Grigory Slabikov appointed.

The corresponding order was signed by the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Yuri Trutnev.

Earlier Slabikov Gregory led the Neva-Ladoga Basin Water Authority RosVodResursy.

Appointed Acting Head

Siberian District Directorate of Rostekhnadzor

Order of the Head of Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Nikolay Kutin of December 29,

2008 on

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Automation of train control on the subway.

An urgent problem is the technological development of underground development and implementation of automated process control system (APCS). These include control system: the movement of trains, escalators, power supply and other devices.

The greatest effect is given an automated train control system to improve the accuracy and intensity of the movement, release the driver of the large number of management operations by train, using the optimal modes of trains and reduce operating costs.

Currently, the Leningrad subway operated a complex system of automatic train control (KSAUP), and in Moscow — a complex system of automatic train control (KSAUDP). Each

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Past student of Academy of Management sue universities

In the October court of Minsk started the lawsuit filed by public activist Yuri Oleynik to the Academy of Management under the President of Belarus.Jura unlearn the academy for more than 3 years, had excellent grades, but in May he was expelled. Administration refers to absenteeism, meanwhile Yuri Oleynik says political reasons.By him, claim appeared because of his role in opposition rallies, membership in the Society Belarusian language, also activity in the student movement."This spring literally two weeks before deductions I joined the campaign to collect signatures against repeal of benefits students. I was able to gather in the academy

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Resumed tribunal on the former student of the Academy of Management under the President

According to Yuri Oleynik, the arbitrator took into account yagoguyu statement that prevented special background report for the meeting of certain witnesses and human rights activist Oleg Gulak.Yuri says that in the presence of representatives of the Academy and the Cabinet Secretary OSCE Minsk he made a motion to adjourn the meeting for the coming days are."The arbitrator granted the motion, — says Yuri Aleynik. — The Tribunal will continue on September 5 in 15 hours. Meeting as many witnesses are called bureaucrats Academy of Management."July 5 2007 Tribunal Kastrychnitski district of Minsk finished in considering personal grievance Yuri Oleynik

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Completed during the judicial investigation by the Young Front against Mengrvykankamu

The representatives of the parties. Representative "Junior Front"Anastasia told the court Loikaw disagreement with the Department of Justice, since, in her view, the status of"Junior Front"One hundred percent corresponds to the law. Department of Justice representative Natalia Yanushkevich listed grounds on which it was denied registration. Among them — activist role in the future organization of unauthorized actions. Referee Zoe Solovyov adjourned.Malady not exclude that the Tribunal may now decide.


The possibility of creating a military drone-based fighter-bomber piloted the fifth generation F-35 does not exclude from military experts at the U.S. Naval Academy. Most of the actions of the current version control Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter is automated — for comparison, the size of its board software is 9 million lines of code, which is much more, if in the F-22. Lockheed Martin managers say that their secret Skunk Works division covers all directions of the fighter. Estimated test intensively tested in July F-35 has a pronounced emphasis on the «partial manned» and remote monitoring. Due to

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S.Karaganav: Belarus needs to say goodbye to the illusion

In his view, it is — a manifestation of an old relapse when in Minsk are convinced that our homeland — the rich, and because fog of Belarus: "Belarusian management accustomed themselves to the fact which can be not calculated with Russia, and to build their own specific economic model Russian prices. And now it is forced to part with this raschudesnye time. "Russian analyst notes that BelarusianManagement at the moment need to say goodbye to yet another illusion — Tipo it can influence the internal situation in Russia:"Belarus is not a factor in internal politics of. We support acts

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